How to protect our environment from pollution as an individual

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How to protect environment from pollution .

Pollution is the world most debate topic of all time, It seems that people are more interested in debating then protecting environment .Did you ever wonder the population issue is growing day by day as every second passes away. Pollution like Air pollution , Noise pollution ,Land pollution or any kind of pollution is just have one role to perform that is to destroy our environment ,Ecosystem and ruin away our  Life cycle . Do you know every single living  from non living creature ,single cell organism to grown up brainy people every one were effected by pollution. Recently , You might have seen Drastic changes in our Environment this is the unwelcome gift by our environment . If this pollution  Continues to grows like this then there will be no  fresh air will left out to breath .

Who is the responsible for pollution ?

The ultimate question about the pollution is that who is actually responsible for the Degradation of our environment ?  

Most people face off from their duty towards environment by saying “what we can Do? Its government jobs “.  Then “ Are we playing our part in protecting our environments ? “ . Or we are just fooling our self .

NO! It’s not only government jobs to protect environment, we as an individuals have some responsibility towards our environment government can’t alone save our environment. Government is playing there 50% of part in protecting environment then as an individual we should play ours 50 % contribution. As an Individual we can protect Our Environment to large extent, Imagine If every single person in the world take their 10% responsibility towards environment then we will reduce pollution to 50% . According to Survey  made by shouting blogger team , we have found that 74% of people want to save their environment  and As there moral duty toward there environment they want to  help reducing  Pollution , that’s why we Wrote this article for nature lover who really wants to reduce pollution and protect our environment somehow .

  Ways to Protect Environment from Pollution

As an individual, we may help our environment and help in reducing pollution to great extent by paying attention to some important points in our daily routine .

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Practice Recycling of waste product that can be recycled

In daily routine, we do waste lots of stuff like paper , Plastics  and even water , Instead of throwing those waste in trash categories them into recyclable and non recyclable product  and send those product to write full place like recyclable waste to recycling company and non Recyclable waste to proper dumping Area . Avoid wasting useful products to waste , Instead of throwing waste water Recycle waste water for other purposes like watering garden . Start Practising Grey water Recycling, and rain water recycling.

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Use electricity wisely and effectively 

People thinks that electricity is the eco friendly and help to protect nature , We are not saying electricity produce pollution and harms are environment , but what about method’s used for generating Electricity , Yes ! They do produce pollution and harm our environment, But we can’t do anything about pollution caused in generation of energy but we should utilize the electricity effectively and wisely so that our government not need to run additional plant to full fill our electricity needs  in this way we are indirectly helping our environment .

Tips to save electricity bills and Environment

Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use , By switching off electrical appliances you not only helps our environment but  also you save money on Internet bills . Replace all inefficient Electric appliances which  consume high amount electricity but also have adverse effect on your pockets .  Use eco friendly electrical appliances  .

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Using LPG cooking gas efficiently can save energy  .

LPG cooking gas do contribute to air pollution in small amount .Do you know , To extract these natural gas from there well , lots of energy was wasted To make its available in usable form.  The method and setup  used for Extraction , purification and transportation  of these petroleum products  are major source of Air pollution and noise pollution however  as an individual we can’t control Pollution caused due to extraction , purification and transportation  , but  we can help in reducing the pollution by proper utilizing our LPG cooking gas .

Tips to save LPG cooking gas

Avoid using Improper Bad conducting cooking utensils, Try to cook food in low burner speed . Always check for leakage for gas , Avoid wasting gas, Turn it off when cooking gas is not in use .

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Using the Microwave efficiently can save energy  .

Do you know Microwave is the source of hidden Pollution know as radiation, Which is  invisible to our eyes   .Pollution caused by microwave oven is Less as per Environment sake, it if used properly and efficiently.  Although, Microwave oven uses electricity to produce microwave radiation to heat food  , Its does Produce Microwave radiation which is harmful from Humans , malfunctioning  Microwave is much Sevier when it comes to individual health and somehow also effect environment ,  What we can do to protect our health , environment and nature when it comes to microwave oven .Some of the ways you should keep in mind to reduce Pollution and damage cause due to microwave

Tips to Save energy when using Electric or Microwave Ovens and Environment

If your microwave Oven is malfunctioning then either repair or replace it because  Malfunctioning Microwave not only consume more electricity but also destroy your foods nutrients results in waste of energy . Use Microwave when you really need it, avoid wasting energy by Reheating again and again,  Switch of your Oven when you no longer needed .

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Using the Vehicles efficiently can save energy .

Now a days a  vehicles is  becoming our basics need for transportation and travailing . Vehicles  is the one of the major source of  air pollution as well as sound pollution . As per rough study made by us , A vehicles contribute 47.5 %  of total air pollution caused in one year . By overcome the pollution caused by vehicles ,we can reduce 32.5 % of total air pollution .

Tips to improve fuel efficiency vehicles and  reduce pollution

Drive your vehicles within your fuel efficiency limit , Turn off your vehicle engine , when it is not in use for more then 2.5 minute , Avoid turning your engine off when you need to start again in 1 minutes , because starting engine do consume more fuels then keeping you engine start for 1 minutes .