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How to Change YouTube username 2014

How to Change youtube username to google plus

A you-tube user or You-tube video up loader  can present himself with his own YouTube username or by Google+ social profile name .According to Google You-tube Policy and terms you cannot change your you-tube username twice ,and there is no other way to change username twice without deleting your existing account which is the only way to change username , But by doing so all of your  You-tube  comments , You-tube Likes , You-tube Subscription , You-tube subscribers etc will be deleted , Instead of deleting your you-tube account for the sake of changing name of you-tube channel ,why not switch your you-tube username to Google + ? By doing so , you can not only change your you-tube Channel name but you will also link your you-tube channel with Google + social profile for better You-tube Audience  .

Steps to change Youtube username to Google+

Step 1 : Sign-in  to your You-tube account . ( Figure 1.1 )

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Click on drop-down button , Drop down button is located near your you-tube profile picture as shown in Figure 1.2

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : When you click on Drop-down button , A small window will appear ,select Settings by clicking on it . ( Refer  Figure 1.3 ) .

Switch from a YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Under Overview tab , click on Advanced , Located near your You-tube profile picture , Below your You-tube Username ( Refer  Figure 1.4 ) .

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.4

Step 4 : Once you click on Advanced link from Overview tab ( Step 3) , You would be directed to new window , know as Advanced , Here you can switch from You-tube username to Google plus profile By clicking on Link my YouTube channel with Google + ( Refer Figure 1.5 )

Switch  YouTube username to a Google plus profile

 Figure 1.5

Step 5 : When you click on Link my YouTube channel with Google , You will see small window for previewing and managing  how your name will appear in youtube, If you don't want to use Full name then click on I don't  want to use my full name . When you done and satisfied with you-tube google + profile  name then Click on Preview . ( Refer  Figure 1.6 ) .

Switch from YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.6

Step 6 : Click on Update my name , To change your you-tube username to Google + profile . ( Refer  Figure 1.7 )

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.7

Step 7 : Once your you-tube username changed successfully then you will see a window as shown in Figure 1.8  .Congrats ! you have just now changed you-tube username to Google + profile 

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.8

Watch On you tube To Change YouTube Username to Google + profile 

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How to delete undeletable files and folder without software

How to delete any  undeletable files folder without software

Most of the Computer users face problem with deleting  some  undeletable files and folder from computer , Its To easy to delete or remove undeletable File and undeletable folder with Windows Functions overriding  Before begin with deleting file or folder steps .You should know some basics about deleting undeletable file and folder , to get rid of windows malfunctioning .

Why you should not always delete undeletable File or folder.

Its not necessary that undeletable files or folder is always a virus and malware , because some undeletable files and folder are locked by the windows to make window work properly and used by windows .

Why you can't delete some any file or folder?

  • File or folder is being used by program , To delete file or folder being used by some software , you must close that program and proceed with deleting .
  • File or folder is being used by person . its means the file you were trying to delete is used by some program or Opened in another account made on your computer .
  • Some time ,Due to software malfunction some undeletable files and folder are created , which are of no harm but waste of hard-disk space and memory

Types of  delete errors or undeletable error

  • Cannot delete " folder or file " . Cannot find the specified file or folder . make sure you specify the correct path and file name .Cannot read from source file or disk  .
 delete undeletable files and folder without software
  • Cannot delete " filename ": it is being used by another person or program.Close any programs that might be using file and try again .
 delete undeletable files and folder without software
  • Cannot delete " file or folder ": File or folder no longer exist.

How can I find whether  Undeletable file or folder is virus?

There is no exact process to find out whether undeletable file or folder is malware or virus , but mostly File under temporary file or folder  using heavy memory and high cpu usage may be malware or virus . you can check a file using high memory or cpu usage by monitoring memory usage or Cpu usage via task manager (open task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+ delete , Click on Processes tab , monitoring memory usage under Processes ) .Before deleting any file or folder , make sure you were not deleting a file or folder which is required for windows to work properly , otherwise on deleting file used by window , your window will start malfunctioning .So be sure before deleting any undeletable file or folder .Let's start with removing  undeletable  file and Folder . By using this method you can delete any File or folder from your computer ,Even  locked files being used by windows .

How to remove any kind of Undeletable Folder with Undeletable files 

You must have Basic knowledge of dos to try this method with accuracy 

 delete undeletable files and folder without softwareStep 1 : Right click on Folder or file  , Go to property ( Figure 1.a ), Record its exact location   ( Figure 1.b )  shown under Folder or file property  , Because we need exact path of folder or file to delete ,Make sure to right it down full path of file or folder on copy or remember full path .

 delete undeletable files and folder without software
                                                  ( Figure 1.a )


 delete undeletable files and folder without software                             ( Figure 1.b ) .

Step 2 : Open Dos ( Command prompt  ) , By clicking on start >>  run  >> type Cmd in text area under run window  ( See Figure 1.c for run window )  or you can also open dos ( Command prompt ) by Clicking on Start >>  program  >> accessory >> Click on Command prompt .( See Figure 1.d for Command prompt   )


 delete undeletable files and folder without software
                                              ( Figure 1.c )                                                                                                 

                         ( Figure 1.d)

Step 3 : Now using command Prompt ( Dos ) , Go to destination folder or file Using CD commands .and leave your dos window open . For example if your undeletable folder is on desktop then Open dos >> type >> " Cd Desktop " without quotes . (Refer Figure 1.1 ) .

 delete undeletable files and folder without software

( Figure 1.1 )

Step 4 : Open your Undeletable paths in dos as Shown in figure 1.1 and  Do not Close your dos window , Now open your task window by pressing Ctrl + alt + delete , In Task manager , Click on Process tab and Close Explorer.exe task . ( Figure 1.2  )

 delete undeletable files and folder without software

Figure 1.2  )

Step 4 :  Now , make sure you have entered correct path , Once you have entered correct path m then type in dos , Del " Your undeletable folder name or file name without qoutes " For example : I want to delete undeletable folder in desktop the i will write Cd Desktop in dos to Open Desktop as directory in  Dos .  ( Refer Figure 1.3  )

 delete undeletable files and folder without software

Figure 1.3  )

Step 5  : Now Restore your explorer by entering Explorer.exe as new task in Task manager Open task manger by pressing Ctrl+alt+ delete , File >> New Task >> Explorer.exe >> ok  ( See Figure 1.4 )

 delete undeletable files and folder without software

Figure 1.4  )
Congrats ! Your undeletable files have been removed , now you can remove folder selecting it to delete as Usual . If you don't know basics of dos then you must watch Below given video to easy understand what we did to delete undeletable folder .

Watch on you tube how to delete undeletable file and folder 

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Why its necessary to Clear Browser Data ?

Why its important to Clear History , Browsing data  ?

Why its important to Clear History , Browsing data

How to protect your computer

By clearing your browser data you not only free up your hard disk space but also you  can protect your computer from hackers , unauthorized access etc .

Do you know every time when you surf any website or open any website , your browser downloads Website to your hard disk first , before making  that website available for Viewing on your browser , That means , Every day when you surf internet through browser , your hard disk is stored with your browser's junk data , Eating your your hard disk Space in form of Browsing data like cookies ,history etc  however you don't have to worry about browsing data , sometime its necessary to remove Browsing data from browser as these file for some website keep on updating resulting dump data for your browser .

What are the browsing Data 

Browsing Data is responsible for Fast website Viewing in your browser , Browsing data consist of temporary internet files which is responsible  for fast Website Surfing  ,Cookies are the saved information for the quick website access such as log in information  , history contains the list of visited website you had visted , form data are the saved data for fast filling up forms etc  and passwords  etc .

Few important reason  for " Why Should i delete my Web Browsing data or web history  "

  • You can gain hard-disk space by removing junk data from your browser like  temporary internet files .
  • By clearing your browsing data all of your accidental stored  password were removed .
  • You must clear your browsing data to get rid of malware ,spyware , harmful scripts , virus  etc ,which were downloaded in form of internet temporary files during surfing any harmful website . 
  • while using public  computer , you must clear browsing data to get rid  unauthorized access through stored passwords ,forms etc .
  • By removing junk data from your browser , you not only gain hard-disk space but also Secured web surfing along with fast Browsing experience .
  • You can protect your computer for hackers by clearing your  browsing data , a hacker can access any  computer via  harmful scripts downloaded by Victim pc  by accident  during visiting harmfull website

What does clear browsing data mean

  • Clearing browsing data include deleting of temporary stored internet files which are of no use after few days .
  • Stored passwords Which are stored when you select save my password during log in any website ,email id ,forum etc .
  • Stored Cookies  Such as file stored on browsers as cookies by website to save  preference made by internet users
  • Stored forms saved like Contact form ,sign up form , login forms etc, history of your visited website etc 

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How to Protect Google AdSense Account From Tos Violation ?

How To Protect Your Adsense account From Adsense Tos Violation

Google Adsence
We all know Adsense is one of the popular  advertisement network for the publisher , Almost all the Adsense account holder earn money as per there website traffic potential and the ctr rate and last but not the least one's skills .Although its easy to make money but its damn hard for the new website owner to get there Adsense account approved, Its a child play to earn money with Adsense if you own quality website with quality content , and it would be far easy to maintain you Google Adsense account  if you  follow all the Google Adsense Tos .

Tips to Save your  Adsense account from Adsense Tos Violation

After getting your Adsense account approved , First and foremost Priority of the Adcence account holder is to read all the terms and condition of the Adsense ( know as Adsense TOS ) . Hehe  Did i typed just  " Read "!  Just reading Adsense TOS does not help you from breaking your Adsense TOS violation , you need to Remember and practice all of the important Adsense TOS . So that you don't make any mistake which results in Adsense TOS Violation . We know reading all the Adsense Tos and understanding upto point  it is bit hard and time consuming . So We had Simplifies the Important Adsense Tos that mostly results in Adsense tos violation .

 1) Adsense Invalid click

What is Adsense Invalid click and how to avoid Adsense invalid click ?

  • What is Adsense Invalid click : Invalid click is the one of the primary reason for Google Adsense account closure, If you are new Adsense publisher you must know what a Invalid click means clicking your own ads no matter you clicked intentionally or accidentally .
  • How to get rid of  Invalid click in Google Adsense . To get rid of clicking on your own , Just disable Adsense ads codes whenever you want to Surf your own website for so called reason .

2)   AdSense Invalid Impression

  • What is AdSense Invalid Impression : Invalid Impression is one of the biggest Reason for Google Adsense account closure , Most of the new Google Adsense publisher wonders " Why there Google Adsense account is being disable ? When they even didn't click there own ads , Reason is simple , Every time publisher visit his/her website was counted as  impression , which proves to be  the the biggest responsible factor for Cpm ( cost per mile ) earning .
  • How to get rid of  Invalid Impression in Google Adsense   : To avoid Invalid Impression in Google Adsense get rid of surfing your own Google Adsense monetise website  , because surfing your own website would be recorded  as impression  for ads , Also avoid using Auto surf or manual surf website Because using those site for increasing traffic is  against Adsense Terms and Conditions . keep an eye on  your   website stats like traffic source through Google analyticall for invalid traffic through Auto-surf ,manual-surf , targeted website site .

3) Adsense Invalid Ads Placement .

  • What is Adsense Invalid  Ads Placement : Invalid ads Placement in Adsense is one of the  major reason for google Adsense  account disabling  , Many new publisher place there ads to misleading Ads location for the sake of making profit and increasing there revenue through Adsense this will  leads to Invalid ads Placement 
  •  How to get rid of  Invalid Ads Placement in Google Adsense : Do not place your Adsense ads to misleading  location in your website , Better to add  label to your Adsense ads as Advertisement or ads , Avoid Placing ads under misleading headlines or Links , Avoid placing ads in misleading links / text / animation / images etc . 

4) Google Adsense invalid Traffic sources  

  • What is Adsense invalid Traffic sources :In terms of Google Adsense  Invalid traffic source means Traffic from Auto surf site , manual surf site ,Targeted traffics , any kind of paid traffic to your website. 
  • How to avoid invalid traffic to your website : You can avoid Invalid traffic to your website or blog by using frame breaker codes , Avoid submitting your website to Ptc sites , however you can get rid of Auto surf site , manual surf site ,Targeted traffics Site, Ptc sites etc by Placing frame breaker codes. 
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What is Google Adsense -Pros and Cons of Adsense

What is Google Adsense . Pros and Cons of  Google AdSense

What is Google Adsense

What is google Adsense ?

Adsense is also know by name Google adsense . It is the Application run and owned by google to serve Advertisement Units for publishers, By Signing up google adsence , You can access your publisher account publisher can monetize there website or blog content by selling ads space to google ,When you signup Google adsence , Adsence assign you unique publisher id , From which publisher gets a ads code for your website to start earning money .

Pros Google Adsense - Advantage of joining Google Adsense

  • Google AdSense approval key requirements : To be approved as Google AdSense publisher, Publisher must have live website / Blog , unique content , At-least 100+ unique visitor per day , a website/blog  fulfilling Google AdSense terms and services etc.Google Adsence application approval is  is to easy for unique content holder with low traffic of 100+ unique visitors . It doesn't  matter whether a website or blog owner have Top level domain (TDL)or  Sub level domain (SDL)  .
Google Adsense website / blog minimum traffic Requirements for  approval  : 100  unique visitor +
 | Google Adsense website / blog minimum traffic Age for approval : 6 month old ( for most of countries )
  • Google AdSense Monetization Ads format : Google adsence publisher have various way to monetize content not only limited to website or blog like Online Game monetization , Search monetization,Feed monetization, videos monetization and mobile website ,mobile monetization and still there are more .
  • Google AdSense paying ? : Yes !  Google adsense really pays off for your Adsense revenue , provided you did'nt violated google adsense terms and rules for showing ads or monetizing content
  • Google AdSense Language Suprorted : Google Adsence is the only publisher network which support non English website and blog for monetize there content , At present google Adsence supports publishers in 30+ langauges .In simple words you can show ads on website or blog content written in Non English   .( See the list of google adsence supported  language ) .
  • Google Adsense earning rate : A Google Adsense publisher can earn from 0$ to 10000$ per day through Google Adsense depending upon lots of factors like ads placement , Adsense click through rate , Google Adsense pay per click rates , Google Adsense pay per View rates , Website traffic etc .However there is not a fixed earning through Google Adsense  per day , but you start earning through ads as soon as you place ads on website with traffic Depending upon Cpc and Cpm ads . Due to Huge list of Advertiser's in google adwords , you don't have to wait for manual website/blog  Ads space sales , Your ads space will be automatically start showing ads as soon as you put ad code on Blog
  • Google Adsense ads format : Google Adsense support text ads ,Link ads , display ads ,video ads for Monetizing website blog / mobile website . you have wide range of ads unit to chosse from in different format like text ads ,Rich media ads, display ads ,videos ads etc
  •  Google AdSense Publishers Revenue Share : Google Adsense publishers gets highest revenue share as compare to all other Publishers . After long  suspense on Google Adsence revenue share for publisher , Recently Google officially announced Revenue share for publisher via official Adsense.blogspot.com and support.google.com .
| Adsense Revenue share for Content : Google Adsense publishers Revenue share in 68 % for adsence for content Monetization .
| Adsense Revenue share for Search : Google Adsense publishers Revenue share in 51 % for adsence for Search Monetization  .

  • Google AdSense Payments methods : Google Adsense payment method depends on which country from a publisher belongs , General payments option available for publisher are Checks Google adsence Payment Method  for most of the Country including India , Western Union Quick Cash ,Electronic Funds Transfer, Rapida :Google adsence Payment Method for Russia .

Con's of Google Adsense : Disadvantage of joining Google Adsense

  •  Con's related to Adsense application approval : Your website  will not be approved for google adsence if your website /blog have any single Article  with copied content for other website no mater that content is owned by you or written by you on other website as Author .
  •  Con's related to New website for approvals : According to new Google adsence terms ,Publisher of new blog or website must be at-least 6 month old to get Google adsence application approved , i don't consider this as con's 
  •  Read and understand adsense terms are time consuming: I consider this as con's of Google adsence because  New publisher have to spend hours to read and understand Google adsence terms and conditions . In my view Google adsense terms should be Presented in more of user friendly way 
  • Google AdSense Payment Threshold : Google AdSense payment threshold is about 100$ which sound too high for Small publisher .
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How to create Google Adsense account .

How to create Google Adsense account

Google Adsense account
You can earn money by showing ads on your website or blog by selling your Web space / blog space for third party Advertising Network as a Publisher to show there ads on your website ,you may earn from 0-1 million Dollars in month according to Various factors like traffic to your Site , ads location , Website monetization (Cpc , Cpm ,) Google adsence is one of the most safe and genuine paying used Publisher Site .

Approval Depends on Google adsense policy and Requirement .Some Important Google ad- sense requirement are  ( See tips to get Google Adsence Approval fast )
  • Age Limit :18 years old. 
  • Valid email address . 
  • Valid bank account . 
  • Valid Pan card for tax . 
  • Website with Genuine contents. 
  • Top-level Domain (Example.com , Example.org,Example.in , Example.co.uk) or Sub-domian (Example.blogspot.com ,Example.Wordpress.com etc) 
  • Sufficient traffic.[In Terms of blog you need at least 50+ Genuine post to get approve] 

Lets gets started with creating your free Google Adsense account along with Step to step guide with screenshots

Step 1 : Go to https://www.google.com/adsense/apply and If you have Google account then click on Yes,Proceed to google Account sign in OR Create new Google account by clicking on No,Create a new google Account . ( As shown in Figure 1.1 )

Google Adsense account

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Click on Yes,Proceed to google Account sign in and Enter your google Email id and Password in Google Adsence Sign-up Window ( Refer Figure 1.2)

Google Adsense account

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : Enter your Website information Such as Website in which you will Show Ads , your website language or Content language .Before applying for Adsence make sure your website full fill Google Adsence policy .( See tips to get Google Adsence Approval fast ) . Accept program policies by selecting check box and Click on continue ( Refer Figure 1.3)

Google Adsense account

Figure 1.3

( Note : If you own blogspot.com domain then you have to apply for Google adsence account using blogger.com dashboard via Adsence tabs )

Step 4 : On clicking of Continue as States in step 3 , you will be directed to new window .ie Google Adsence application , Now fill Adsence application with Genuine Details and click on Submit Application .( Refer Figure 1.4)

Google Adsense account

Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Submitting Application doesn't means your done Google adsence with submission process . This is just a first basic step involve in the process of google adsence application aproval ,If your website pass first Google Adsence application step , then only after 8-24 hours you will get email from google Adsence , to place google Adsence publisher code .If you do not place the ad code in your website , your Google adscence application review process will not be continued . To do so , Login (Sig-in) to your Google adsence account , Get your Associated demo Publisher ads code and place it on your live website , forum ( Place code on home page at top ) etc . Place or implemet your Google Adsence associated publisher demo ad code in your website , Google Adsence system , will automatically review your website with Associated ads code and forward your Google adsence application to Google Adsence team ,where your application is being reviewed manually by Professional ,you will get google adsence application response about your application approval or disapproval in working three days to your google adsence associated email id .
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How to add a password to a rar file with winrar

How To Add Password to Rar Archive

Add Password to Rar Archive
About Winrar

Winrar is the data compressing tool which can compress and decompress data to certain extent and marked as best Compressing shareware Software , By using Winrar  you can save you hard-disk space by compressing large files and folder also you can compress any data like Video ,file ,music ,movie in two format  i.e. rar format and zip format where by using Winrar you can decompress data from various formats like Rar,CAB, ARJ, LZH, 7Z,TAR, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, GZ, Z, zip archives etc.

Download latest Winrar  : WinRAR 4.20 (32-bit)    WinRAR 4.20 (64-bit)  

Before proceeding with steps involves in adding rar archive password , you must know 

What makes a password strong and secured 

  • Use Ateast 8 character long password for strong passwords security .
  • Always include Uppercase letters ,Lowercase letters,Numbers (prime number) ,special character to make strong password .

How To Add Password to Rar Archive Steps 

Step 1 : Download and install latest WinRAR software from official winrar website www.rarlab.com or from above Links , After successfully installation of WinRar , Right click on any folder and file to add file and folder to Rar archive with password . (Refer Figure 1.1 )

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Now click on add to archive as shown in Figure 1.2 .

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.2 

Step 3 : You can also change your new Rar archive name of folder or file by renaming under archive name , once you done , click on  Advance tab as shown in Figure 1.3 .

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Click on Set password under advance tab as shown in Figure 1.4 .

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Now enter you password and confirm  by re entering same password in other password text field (Refer Figure 1.5 )

Add Password to Rar Archive

 Figure 1.5

Step 6 : Before proceeding with adding archive with password , you must note down your password for later use , to see your password , Click on show passwords . (Refer Figure 1.6)

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.6

Step 7 : There are two ways of encrypt any file or  folder , 1) Simple , 2) Encrypt file name . you can choose simple password by simple leaving behind Encrypt file name unchecked by doing so your file name and extension will be visible (as shown in Figure 1.8 ) but not accessible without password , while by choosing Encrypt file name ,all of your folder's file will be only accessible when you enter password (as shown in Figure 1.7 ), even without password no one will know what a particular password protected folder contains . (Refer Figure 1.7)

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.7

Step 8 :Congrats you added password to folder in rar format .You can extract your file or folder only with valid password . (Refer Figure 1.8)

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.7

Step 9 : You will able to see / extract ,open file and folder only if you have valid password , a password which has been used at the time of arching file or folder with password .
Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.8

Watch on youtube How to Add a Password to a RAR File with  winrar

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How to Cure a Hangover and How to Avoid a Hangover ?

How to Cure and Prevent hangover .

What is Hangover?

A Hangover is the unpleasant experience like Headache , nausea , due to excessive intake of alcohol Or alcoholic beverage like Beer [Alcoholic Strength 4% to 6% alcohol by volume(ABV)] ,wines [Alcoholic Strength 9%–16% alcohol by volume(ABV)] etc , Most People suffer from hangover during morning hours While some People suffer after Sleep hangover depends on how individual's body reacts to Alcoholic product .Its not necessary that hangover occurs only in morning hours , hangover can occurs any time . For some people hangover occurs only within few hours with few drinks but for some people its doesn't because Hangover depends on the Drinker's body's health and phsic
How Hangover caused ?


In simple language, Hangover caused due to Excess of Drinking Alcoholic Drinks [More then 4 " On the rocks" Pegs for some people ] . Main reason for the cause of hangover is due to alcoholic drink . Alcoholic drink contain Ethanol which act as a dehydrating Agent , Ethanol took away all the water from body due to dehydration leaving behind Dehydrate Drinker due to which people suffer from headace , Stomache , Sometime cause acidity due to which Eye visibility reduce for small interval of time .

What are the Symptoms of Hangover

  • Headaches : Headache is the primary Symptom after heavy alcoholic drink .
  • Dry mouth : Causes due to Heavy dehydration in Drinker's body .
  • Vomit : Excessive of alcohol some time cause acidity , Unpleasant Stomache .
  • Stomache : Excessive of drinking upto stomach capability .
  • Less visibility through eyes temporary : Causes due to drinking alcohol with empty stomach .

How to Cure a Hangover ?

A Best way to Avoid hangover is to reduce the Consumption of alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks , More better way of reducing hangover is to avoid alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks .However you can also cure hangover fast by drinking lime Juse or oragnge use

You Need Sufficient Amount of Hours to cure your hangover .

1) Drink water: To reduce of risk of Dehydration , Before drinking Alcohol , Drink Ample Amount of Water [2-3 Glass full of water ] . Also drink Sufficient amount of water after finishing your Alcoholic drink . Why drinking water ? drinking water will reduce the chances of being dehydrated .

Drink water

2) Take a shower : Try to take Shower For few minutes .

Take a shower

3) Sleep well : You should sleep at least 6-7 hours . but make sure to take one glass of water with lemon before going for bed .

Sleep well

4) Eat Well :Try To eat Mineral rich food or fatty food in this way your Metabolism start to digest Food instead of Ethanol Chemical Decomposition in your Body.

How To Avoid Hangover

  • The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol induced hangover is to avoid drinking
  • Before Drinking try to take some health foods .
  • During drinking Alcohol , Drink Ample Amount of Water .
  • Do not Drink alcohol with empty stomach , try to take some snack or fatty food like burger etc .
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