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How To Recover A Deleted Blogger Blog

How to recover blogger deleted blog

Restore blogger blog
Accidentally deleted your blogger blog? Don't worry because blogger platform helps you to recover your deleted blog with just one click. All the deleted blogger post,comment, pages event which happens due to bog delete will be undone with just one click.Provided you blogger blog should not be deleted for more then 89 day's because once 90 days of blogger blog deletion period is over then it's impossible to recover your blog. Even the sub domain of your blogspot blog will be deleted from your account and will be available for other blogger to register it.If your delete blogger blog is under recovery period then only your can recover it.

Step by step tutorial to Recover A Deleted Blogger Blog

When you can't recover Deleted blogger blog

  1. The blogger blog which has been deleted for participating in  hacking, malware and spam host can't be recovered.
  2. You can't recover blog if  recovery period of 90 days are over.

#1 : How to Recover Delete blogger blog for spam 

Sometime blogger blog with genuine and quality content get caught by their automated classification system, this happens vary rarely that's one of the limitation of automated system due to which some blogger faces problem. Whatever be the reason for blog delete by blogger automated system. only one possible way to recover your blogger blog If your blog was deleted by blogger for spamming, then only possible way to recover your deleted blog is to request reconsider your blogger blog.

Step by Step guide to recover non spam blogger blog

If you think your blogger blog comply with all the blogger content guideline and has been marked as spam blog by mistake, then there is possibility to recover your blogger blog. Follow below given steps to recover blog marked for spam.

Step1 : Access your blogger dashboard

Login to your blogger dashboard, Request "unblock" blog from your blogger dashboard. Wait for 48 hour's so that blogger teams review your blog .If also your blog

Step2 : Request  "Restore" Blogger Help Forum

If your blogger dashboard doesn't show any  to deleted blog or Locked blog  option then go to blogger help forum and post your request there..

Google Blogger Help Forumhttps://productforums.google.com/d/forum/blogger

#2 How to Restore a deleted Blogger blog

Deleted Blogger/blogspot blog requires at-least 90 days for permanent removal for blog so its obvious ,you can restore your deleted blogger blog via your blogger dashboard. However, you can't recover your self deleted blogspot blog if your blogger blog recovery period of 90 days expires. Don't know whether your blogger is deleted or not, Follow the below given step by step guide to recover self deleted blogs.

Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard 

Login to your Blogger's Blog dashboard here >> www.blogger.com .See Figure 1.1

recover deleted blogspot
Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Open Deleted blog

Once you logged in to your blogger dashboard . Scroll down little , At left Bottom of your Blogger dashboard you will find " Deleted blog() " button just below your blog() Button .Click Deleted blog as shown in Figure 1.2 .

Deleted blogger blog
Figure 1.2

Step 3: Click Undelete Button 

Now select blog form deleted blog list and click undelete button to restore it back . For example : see figure 1.3

undelete blog
Figure 1.3
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