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High Page rank Dofollow social networking sites list .

Top  Dofollow Social Networking Sites List 

Popular Social Networking site for making friends


Facebook is the one of the popular social networking site with more then 1 billion users .I would mark Facebook as no follow because its to hard even call it as impossible to get back-link from Facebook . Page Rank of Facebook varies in between Pr 8 to Pr 10 , Its to easy to get back link from Facebook , you can't just get Facebook back links from Facebook by just posting your website Url in your profile update. Obviously , Facebook is using no-follow Attribute for there user Profile and status update , however there is only way to get back-links from Facebook is through Facebook page ,Because after certain Facebook page likes ,Facebook page popularity , Certain fields of your Facebook Profile page like website Url Goes as " Do follow attribute " .Still Facebook is working on whole Facebook site to make as No-follow . 

Alexa Rank   Page rank  Type of follow
 PR 8 Conditional do-Follow 

Popular micro-blogging Social Networking site


Twitter is the one of the first popular micro blogging social networking site with more then 500 million users , Getting Back link from Twitter is not impossible as in case of Facebook , we have see Thousands and thousands of so many sites even blog getting one way back link from twitter . Its not easy to get back link from twitter but not also difficult , you need to have atleast 10K+ followers and your tweets containing full url ( not short url) should be retweeted 10k+ times more then your followers then your twitter profile " My website field " goes do follow , This method are used by twitter as well as popular social networking site to Boost there seo and Healthy back linking .

Alexa Rank   Page rank  Type of follow
  PR 10 Conditional do-Follow 

Popular Social Networking site for Professional People

Linkedin is the first popular social networking site of there kind is developed for professional people to Create and manage there professional profile to grow up there professional Networking . have more the 200 million+ users . Linked in 's page ranks keeps on bouncing from Pr 9 to Pr 8 . Getting one way back link for is bit easy as compare to twitter , you need a original Professional Profile and your profile need to reach certain Share ,likes and followers to make your profile's website field to dofollow .

Alexa Rank   Page rank   Type of follow
     PR 9 Conditional do-Follow 

Popular  PinBoard photosharing  Social Networking site

Pinterest is the first Pin-board style photo-sharing social networking site of it own kind with more then 350 million users .Pinterest's page rank varies in between Pr 7 to Pr 8 Getting One way back-link from is the easy job , You can get back link when some popular User with Lots of followers and popular Pins Repin your website Links . Although Pinterest is not fully Do-follow , only pins of Certain user who Qualify as popular pinner pin's get do-follow back-links attribute .All social networking site are using this method to get Quality and healthy back-links . 

Alexa Rank   Page rank   Type of follow
Pr 8 Conditional do-Follow 

Popular  Social Networking site for Music lover

Soundcloud is the well know Social networking sites for music lover ,In Soundcloud user can follow there favorite Musicians, create and share there own music with friends etc grown to be a best Social Networking site for music lover with approx 50+ million users .'s page rank varies from Pr 8 to Pr 7 . Getting backlink from is Same as , . Your profile popularity decides whether your profile fields are Do-follow or No follow .

Alexa Rank   Page rank   Type of follow
Pr 8 Conditional do-Follow