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Ben 10 | List of ben 10 aliens with images

          The Ben 10  - List of ben 10 aliens with image

Ben 10 Animated Cartoon series

Ben 10 is the one of the most popular American animated  cartoon series , which was created by the Group of people know by name " Man of Action " . Ben 10 is not only popular in United states of America but also across the globe , Ben 10 Cartoon ( Animated cartoons )  entered to list of most watched cartoon's among all age groups . 

List of Ben 10 characters with pictures

Ben ( Benjamin Tennyson also know as Ben Tennyson  )

Ben 10 kid Ben Tennyson
Ben was  the 10 year old fun loving boy who loves playing games  , Cracking jokes with Gwen (Ben's Cousin  and his Friends.  At the age of 10 , Ben found  Powerful alien  device , whose shape and size resembles like watch . This Alien watch Scans the DNA signature nearby and  attaches itself  to Ben Tennyson's wrist giving Ben Power to transform into 10 Different aliens . Later , through Grandpa (Max Tennyson) , Ben Tennyson come to know that the Alien watch attaches to his wrist is known as Omnitrix which contains ultimate power of the universe , by using this watch he can  transform to different aliens with their power .

Gwen ( Gwendolyn Tennyson  also know as Gwen Tennyson )

Gwen tennyson wallpapers
Gwen is the paternal Cousin of the Ben , Gwen was 10 year old sweet Girl who always love Learning Magic .She met his cousin Ben Tennyson during Summer Vacation's Organised by Gandpa max ( Max Tennyson ) .Gwen was the intelligent student who have keen interest in learning magic and as she Grows up,  she realize that she is more then Ordinary girl , later she come to know that she is half alien with Powerful magical and Anodite power .She got Anodite Power from her Alien grandmother , She is not  able to Create Anodite energy when she was 10 year old . but as see grown up to 16 , she start making Anodite energy .

Grandpa ( Maxwell  Tennyson Also known as Max  Tennyson )

Max Tennyson wallpaper
Max Tennyson was the paternal grandfather of Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson ( Know as Grandpa max ) Max Tennyson was 60 year old  man who like Adventure , Road-trips, making of strange food . Max Tennyson  was married with alien Anodite when he was a plumber . Max Tennyson is very good at combat that's why he was known as best plumber in the universe . Although we was retired , at the age of 60 but still he was protecting universe against bad alien along with ben and Gwen 

Omnitrix has main four Important modes these are : 

  • Active Mode :  Omnitrix's  Active mode  allows ominitrix watch user to transform to aliens .
  • Time Out Mode : Omnitrix's  Time-out  mode is activated when ominitrix got discharge , transforming back from alien to original form   .
  • Capture Mode : Omnitrix's  Capture Mode is activated to capture or Scan new DNA sample which was not already in Omnitrix' Alien DNA sample list , Capture mode allows ominitrix user to use New alien sample for transforming to new alien in future  .
  • Self-Destruct Mode : Ominitrix's Self-Destruct Mode Allow ominitrix user to self destruct ominitrix watch.

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Grey Matter's

Ominitrix was originally Invented by  by the small intelligent alien species called  Grey Matter's ( Galvan ), Galvan Created Omnitrix fro establishing peace in the universe .Galvan is the only person in the universe who know all the secrets and function of the Omnitrix .

Ben 10 RipJaw

Ben 10 Four arm

 Download Heat Blast wallpaper Download RipJaw wallpaper  Download Four arm wallpaper

ben 10 Jet ray

Ben 10 Wildmutt

 Download Jet ray wallpaper Download Wildmutt wallpaper Download Stinkfly wallpaper

 ben 10 Upgrade wallpaper

ben 10 Xlr8 Ben 10 freak Ghost

Download Upgrade wallpaper Download Xlr8 wallpaper Download Ghost freak wallpaper

Ben 10 Diamond Head

Ben Ten greymatter
Download Diamond Head  wallpaper                                                 Download greymatter  wallpaper