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Shared Web Hosting And Its Pros and Cons.

What is Shared Web Hosting And Its Pros and Cons.

What is shared hosting?

Shared Webhosting is kind of virtual webhosting service in which all the Server Performance related resources are shared between the Number of Hosted  websites in that server . In Shared web hosting , your website is hosted along with number of website within same server ,that is  all the performance  resources of  a server  like Ram , CPU etc gets shared  with all the website hosted on that server . Although your website is hosted with number of other website in  a server but your website have its own partition ,section/place . technically all the website hosted on shared web hosting are separated by  each other via virtual boundary ( For example partition of hard disk in pc )  .Since shared web hosting  uses Shared resources of a server that’s why it is available at cheap rate . 

Shared hosting is Best for ?

Recent studies about Webhosting  shows that Shared webhosting is the first choice for creating blog , personal page ,developing your own webpage, profile page  ,Small website like wallpaper website ,forum , store ,lyric website ,Creating Webpages , e-commerce store etc. Moreover it’s better to say shared webhosting is good for creating small scale business website. It can also be used to create Large scale business website but Webhosting Expert Recommend to use Dedicated Server because you can control whole server but it also have there own disadvantage . 

How to manage webhosting via Control pannel 

Once you purchased shared webhosting ,then you will be given login credential to access Shared webhosting portal .you may access your own webhosting partition space by login to your webhosting control panel  by using  which you may create database , manage domain , create sub domain ,upload website , Control your front end and back end of your website , forum etc . 

Pros and Cons of Shared webhosting

Shared webhosting Pros and cons

Pros of using Shared webhosting

  • Shared web hosting is cheap and Low cost as compare to other web hosting packages like dedicated web hosting , Vps web hosting hosting because in shared web hosting all the resources of the server were shared between hosted Website in a server itself.
  • Cheap and Reliable for Developing small scale website as well as medium size website .
  • Shared web hosting is very user friendly you may upload your website easily by using Shared web hosting control panel and , ftp client , this make it popular among basic as well as advances web host buyers .
  • Being a shared web hosting customer you don't have to do much about server maintenance . All the Server side maintenance is done by the web host management.

Cons of using Shared webhosting

  • In Shared web hosting , All the server performance resources like cpu ,Ram etc were shared between all Website hosted on server .
  • You have no control over the Server performance factor like Ram ,Cpu .
  • You can't create game server with shared web hosting , because it will result in heavy server resource usage resulting in downtime of other website hosted on your website hosted server.
  • One of the biggest disadvantage of using Shared web hosting is to share server performance like if your Neighbors web hosted website is using High server usage then your website performance like loading time ,will be affected . Although it would not make your website do down but it may results in slow load time depending on server load 
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Top 3 Best Free Blogging platform To Create Blog

 Best 3 Free Blogging platform To Create Blog 

Best free blogging platformBlogging is the great way to publish your content online and make it available on internet 24/7 . Since there are many free blogging platform who allows there user to create and control there own blog for free but which one is best for creating blog .On the basis of there feature list and  after researching lots we have found the most preferred ,used and reliable Top 3 best Free Blogging platform to Create your own blog for free . However out of all free blogging platform only few reputed blogging platform offers unlimited bandwidth , uploading images , text and third party html codes ,for free but all free blogging platform have there own limitation . you will learn when your try them . We would recommend you to test all the three blogging platform  to test and find out best blogging platform for your blog .

1) Blogger - No 1 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Blogger is the one of the popular free Blogging platform , also know as Blogspot  . It allow there user to build up-to 100 Blogs with one blogger account along with free Sub-domains ,Free Unlimited bandwidth for there blog etc  . Most important feature that makes blogger as first user choice is ability  to earn money via blog .You may  monetize your blog with ads and free built in blogger dashboard . It allows indirect storage space for uploading Image ( using Picassa ) and videos ( Using Youtube ) for free . Blogger's interface is  user-friendly dashboard and easy posting  and publishing boost blogger popularity among people.So if you are creating your blog for publishing your content online along with money making then blogger is best option.

Features that make Blogger as number one blogging platform 

  • Blogger offer  unlimited bandwidth , Easy to upload Image and videos from blogger posting window .
  • Blogger allow You to monetize there blog by placing there ads code through layout window in blogger you can also add third party html code like affiliated links etc.
  • You can Upload , customize your own custom template in blogger .
  •  Blogger offer there user to backup there template and post by downloading there post and template through blogger dashboard .

Example of blogger Blog : http://shoutingblogger.blogspot.com

Wordpress - 2nd Best Free Blogging Platforms

Wordpress is the Free blogging Platform that use open source blogging web software know as Wordpress . Wordpress Blogging Platforms provide free blog hosting to there registered user and with unlimited bandwidth and limited 2 gb of storage space however registered user have an option to increase there storage space and  features as paid subscriber which cost few dollar per month. Most important feature that brings  Wordpress Blogging Platforms in 2nd position in our top three free blogging platform is that you can create your blog here for free . Wordpress blogging platform is free for publishing content but with free blogging platform you can't earn money because there is no option to add third party java code .However  by Upgrading or hosting your own WordPress blog you can monetize and even transform to web store  , Blog , anything you want by using plugin , themes etc. In paid blog hosting wordpress lies in first position while it lies in second for free blogging platform

Features that make Wordpress blogging Platform as Number two blogging platform 

  • You can upload Images , Pics , software upto 2gb for free directly to your blog .
  • Your blog will get unlimited bandwidth  , mean no restriction of traffic limits per hour .

Example of  Wordpress Blog : http://shoutingblogger.wordpress.com

3) Tumbler - No 3 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Tumbler is growing as popular micro blogging platform available with bundle of features to make micro blogging easy and fast for the People who are hard to manage time for writing big Articles you can share anything in your tumbler blog from text to quotes, images to wallpapers , photography to photos whatever you want to share with ease. you can register your free Sub-domain name as www.example.tumbler.com or may park your own Top level domain name for your blog etc moreover you can customize your tumbler template choose theme for free as well as premium themes ,Add custom css , Optimize your tumbler theme for mobile user , you can also add pages with editable html page source code option .You can also monetize your tubmler blog , however tumble is more of Sharing your stuff like pic , video ,images ,text good for micro blogging site but bad for monetizing  that's why in our Free blogging platform list tumbler lies in Third .

Features that make tumbler as Number three blogging platform 

  • Tumbler Offer there tumbler blog user with unlimited bandwidth . Hence No  restricted Traffic spike and you get unlimited traffic visit for free .
  • Simple and easy to use tumbler dashboard and it have user firendly posting 
  • Tumbler allow there tumbler blog user to park custom top level domain name .
  • With Tumbler you can edit theme html and customize your theme according to your need . 
  • You can share your photos, videos ,Text ,quotes,  Url etc with easy 

Example of Tumbler Blog : http://shoutingblogger.tumblr.com

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Submit URL to Google Bing and Yahoo Search Engine for free

How to Submit URL to Google Bing and Yahoo Search Engine

How to Submit URL to Google Bing and Yahoo Search Engine freeBillions of people use search engine daily to get what they are looking for via internet  and its proves to be easy and free source for organic traffic to your website ,That's why Seo expert suggest the website owner to submit there website or blog url to search engine for Search engine visibility because if your website/blog get indexed in the popular search engine results then there will be more chances of getting organic traffic and audience to your website via search engine results however traffic amount depends on Website SEO .This Article will helps you with submitting your website/blog url to popular search engine like Google , bing and yahoo search engine . To get your blog home url in Google , bing and yahoo search engine results , first thing you need to do is to inform Google Bing and Yahoo Search Engine search engine spider about your website /blog homepage ( www.example.com or www.subexample.example.com ) . you can do this by Submitting your website/blog url to Popular Search engine like Google ,Bing and Yahoo Search Engine etc .

  How to Submit Url to Google 

If your website is newly created and not able to find your website in Google search engine then you need to Submit your newly website/blog url to Google  so that Google spider get informed about your  newly created website/blog url to index and include in search engine results  .Before submitting your website url to Google make sure your website or blog is Online otherwise your website/blog will not be included .

Steps to Add Website Url to Google for free

Step 1 : Login to your Google account . 
Step 2 : Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url and enter your homepage url for submission and enter Captcha , hit ok  ( For example if you own top-level domain name then use www.yourdomainname.com  or if you own Sub domain name then use www.yourdomainname.domain.com .) .

  How to Submit Url to Bing 

Bing search engine have its own search engine technology for indexing website and serving search results .So If you website is not appearing on bing search engine then your website/blog is not being crawled by the Bing Bot in past .To get your website/blog in bing search engine you need to submit to bing search engine .

Steps to Add Website Url to ning/yahoo for free

Step 1 : Go to http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url  . 
Step 2 : Enter your top level or sub-domain name , website home address under Type the URL of your homepage and enter puzzle , hit ok . 

 How to Submit Url to Yahoo

Yahoo uses Bing search engine technology for indexing website/blog url and serving search engine results in there search engine , So if you submit your Website/blog  to bing search engine for indexing then automatically your website/blog will get indexed in the yahoo search engine , you don't have to submit your Website/blog for yahoo search engine 
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Ping Sitemap to Google ,Bing ,Yahoo Yandex & Baidu Search engine

How to Ping Sitemap to Google ,Bing ,Yahoo Yandex & Baidu Search engine

Ping Sitemap to Google ,Bing ,Yahoo Yandex & Baidu Search engine
All the popular search engine have there own sitemap pinging service for mutual benefit in which search engine get's content for there search engine result while your website content get indexed on search engine for the organic traffic.Now the question is how to ping a blog sitemap to search engines? There are two major way to ping a blog, the one is automatic pining service which ping sitemap to all the search engine from one page itself only you have to do is to enter a blog or website sitemap to them and hit ping button. The other one is by going through official search engine pinging service. Auto and mass pinging service look's fast and does there work somehow yet it does not ensure that they really pinging website sitemap to search engine.

Why You Should Ping Your Sitemap

Ping Sitemap to search engine is simple and easy way to inform search engine about changes made on your blog , or website .So , if you new blog ,website content isn't indexed on Search engine then there would be possibility that search engine bot didn't crawled your website/Blog Sitemap .

How to ping google to crawl my site

Google is one of the most popular search engine in world , almost all the country use this search engine for search So, it better to Ping your website sitemap to Google search engine so that Google crawler get informed to access your website Content for crawling , detect and index any new update made to website in google search engine etc
For Low level domain
Copy this link in your browser http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ping?sitemap= and add your website sitemap in front of =
To ping sitemap by directly visiting official google sitemap pinging service go http://blogsearch.google.com/ping , Enter your blog sitemap or a website sitemap under url box beside Your blog's address and hit submit
For Top level domain
To submit your toplevel domain name sitemap to Google blog search, Go to official google blog pinging page or open   http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ping?sitemap=  and add your website sitemap in front of = ,

 How to ping Bing to crawl my site

Bing search engine also have there own website sitemap pinging service url , y using bing pinging url for submitting website sitemap you may inform bing search bot that any changes made in your website.
For Low level domain
To ping your website sitemap to bing search engine. Copy your website sitemap url and then open this link in your browser http://www.bing.com/webmaster/ping.aspx?siteMap=  and add your website sitemap in front of = ,
For Top level domain

 How to ping Yahoo to crawl my site

Yahoo do not have its own website/blog pinging service , it uses bing search engine technology to index and serve website search results which means i you ping your website sitemap to bing then yahoo will automatically get informed but changes made to your website ans website sitemap .
For Low level domain
Copy this link in your browser http://www.bing.com/webmaster/ping.aspx?siteMap= and add your website sitemap in front of + , for example
For Top level domain

 How to ping yandex.ru to crawl my site

Yandex is the most popular search engine of Russia, best for getting Russian oriented organic traffic to website/blog .They also have there own website/blog pinging service by using which you Inform yanex search engine to crawl your website and index new changes made to your website .
For Low level domain
Copy this link in your browser http://blogs.yandex.ru/pings/?status=success&url= and add your website sitemap in front of = , for example
Yandex.ru pinging Site link : http://blogs.yandex.ru/pings/
For Top level domain

 How to ping Baidu to crawl my site

Baidu is the most used Search engine of china they have there own pinging service to inform there search engine bot to track any changes made to Website /blog . you can submit your website sitemap or website rss link to ping your website to Baidu search engine .
For Low level domain
Open this link in your browser http://ping.baidu.com/ping.html and add your website sitemap in front of = , for example
For Top level domain
Baidu pinging Site link : http://ping.baidu.com/ping.html

When to pinging website to search engine 

It necessary to ping your website to search engine ,when you have made changes to your website content/blog address like updated tour website content . 

When New content is added to your website / blog , you need to ping your blog/website for search engine to carl and index new page .
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Things To Keep In Mind Before Deleting Google Account.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Deleting Google account.

Before deleting your Gmail addressAre you serious about Deleting your Gmail account ,If you newly created Gmail account for testing purposes and want it to delete it , then your are good to delete but if you gmail account is old then you must know the consequences of deleting gmail account with eye's closed , Its better to say " trouble faced " after deleting Gmail account , Actually your  Gmail account are considered as primary account while all the other Google product associated with Gmail account are the necessary to authorise and operate other Google product , So its better to say Gmail account as Google account ! In other word all the Google product like Gmail ,Google+ ,Google drive , blogger account , Youtube account etc  are associated with your Gmail  account . So If you deleting your gmail id for what so ever  reason may be ,all of the google product associated with your gmail account will be Wiped out so , it's  better to waste few minutes in reading important Points listed bellow , as these points helps you lots .

What to do before deleting Gmail account 

Before Deleting Gmail id : Download a copy of Google account :

Before Deleting Gmail id : Download a copy of Google account :

There is a reason for Google popularity , they even take care of people who are deleting there account by offering them Google account backup feature,You can backup your  Google Contacts , Drive, Google+ Circles ( Google+ connections to another account) ,Google+ Pages,YouTube,Orkut,Google+ Stream,Hangout and all the other products associated with your email id and can use it later for reference purposes .

Before Deleting Gmail id : Analysis your decisionBefore Deleting Gmail id : Analysis your decision

All Google Connected Apps and Services like Picasa ,Google Contacts, Google Account Access, Google+, Gmail, YouTub, Adsence , Adwords , Blogger almost all the Google product which uses your Google account ( Gmail Account ) for authorisation will no longer accessible . So make sure to analysis your google accounts and its product ,

Sin-in website using Google authorize account .Sin-in website using Google authorize account .

You might have used  Google apps  for Authorizing third-party websites to access your account , For the sake of Signup/Signin using Google  . But once you delete your google account you will not able to Signin again to Website in which you have used Google Authorized apps . Do your account created on other website using Google account aurthorization would be deleted ? No all the account will exist but you will not able to Sign-in ,

Deleted email id will no longer available for future Registration : Deleted email id will no longer available for future Registration : 

Yes you heard right if you delete your Gmail id ( Username ) for example Example@gmail.com or Username@gmail.com then this email id or username will be locked for future registration for security reason which means no one can register new gmail account with same username again . Also ,If you are really determined to delete gmail account then you must change your email id ( which you going to delete ) from all other registered website because your email id will exist on other website and in case you lost password of the any Registerd website or social networking website associated with your this email id then you will not able to recover your account details. So its better to change and authorise different new email id before deleting your gmail username .

Before Deleting Gmail id : Inform your Friends about Email delete Before Deleting Gmail id : Inform your Friends about Email delete 

Its good to inform your friends , important people etc that you deleted your account .This would  help your friend and family that your email id will no longer receive any email . Send them your new email id so they make contact you on them .
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How To Add Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007 With Ease .

How To add Watermark in Microsoft word 2007

 Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007 Microsoft word 2007 allow there user to add text as well as image Watermark to their word document with ease, By default New word document do not have watermark in it and hence you can add your own images , text to word document as background to make attractive ,professional document. Other then backgrounds, Watermark can be used to set logo or company motto to set branding of Word document or to  identify the document status . Although Microsoft word 2007 have some textual Watermark stored in the Microsoft word’s Watermark gallery but still their usability is limited to few office related document. However you may also upload your own Custom Text Watermark or image water mark to your Word document and give your document Professional look . In this article we will show you how you can add Text watermark, Image water mark to you Microsoft word document with easy .

Steps add Watermark in Microsoft word 2007

If you want to add background image, like logo, wallpaper, pic or photo to your word document then get your Image, logo, wallpaper or photos ready to add to your word document  , Once your Image is ready to add in your Microsoft word 2007 document , then open your MS word 2007 . We will also show you how you can add text as watermark in MS word 2007

Step 1:  Go to Microsoft word 2007 Quick access tool bar and then click on Page Layout to open page Layout tab.

How To Add Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007 With Ease .

Step 2: Under page layout tab, you will see various groups like theme Group, Page setup group, page background group, paragraph group and arrange group. Out of go to Page background group and click on Watermark.
How to insert a Watermark into a Word document

Step 3: Once you click on watermark, a small Drop down window will popup, under that water mark pop up window, click on custom water mark to open printed watermark window. Now  from printed watermark window.  you can text or image to your word document by selecting appropriate option button

How To Add Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007

Adding Text Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007

Step to add text water mark in Ms word 2007 :To add Text as watermark to your Ms Word document , Under Printed watermark window, click on Text watermark  and set custom watermark text font, watermark text  color and size of the watermark.

Customize  Text Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007

  • Language : Choose your language .
  • Text  : Enter the Desired  text you want to see as watermark 
  • Font : Choose Desired font type for your watermark Text .
  • Size : Set size of your watermark Text .
  • Color : Choose your watermark Text color .

Adding Text Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007

Step to Add Picture water mark in Ms word 2007 : To add Image as watermark to your Ms Word document ,Under  Printed watermark window, click on Picture  Watermark and then click on Select picture .Browse and open your picture , logo ,wallpaper or photos ( Supported format ) and click on apply ,

Adding picture Watermark in Microsoft Word 2007

You can also Customize your picture watermark , By setting Scale and washout .

Is it possible to add two watermark to MS Word 2007

No you can’t add two watermarks to you MS Word document, You can add either text or image as watermark in your word document. Even you can’t add two different images as a water mark in you word document , if you do so , then your old water mark whether  it is image or text  , it will replaced with the new one .

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How To Capture Screenshots in Window 7 Free ,Safe and Fast

How To Take A Screenshot In Windows 7 

Capture Screenshots in Window 7
Capture Screenshots in Window 7

Screenshot is the method of capturing screen with all the visible item in Screen .No doubt , There are thousands of Paid  as well as Free third party tools available which may help you in taking screenshot with one click but why buying or downloading any third party tool when you can do this for free with your own window software .You can  capture your desktop screen by using Window's Ms Paint and Keyboard Short cut key know as Print  keys .In this Article we will show you how to take screenshot in window 7 without any third party tool  , By using this method you may take as many screenshot of your Screen for free and capture anything which appears in your desktop , it is helpful to  Capture any Error , Event even you may capture video's screenshots

Steps to Step guide to Capture any screenshot in window 7

Step 1: Open Desired thing in your screen like Desktop ,webpage , Any error window , Message , Website etc .

Step 2 : Click on Print Screen button either form your keyword or using On Screen keyboard .

  • Method 1 : Now Locate Prt scr key ( know as Print screen ) on your keyboard and click on it this will copy your Screenshot in your clipboard , Do not copy any thing else or your clipboard screenshot will be replaced. 

  • Method 2 :  i )  In case you are not able to find Prt scr key in your keyboard then use On board keyboard 
                              ii ) Click Start , All program , Accessories , Easy of access  , click on On Screen                                .                                  keyboard 

Step 3 : Now We need a Application which may allow us to paste , copy ,cut and save our screenshot . Ms paint is the best option for doing all this so open paint by clicking on Start ,  All program ,Accessories and then Paint .

Important Note : If your paints white space Dimension  is bigger then screenshot dimension then there may be possibility that Excess white space would be visible with screenshot image  and look bad , so before pasting you must Resize your Ms paint white space to Lowest dimension as possible , recommended 50×50 To Resize your Ms paint white space ,Go to Paint button , click on properties ( Press Ctrl + E  ) to open Image Properties window and then set width = 50 , height =50 , press ok 

Step 4 : Once Paint open up , Click on Paste ( or use paste shortcut key ie Hold Ctrl+P ) to paste your Screenshot from clipboard to paint window . Once your screenshot get pasted on Ms paint white space Customize it according to your need and then Save your file .

Congrats you have learned the easiest way to capture Screenshot without any third party software .

Pros and cons of Capturing Screenshot using pain and keyboard in window 7

Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Pros  of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7

  • Capturing Screenshot with Keyboard and paint is free of cost .
  • You don't need any third party Software for Capturing screenshot .
  • You can save your screenshot to any paint supported  format .
  • This method is the Safest  and secured method for capturing any screenshot .

Cons of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7Cons of Capturing Screenshots Using Paint and Keyboard  in Window 7

  • You can capture one Screenshots  at a time .
  • This method of capturing screenshot  is bit time consuming .

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What is Search engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine Optimization and its Importance for Organic Traffic 

What is (SEO) Search engine Optimization?

SEO is known as Search engine Optimization , Its is the Process of improving website, blog , Forum ,Web pages ,Web content visibility in the search engine by optimizing website content according to Search engine Website indexing standards . In simple words, Search engine Optimization helps in building audience and traffic to a website known’s as organic traffic

Importance of Website SEO to increase Organic traffic

Every website needs search engine optimization to improve visibility of there content in the search engine results .Since daily , Billions of people uses search engine to find web content for Answers, Entertainments purposes etc it means billions of billions search are made in search engine for finding relevant Web Content to educate or entertain purposes , that’s why it worth optimizing your website seo , It helps your website rank higher for particular Searched keyword related to your website and also helps your website to attract  Traffic to your website via search engine , better your website Seo be , Better your webiste search engine visibility will be  for searched keyword resulting in website audience.

Is it possible to get my website keyword ranked on first Page of search  engine like google , yahoo , bing by Search engine Optimization(SEO)

If you fully optimized your website Seo then it might be possible that your website keywords get ranked higher or even on first page of Google however it’s not guaranteed that your website keywords will appear on first page  Since there are lots more factor which also count toward website keyword ranking like competitor keywords ,content qualities and Bounce rates If your website landing page through search keywords on search engine results in  lowest bounce rate compared to competitor website then your website may rank above your competitor website within a minute Similarly if your website is serving more relevant keywords related to search results as compare to all of your  competitor for particular keywords along with less bounce rate  .Then , all of your Website’s keywords will  Rank higher and higher To first page of google or in any other search . It Would appear as search engine bot Fall in loves with your website and being partial but the Fact is Search engine bot Ranks website Depending upon Searched keywords, Bounce Rate, Keywords density, Content Quality and its relevance to a particular website and ranked them according to Lowest bounce rate Compared to other website keywords and serves best Results in the search engine to ensure relevant and helpful search result

Advantages Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Free Traffic and audience Free Traffic and audience 

Since Fully Seo optimized Website , blog or webpage with quality and unique content easily gets indexed in popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing etc and results in higher page rank due to which website gets enormous amount of Organic traffic and audience for free from website keyword relevant search engine results .

More Sales and earningMore Sales and earning

No doubt , Seo optimized website have huge search engine exposer which means lots and lots of audience for your website , More audience will results in more sales and earning . So working on Website Seo is good for traffic as well as for earning money with website, blog traffic. Organic traffic are considered best for website blog to earn easy money.

Visibility in search engines will improve Visibility in search engines will improve 

All the popular search engine like google , yahoo and bing etc use Approx same method to serve search engine results, that’s why one you improved your website Seo then it will help in improving your website ranking In search engine results however ranking of your website keyword may differ from search engine to search engine due to  Search engine ‘s Search results ,criteria and indexing technology .

Fast Indexing of Website on search engine Fast Indexing of Website on search engine 

Seo Optimized website content Get indexed faster and ranked higher in search engine results as compare to no Seo optimized Competitor website .

What happens if my website is not SEO friendly or my Website Seo is not optimized

  • A website whose SEO is not optimized results in less page ranking and its visibility in search engine will be too low and even appear to far from the first page and hence your Website would hardly gets Organic traffic from the search engine .
  • Visibility and Keyword ranking of your website will be less in all popular search engine like Yahoo , Google and bing etc resulting in loss of visitors 
  • Alexa and page ranks of your website would go worst, you website Alexa Rank would go higher while your website page rank will go lower.
  • Sales and earning in your website will drastically reduce since no Seo results in no search engine visitor which means less traffic and less sales .

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