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How to delete Browsing data in chrome

 How to delete Browsing data ,history ,saved password  in chrome 

Secure your browsing in Google Chrome  by deleting web Browser History and browsing data

delete Browsing data in chrome
If you were using chrome for Browsing internet , then you must know " how to delete Browsing data , history in Chrome to make your Chrome Browser more effective , secured and safe to browses Internet  .Do you know every time you browse internet through browser like Chrome or any other internet browser or open any website /forum /Blog etc  , these browser first downloads whole website /forum /Blog etc on your browser including text ,scripts, Flash files , images etc to your Computer in form of temp internet files , which after few days are of no use resulting in loss of hard disk space .Its also necessary to clear browsing data regularly because ,while opening any harmful website , malware and harmful scripts also downloaded to your browsers temp files ,Also Always Delete browsing history when you uses any public computer , Internet Cafe ,Office computer to get rid of saved passwords , Saved browsing information etcs  . ( You must  read our Article on  Why its neccessary to clear browsing data )

 How to delete Browsing data , history, password ,Forms  in chrome steps with screenshots

Step 1 : Open your chrome browser by double clicking on chrome Icon . ( Refer Figure 1.1 ) .

delete Browsing data in chrome

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Once your Chrome web browser opens , then Click on Customize and control Google Chrome   (       )  as shown in Figure 1.1 .

delete Browsing data in chrome

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : when you click on  Customize and control Google Chrome (       )  , a small drop down window will appear under Customize and control Google Chrome , select History by clicking on it or press shortcut key Ctrl+H to open History window of chrome ( Refer Figure 1.3

delete Browsing data in chrome

 Figure 1.3

Step 4 : If you want to remove only desired  surfed website from History then , click on Drop Down Button appear in front of Surfed website as shown in  Figure 1.4 and  Click on remove from history .

delete Browsing data in chrome
Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Click on Clear browsing data s shown in Figure 1.5 .

                                  delete Browsing data in chrome
Figure 1.5

delete Browsing data in chrome Step 5 : To clear all Browsers Surf data , Cookies ,Saved passwords ,Saved cookies ,Temp files ,Clear data from hosted apps , Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data ,Clear download history ,Clear saved Auto fill form data then Select " Obliterate the following items from " as " the beginning of time " by using drop down button ( You can also remove  fixed interval Browsing data by selecting  " Obliterate the following items from " as " the past hours " or  the past days " or the past weeks " etc . ) and click Clear Browsing data as shown in Figure 1.6 , 

                                                                                                                   Figure 1.6 

delete Browsing data in chrome

                   Figure 1.6 (a)

Congrats , now your Chrome browser's browsing data , stored passwords ,Stored information is removed . But make sure , once you again open website or surf internet , these browsing data will be Created in form of temp browser data , so you need to clear them again .