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How To Make Blogger.com Blog Private

How to make/create blogger blog private

how to private blogger blog
Today ,I am throwing some light on How to make your blog private in blogger (Read Blogger Review , pros and cons )  . Before starting a quide to make make your blog private in blogger,let me Tell you what is the use Of making private blog in Blog In Blogger.com. Actually Blogger.com offers a blog owner to make his/her blog Private .Making your Blog Private is a best way of using your blog as your personal Notebook , Album's,Directory ,Diary ,Images etc.It means private Blog can be viewed By user who have permited to View by Blog Admin using permission Tab within Setting in your Blogger admin Dashboard Pannel .Its only Admin of blogger.com's blog can invite any user through emails, those invited users are called private Blog Reader.There is one limitation with Private blog ,Invited User should be logged in to view your blog

Many new blogger asked me about Private Blog of blogger.com using emails .

If you Are new to blogger, then you should know "what a private blog means in Blogger.com" . Private Blog means allowing only selected user to your blogger content, No One else can View your Blog . Permitted user by Admin via invitation can only view blog content when they are logged .Example : Suppose i made my blog private , and i want only user of email id Example@Example.com to read my blog Content,then i will Offer him an invitation to be a Reader of my blog,when he except my invitation ,he will be able to view my blog But he need to be log in with Example@Example.com email id only .

Condition to make your blog Private in Blogger/Blogspot .

  • You should Own Blog in Blogger/Blogspot .
  • You Should not Misuse private blog in Blogger / Blogspot .

Steps to make your Blogger/Blogspot blog Private  blogger.

If you are new to blogger and want to have one private Blog then Create Google email Account,Why Google Account ? Because, you can easily link your Picasa, youtube acoount with Blogger account .Login to blogger dashboard by signing at Blogger.com . 
  • Step 1 : Click on Create Blog as shown in Figure 1.a .For new blogger convince i had attach Pics for creating account in Old Blogger interface as well as new blogger interface
 how to make blogger blog private
Creating Blog in New Blogger interface

how to create private blog on blogger
Creating Blog in Old Blogger interface

how to create private blog on blogger
Creating Blog in Old Blogger interface
 Figure 1.a                                                       
  • Step 2 : When you done with creating blog .Click On setting of a blog you want to make it as Private Blog.as shown in Figure 1.b .

how to set blogger blog to private
Access Setting  in New Blogger interface

how to set blogger blog to private
Access Setting  in Old Blogger interface
 Figure 1.b
  • Step 3 : Now on Clicking setting you will able to Access setting of your blogger blog . Now go to blog reader and click edit as shown in Figure 1.c 
 how to create private blog on blogger
 Setting  option in New Blogger interface

 how to create private blog on blogger
Setting  option in Old Blogger interface

 how to create private blog on blogger
Setting option in Old Blogger interface

Figure 1.c

  • Step 4 : To make your blog private select "Only people I choose" only if you want some people To view otherwise for complete Private Blog select "Only blog authors "

blogger blog private
Access Blog reader option  in New Blogger interface

blogger blog private
Access blog Reader option in old Blogger interface

private blogger blog
Access blog Reader option in Old Blogger interface
Figure 1.d

  • Step 4 : Step 4 is to invite blog reader who can read your blog content ,If you dont want any reader to access  your blog then use "Only blog authors" .

  • Step 5 : Secound last step to restrict serach engine indexing you can do this By selecting " Let search engines find your blog? " option to no which is located under setting .Also restrict Blog to be listed in Blogger by chossing "Add your blog to our listings? " to No . for more delaits see Figure 1.4

private blogger blog

private blogger blog

private blogger blog

Figure 1.e
Step 6 :Go to Design >> Edit HTML [select .Expand Widget Templates] >> and paste Following code which is in blue just after <head> tag  

  <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" 

Congratulation Now your blog is aPrivate Blog . Plz Subscribe,Share,follow us 

Question/answer about Private Blogger Blog

  • Ques: I have my old blog but it can be access by public. Now i have change it to private blog ? Do my private Blog can be access through search engine .
  • Ans: Yes ,All the old search engine indexed  pages will be visible but cannot be accessed .But all of your old Indexed Linked / uploaded  image will be Visible in google image.

  • Ques:Do i have to create new blog to make it as private
  • Ans: No , your old blog can be made private as shown in above steps but i recommend you to create new blog and make it as private to use as Secured private blog .