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How to Protect Our Environment From Pollution As An Individual.

How to Protect Environment From Pollution.

Protect Environment From Pollution.
Pollution has became one of the most discussed topic of all time, Seriously speaking it look like people are more interested in debating then taking some solid step toward protecting environment. Every day, The population issue is going worst and worst it is more like slow poison which is hardly visible through our naked eyes. It may  be categories with various name like air pollution, noise pollution, Land pollution etc, it has only one role is to destroy our ecosystem and environment slowly with time.The researcher have found that every living from unicellular to multicellular organism and from single cell organism to brainy people like human almost everything tangible thing is now affected by pollution.We don't need to clarify why human life span has reduced by couple of year, It's due to contaminated food which is the another flaws of land pollution. Another curse of the pollution you have seen in recent year is the drastic changes in our environment giving rise to tornado, Tsunami ,earthquakes etc these are the unwelcome gift of pollution. Pollution can be categories with different name but it has only one role that degrading our environment. If Pollution continues to grows like this then there will be no fresh air will left out to breath.there were no land for farming .Although it is hard to minimize the rate of pollution in this techno and comfort addicted world but every individual effort can reduce the rate of pollution to large extent. Being the human, We have some duty toward our mother earth.In this article we have tried to explain some ways using which you may reduce the pollution rate to considerable account as an individual .Before proceeding with the ways to protect environment let me clarify most asked question related to pollution and environment.

Who is the responsible for pollution ?

Who is actually responsible for the Degradation of our environment ? Most people face off from their duty towards environment by saying “ What we can do? Its government jobs “. In reality ask yourself once "Are we playing our part protecting our environments? “ or we facing off from our moral duty by  fooling our self. No! It’s not only government duty to protect environment, As an individuals we have some responsibility towards our environment. Government alone can’t save our environment they need public support to reduce the pollution. Government is actually playing there 50% part in protecting environment so we should also play our 50% contribution in saving environment from pollution. Don't say why government are not banning company which are actively responsible for pollution. Does it really matter? Who care's who did. what really matter is who stood up and participated for noble cause. As an individual, we can protect our environment to large extent, Imagine If every single person in the world take their 10% responsibility towards environment then we will reduce pollution to 50% . According to Survey made by Shoutingblogger team, we have found that 74% of people want to save their environment but they don't know how to get started with. So do you have to go for hunger strike, Protest etc? Not at all. You can save our environment in same manner like other nature activist from your home itself. Let me show you real magic now.  

Ways to Protect Environment from Pollution

As an individual, we may help our environment and help in reducing pollution to great extent by paying attention to some important points in our daily routine .

Practice Recycling of waste product that can be recycled

In daily routine, we do waste lots of stuff like paper, Plastics and even water, Instead of throwing those waste in trash categories them into recyclable and non recyclable product and send those product to write full place like recyclable waste to recycling company and non recyclable waste to proper dumping Area . Avoid wasting useful products to waste, Instead of throwing waste water recycle waste water for other purposes like watering garden. Start practicing grey water recycling, and rain water recycling.

Use electricity wisely and effectively

People thinks that electricity is the eco friendly and help to protect nature, We are not saying electricity produce pollution and harms are environment , but what about method’s used for generating Electricity, Yes! They do produce pollution and harm our environment, But we can’t do anything about pollution caused in generation of energy but we should utilize the electricity effectively and wisely so that our government not need to run additional plant to full fill our electricity needs in this way we are indirectly helping our environment.

Tips to save electricity bills and Environment

Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use , By switching off electrical appliances you not only helps our environment but also you save money on Internet bills . Replace all inefficient Electric appliances which consume high amount electricity but also have adverse effect on your pockets . Use eco friendly electrical appliances .

Using LPG cooking gas efficiently can save energy .

LPG cooking gas do contribute to air pollution in small amount .Do you know, To extract these natural gas from there well, lots of energy was wasted To make its available in usable form. The method and setup used for Extraction, purification and transportation of these petroleum products are major source of Air pollution and noise pollution however as an individual we can’t control Pollution caused due to extraction , purification and transportation , but we can help in reducing the pollution by proper utilizing our LPG cooking gas

Tips to save LPG cooking gas

Avoid using Improper bad conducting cooking utensils, Try to cook food in low burner speed . Always check for leakage for gas , Avoid wasting gas, Turn it off when cooking gas is not in use .

Using the Microwave efficiently can save energy .

Do you know Microwave is the source of hidden pollution know as radiation .It is invisible to our eyes.Pollution caused by microwave oven is less as per environment sake  if it is used properly and efficiently. Although, microwave oven uses electricity to produce microwave radiation to heat food however it does produce radiation which is harmful from humans and other living being, The malfunctioning microwave is worst for health but also it has negative effect on  environment .

Tips to Save energy when using Electric or Microwave Ovens and Environment

If your microwave oven is malfunctioning then either repair or replace it because Malfunctioning Microwave not only consume more electricity but also destroy your foods nutrients results in waste of energy. Use Microwave when you really need it, avoid wasting energy by reheating again and again, Switch of your oven when  no longer is in use.

Using the Vehicles efficiently can save energy .

Now a days a vehicles is becoming our basics need for transportation and travailing . Vehicles is the one of the major source of air pollution as well as sound pollution. As per rough study made by us, A vehicles contribute 47.5 % of total air pollution caused in one year. By overcome the pollution caused by vehicles,we can reduce 32.5 % of total air pollution .

Tips to improve fuel efficiency vehicles and reduce pollution

Drive your vehicles within your fuel efficiency limit , Turn off your vehicle engine , when it is not in use for more then 2.5 minute , Avoid turning your engine off when you need to start again in 1 minutes , because starting engine do consume more fuels then keeping you engine start for 1 minutes .