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How to Download Songs.

How to Download Songs From Internet 

In Internet Terminology , Downloading is the process of Copying File from Dedicated Server , Downloading of songs are only possible when Server contains Songs  uploaded to the Server and Songs links are Embedded to the website with Proper downloading permission via Website Scripts .Although Downloading is the Easiest thing in the internet but the mechanism used to make song available for download is bit Tedious and needs Technical knowledge , As Basic internet user ,User would download songs by just clicking on the link which contains Songs path in the server .

You Don't Need Downloading Software for Downloading 

To Download Songs From internet , you don't need a downloading Software instead you can Download songs via your Browser itself , because almost all the web browser contains there own inbuilt Downloading Function , which detect clicked Url extension and start a Downloading prompt for the user to download but the problem with the Browser's Downloading function is that , It does share its Speed with Browsing along with Downloading , due to which Browser's downloading speed  is Less .

How do you find Download link in website .

Most probable Place for Downloading option would be seen as Download button ,but a download Button in a website not always represent downloading Option  because it may be Ads and fake Wrl ,Sometime a user get Redirected to other pages due to which a user losses His/her Precious  time by searching for download Url . To detect original  download link , You must Hower your mouse pointer above download button and

Must Check for the Url which is show below browser , If the Extreme right of link Contains   .mp3 / .Mp4 , .Acc / .Avi etc then the Download button contains Real download link .

Ways to Download  Songs .

Downloading Songs Using Browser .

To download songs with Browser ,Only thing you have to do is to click on the Download link and accept the browser prompt for Download ( for example www.example.com/testfolder/Testfile/Songname.mp3 ) .

Downloading Songs Using Downloading Software .

To download songs with Downloading Software , You need to copy URL of the Song in the website and need to create new Download with Copied Url via Downloader .