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How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast .

How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved

If your main motive is to serve your audience with the quality content and make them available with the easy to understand and informative content then for sure you will make money out of Adsense by Creating Google Adsense Account

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best publisher network for monetizing your blog / website with Cpc Cpm and CPE ads .Google AdSense Cpm, Cpc payout rate is really high as compare to other website, Even now you can monetize your game apps with advertisement. It's like dream for the new publisher to get Google AdSense account approved. But in reality, getting Google Adsense account approved is not kid play these day's. Actually, Google earn's majority of money with advertisement and considered as best solution for advertise business .To ensure value for the money for their advertiser Google has tighten there new publisher AdSense Terms and condition and application approval rate

Its not Google who are being rude to new publisher they are doing well in the field of serving quality advertisement for advertisers . Imagine you invest 50$ for advertisement in Google and in return you can advertisement make business of 10 $ . What if your advertisement is served in website with low quality or non relevant website as per your advertisement . Feel like some one had pick pocket you saving. Same thing happen's with other advertiser if Google loosen there AdSense application approval standard .

10 Tips to Get Google AdSense Account Approved Fast

Now the ultimate question arise for every new website owner is how do they get their Google AdSense application approved naturally and safelly. Answer is straight and easy, your website must comply with AdSense terms and conditions . Although there are several factor affect towards Adsense application approval out of those some of the important points that a website/blog must have to get Google AdSense account approved. These are


Google AdSense accept website with Quality/unique content

One of the Important factor responsible for Google Adsense approval/disapproval is your website/blog content, this is the major factor considered for Google AdSense application. Quality and informative content not only helps in getting Google AdSense application approval but it also plays wide role in improving your website SEO . Your website content quality is major reasons for Google AdSense application Approval/disapproval rate . If your website serves copied content then's there would be no chance for geeting AdSense application accepted for first phase only .If you are really serious about your Google AdSense then remove every single paragraph (more then 10 words ) / Copied post etc from your blog / website before applying to AdSense .


Good Adsense love's quality and unique content

Content is not only a factor that responsible for Google AdSense application approval / disapproval . One of the primary reason due to which most of the Google AdSense application would be rejected is short Article or insufficient content .So get rid of insufficient content before applying for Google AdSense .

What is insufficient Content in Google AdSense ?

Insufficient Content in Google AdSense means , your website have less pages with only handful of words (less then 250 words ) in any page/post with few pic . Even single Article with only few words can be the problem for Google AdSense disapproval So make sure, That you have every articles more then 250+ words (Specially in blogs). Moreover your content must be unique and informative for the internet user and your audience .

Google AdSense have huge appetite for good quality content 

  • You must have useful Content, information-rich content which is useful for your audience .
  • Your article must have at-least 500+ words .
  • You article should be on-topic, should match at-least 60% of your heading and keywords .
  • Get rid of Content(Article / pics) that against Google Addense Policy (See Below Figure 1.a).

Adsense Content guideline
Figure 1.a


Google AdSense support limited language

Google AdSense support publisher in 35 langues as shown in Figure 1.b . Avoid using dummy or zombies Language etc which does not means anything for example " Sdkdasj ajsgduu ydiaia " etc .If your website /blog is a Non English website / blog then place a Google translator . In my view every blog or website should have a Google translator .

Google AdSense support limited language
Figure 1.b

Google AdSense Like Clean domain name and website

Google believe in genuine advertisement for there advertiser that's why in past few year , Google had worked a lot and come up with new AdSense approval terms .if you own's either low level domain name or top-level domain name you not need to worry about your domain name , but the quality of website content must be unique, does not infringe any one copyright and most important your website/blog must be rich in informative content for audience .

Top-level Domain : If you own a Top- level domain then your Google AdSense application might get approve faster depending upon your content ,Website traffics etc

Sub-level domain : Google Appreciate original and unique Content , So if your website / blog have original and unique sufficient content written by you or your team then most likely you website or Google AdSense get approved without top level domain . For Google AdSense application approval, Quality content, Organic traffic matter more then having top-level domain

Google AdSense for some Asian country is bit tough these day , publisher with low level domain should have alteast 6 month old website / Blog ,However we have seen few exception where Google AdSense approves asian low-level domain holder publisher application before 3 months , depending upon Traffics ,content etc


Organic Traffic is key factor toward AdSesne application approval

Traffic is one of the key factor in Google AdSense , If your website / blog gets ample amount of organic traffic ,then this will be plus point in Google AdSense application , more likely to get your Google AdSense application approved . [Organic Traffic : Visitor coming to your website via search engine like Google , yahoo, bing etc ].You must have at-least 50+ unique visitor form search engine daily .Avoid using auto surf website , hits counter software etc because these type of traffic create huge bounce rate which is not Google for your Google AdSense application .


AdSense like Popular website. Good Alexa rank means popularity

If you really want to get your Google AdSense approval then improve your alexa ranking . high alexa rank is not good for Google AdSense point of view ,High alexa rank means low traffic to a website of blog which is not good for either advertiser and Publisher . \ In Simple Words, Improve your website traffic to improve so that your website get's quality of audience. so, start working on your website / blog Alexa rank rather i would say improve your website traffic by writing some unique informative content for your website /blog .We would recommend you to improve your website / blog Alexa ranking before applying for Google AdSense application


Google Pagerank

In one words Google Pagerank speaks about your website Seo health . Higher the page rank your website have, better will be the chance of getting your website in top pages of search engine and hence more traffic to your website/blog .his is the main reason why Google Pagerank is important as alexa ranking .Work on your website /blog Google page-rank before applying to Google AdSense application. You should have at least page rank of 1 before applying for AdSense this will boost your Google AdSense approval rate .


Clean website Design&layout helps Adsense approval 

Improve your website / blog design and give your website a professional look by adding social network sharing buttons , professional themes etc .A good website must have below four points.

  • Four points to make your website or blog professional
  • You must have Professional theme or theme other then default theme .
  • Your website Must have Contact us page , About us page , Feed
  • Your every content which is publicly accessible, must be easy to navigate from homepage for your website or blog .
  • Avoid Interstitial windows like sharing like button ,surveying , etcs


Google AdSense take Copyright Infringe seriously 

Avoid using any images , videos , photos ,wallpapers ,mp3 software that infringe Copyright of there owners. However you can use any image which is having creative common license or free to share like you-tube videos , etcs .



Last but not the least factor that play important role in Google AdSense application is the information that you have used to get your Google email id must match with the information with the Google AdSense application like Name , last name ,Address , Pin no etcs. So , make sure to use email id with genuine details for signing up Google AdSense