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How To Resize Images In Paint Window Xp .

How do i  Resize Image in paint without Losing Quality 

Paint is the free graphics painting program also known as Ms Paint  , It comes with all Microsoft Windows Operating system . Ms Paint is used for graphic painting such as Creating Graphic with various ms tools , We can use Ms paint Software as Re sizing software . Although Ms paint consume a bit time for resizing as compared  Resize  image online , But it is more secured way of resizing image .Some of the online Resize  image online website do Store images you resize . which do harm you privacy  .

Steps to Resize a picuture / Photo / image / wallpaper in paint

Step 1 :  To Open Ms Paint , click on the Start button ,Then go to All Programs , click on Accessories, and then Select Ms Paint by clicking on it.

Step 2 :  Now to open your Image/photo in Ms Paint , Go to Menu Bar , click on File then click Open  ( Press short key to open browse window  : Ctrl+O ) ,a small  window will be open to browse File , Make sure to set Files of  types as All Pictures files and browser for your desired file using Look In Drop-down Button , When you Done with browsing and found your desired image to resize then Double click on  image . so that it can be load in MS Paint for editing

Step 3 :  Go to Menu bar . click on edit and then Click On Select all to select Full Image ( Press Shortcut key Ctrl + A to Select Full image ) ( Optional )

Step 4 :  Now ,Again Go to Menu bar and click on Image and click on Stretch/ Skew .

Step 5 : Under Stretch label , Set Horizontal / vertical  value below 100% to Reduce  your image Dimension  or Set Horizontal / vertical  value Above 100% to increase your image dimension .

( Paint Resize Note :Avoid Increasing Dimension of image , It will make image hazy and distorted while  you are free to Reducing  image dimension because it will improves image Quality . )

Step 6 :  Once you finish with Resizing your image , click on file from menu bar and select Save as and rename to new file name .

Note : Make backup of your image by copying it to different location so that in case any thing goes wrong while resizing then also you will have your original image with you,

Watch on youtube  " how to resize images in paint "