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How To Disable Restore Points In Windows Xp .

How to Turn off Windows XP System Restore

System restore is the important Feature of the window's operating system which allow the window user to restore there window to last Good condition check points , Actually after formatting you computer or  Installing a new operating system window your installed window reserved a special space in your hard drive to keep these restore points , these Restore points Consume large part of your hard disk depending upon your installed window's age , after fixed interval of time these Restore points consume all the reserved space for restore points due to which a part of hard disk space goes unusable , To recover your reserved space from window xp , you can turn off your window 's restore points from your operating system controls function . Turning off your Windows XP  restore reserved space will Free up your handsome amount of hard disk space which gets directly shared with your hard drive partitions like local disk (C) ,local disk (D) ,local disk (E)  etc .  Be sure about turning off  your Windows XP System Restore points , by doing so you won't be able to restore your window Xp window back from accidental Corruption , Restoring accidental deleted data from drives .

Steps to disable restore points in windows xp

To turn off  restore points in Windows xp , Since all the window operating Control function can be enabled and disabled via window Administrator account that's why, You must be log on to Windows XP as an Administrator .

Step 1 : Open My Computer , Under Other Places ( located at left side ) , Click Control Panel .

Step 2 : Under Control Panel  window , if you are using Category view then click on  " Switch on Classic View " .

Step 3 : After Switch Classic View , Double Click on System icon to open Sytem properties window .

Step 4 : Under System properties window , Click  System restore  tab .

Step 5 :On the  System restore tab , Click on check box with label " Turn off Restore points on all drives " .

Step 6 : When you will see confirmation message asking " Do you want to turn off System restore points " then  click on Yes and click on  apply and ok under system properties . ( Not able to See System restore points  tab then you  are not logged in to window as  Administrator   )

Your System restore points are disabled , Now no more restore points will be generated till you re enable System Restore .