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How to Clear History in Google Chrome .

How do i  Clear History in Google Chrome  

Whenever we browse internet or surf any website with Google chrome browser , Google chrome browser downloads full website front page to our computer in forms of cookies and browsing data also know as History . Basically ,A Google chrome  web browser downloads whole website content  as browsing Data to there temp folder first then Its make it available for you to see website via your Google chrome browser Since these browsing data contains information like website Images , scripts , Media files etc which is first downloaded in your Google chrome browser then it open website in your Google chrome browser as temp file therefore we can't restrict or block Google chrome browser to create or generate History  , however you can clear these history to protect your  privacy   These browsing data is useful for only limited time period  after some times these Browsing data Cover up a  small part of your hard-disk space , Resulting loss of your hard disk space due to dump Storage data which is of no use .Google chrome browser along with Browsing data generates History of your visited website which can ruin your privacy because if you leave your Google chrome browser ithout clearing your history then any one can access a website  that was visited by you  from history log  with details like website name , visited times etc of your Google chrome browser hich is being opened in past . Ensure your browsing privacy by clearing your browsing data before closing your Google chrome browser  and restrict unauthorized people to access your browsing history .

Steps to Delete History in Google Chrome web browser

Step 1 : Click on Start , Go to Programs then Go to Google chrome and click on Google Chrome icon , Or open Google chrome browser from your desktop  ( See Figure 1.a ) .

Clear History in Google Chrome

Figure 1.a

Step 2 : At top right side of your Google chrome Search box , you will see a three line icon know as  " Customize and control Google chrome icon " . Click on it , Click on  History to open Google chrome browser history tab window . ( Press Ctrl + H to open history tab  )  ( See Figure 1.b ) .

Clear History in Google Chrome

Figure 1.b

Step 3 : Under History tab , Click on clear all browsing data , set " obliterate the following Item " to " the beginning of time " . (Set obliterate the following Item as Per your need ( See Figure 1.c )

Clear History in Google Chrome
Figure 1.c

Step 4 : Under Clear Browsing Data small window , A list of checkbox with different labels are given , out of which select the  check box to be delete then , Spot a  small button know as  " Clear browsing data "at bottom right , Just in front of learn more label , Click on Clear Browsing data .  ( See Figure 1.d )

Clear History in Google Chrome
Figure 1.d

Congrats ! you learned easy way to clear your browsing data from chrome browser itself But keepThis thing in you mind .Whenever  you browse a website in internet with chrome browser , these browsing data will again will be auto generated , so make sure to clear these browsing data before closing google chrome browser

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