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Battlefield 2 Review | Pc Screenshots

About Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 was developed by " Digital Illusions CE " ( also know as DICE  ), Published by well know game publisher " Electronic Arts ". Battlefield 2  was launched on Windows ( Pc  ) as a first Stable released on 21-June-2005 in North America  . Battlefield 2 was the third new full game in Battlefield Series released after  Battlefield

Battlefield 2 Review

For Sure Battlefield 2 is a  first-person shooter games  but for me , It is  more then just a   first-person shooter game .I call Battlefield 2  as First Person tactical game which allow you to  play Battlefield 2 with tactics and strategy . You can play Battlefield 2  as Lone wolf , In Squad ,as a Squad Leader , or commander . Playing multiplayer  Battlefield 2 is Just amazing experience , In Battlefield 2 Multiplayer  we can really test our skills with real player . 

Pros of  Battlefield 2

  • I n  Battlefield 2  , You  have  six different kits to choose from  like Anti-Tank Kits ,Engineer Kits ,Medic kits , Assault Kits ,Spec-Ops kits,Support kits
  • In  Battlefield 2  , Never get bored by playing game with your own tactics , like playing as lone wolf , Playing in Squad , Playing as Commander etc
  • In  Battlefield 2  , You can boost you  real skills by playing mutiplayer  game ,
  • Unlocking new weapons ,Kits and ranks makes this game Special

Cons of battlefield 2

  • In Battlefield 2  , Guns recoils  to much and Bullets spread rate is to high , almost unreal .
  • Some time , Battlefield 2 game crashes to desktop while playing multiplayer game
  • Battlefield 2 multiplayer Global ranking works on 1.4 Patch 

Battlefield 2 Jets Screenshots

Bf2 Jets Screenshots Battlefield 2 Screenshots
Battlefield 2 Images
Battlefield 2 Images & Screenshots battlefield 2 images
battlefield 2 pc game battlefield 2 reviews
Battlefield 2 Screenshots
Battlefield 2 Screenshots f35 Battlefield 2 Screenshots f35


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