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Recommended WordPress Search Plugins .

Best Search Plugins for WordPress Recommended 

Best Search Plugins for WordPress Recommended WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best website and blogging platforms in the world. The fact that it powers 1 our of every 6 sites on the Internet (at least from the first 10, 000, 000) gives you a clear idea of how many people use it for their online needs on a daily basis. One of the reasons WP is so successful is its impeccable content management system (CMS). However, once you start involving more work into the platform, you realize that the CMS alone is just not enough. Like I said, the excellent CMS is just one of the secrets behind WordPress' astounding popularity, implying that there are more (and indeed there are). Where the system itself lacks the proper means to cover all your needs, you can easily employ the use of the thousands of different plugins readily available for you in the system. Some of the most useful plugins you can find are related to searching. WP's native searches don't always give you the best results of what you're looking for. You can spend several minutes at a time trying to locate something that should be much easier to access. This is where these valuable plugins come into play. They can help you sort out through your documents much easier and much faster than the native system and they can help your viewers find what they're looking for with ease. 

Here are some of my WordPress Search Plugins recommendations.

Search Everything

Search Everything is an excellent plugin. It's a great addition to the native system and gives you tons of options to choose from. Aptly named “Search Everything” it enables you to sort out through your content at the speed of an accelerating bullet. You can search through categories, comments, drafts, tags, pages and more. The utility of the plugin is almost limitless and it shines throughout its many uses. If you need a better sorting tool, then this is just what you're looking for.

Better Search

Whereas Search Everything works more as a complementary tool to your default search engine, Better Search replaces it altogether. Aside from the unimaginative name, Better Search truly is better than your default search. The plugin enables you to search your blog or site based on the content, itself, as well as the titles, and grants you access to much more relevant results than the default search engine ever would. You can choose between content and title in the “weight” of the search. This means that you can choose the priority of the search result to apply to the content or the title. If you're looking for a particular title, it's really easy to find it. If you don't know the title but have an idea of what the content is, then you can use that in the search parameters. Best part it is that it seamlessly integrates within your template.


With a more inspired name and added utility, Relevanssi, just like Better Search is here to replace your default search engine on WP. Also like Better Search, it gives you access to more relevant results and enables you to more easily sort your content out. There are several differences, however. For example, the “fuzzy words” function lets you find keywords based on partial match if the full match isn't found. It's perfect for those occasions when you're not entirely sure what you're looking for. There are also suggestions added when the search engine doesn't recognize a word or a phrase (just like when you're googling something but you make a mistake and Google asks you if you meant something else). It's a rather useful search engine plugin to fit all your needs. 

About Author
Morgan Johnes has many years of experience with WordPress. He works as a web designer and his last work is http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/ . Follow Him at Google +
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Customer Service in a High-Tech World .

Customer Service in a High-Tech World

It’s hard to imagine today’s fast-paced world of customer service without the existence of modern technology. With every new invention the customer/supplier relationship becomes more efficient and cost-effective for both parties. The quality of customer service technology is a reflection of the conduct and professionalism of an entire business, and the shopping experience of consumers is enhanced immeasurably by today’s electronic capability, sometimes without our even realising. Here are a few ways this is happening.

Data Storage and Analytics

Online shopping is now as profitable as in-store sales, if not more so, and is expanding all the time. Storing customers’ purchase history and search activities in a database has proven to be an effective means of engaging with the public while enhancing a business’s own potential.

This practice known as ‘insight driven marketing’ allows online businesses to show how much they value their clientsby targeting them with ideas for future offers that correspond to their prior purchases. In return for this effort, a company hopes to receive customer loyalty.

One company that quickly recognised the importance of this approach is Amazon, which was one of the first sites to use cookie technology for tracking consumer preferences. This specific marketing towards individuals may take longer than publishing a single universally distributed advert, but any additional expense this creates is definitely worth the effort, as statistics show that target marketing has been consistently successful at generating new sales.

Image by New Voice Media
However, if your company requires mass promotion, issuing emails that showcase discount products across a wide spectrum of items is a timeless means of gaining sales.Of course,one aspect of contacting customers this way is knowing when to ease up on the promotional messages. If you bombard people with recommendations you’ll soon find them shopping elsewhere out of annoyance or an understandable belief that you only care about their money rather than illustrating the advantages your products provide.

To develop a better understanding of the effect that such advertisement has on customers, a company can set up a feedback tool on their website which allows customers to express their feelings.Such marketing technology can be found hosted by uservoice.com.

Another effective means of mass advertising is through the use of social media sites,which guarantee that promotional offers will reach a mass audience. A message on a Twitter or Facebook account can transcend individual client targeting. For example, releasing a message offering a 20% discount on all products will reach all of your followers at once, thereby saving you time and money.

Good Technology Means Good Contact

Social media and email capabilities have also made life easier for when customers need to contact retailers. However, businesses must make sure they recruit employees to consistently monitor such contact  they can assure fast response times. Research shows that 79% of the public would rather speak to an actual person than send an email, as they like to be certain their difficulties are received and dealt with.

Establishing a well-organized customer support team ready to engage with customers is vital, and the expense of training and hiring employees will be less costly in the long run, as studies show that auto-respond emails and robotic phone replies make the public feel ignored and patronised, thus resulting in a loss of sales.

Top revent putting callers on hold,allow them to instead leave a voice mail message, as this will at least help ease customer frustrations by giving them the chance to actually feel they are being acknowledged. Just be sure to check these messages frequently. A company with software that provides helpful guidance to customer queries will in return receive customer loyalty and reliability.

Methods of Shopping and Payment

EPOS (Electronic points of Sales) systems have changed customer relations forever, with mobile phone technology becoming a major factor in this. Mobile apps such as Loyalli and Belly are replacing plastic loyalty cards to create greater convenience while reducing the likelihood of loss and damage. Other technological advancements enhancing shopping experiences include the use of self-service iPads in stores, which make for both a convenient and engaging form of customer service.

Making a payment is the next most important part of the customer/supplier relationship so making this an easy experience is vital. High street businesses provide electronic card payment systems while online sales carried out through credit/debit cards or the increasingly more common Paypal which assists customers so they don’t have to provide their bank details to a retailer directly. Paypal is instead a third party that handles all payment hassle.

What technology has most affected your customer service experiences? What kind of high-tech gadgets would like to see more/less of? Comment and have your say below.

About Author
Jessie is a blogger with plenty of customer service experience.Follow Jessie on Google +
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How to Put Restrictions on Usage of Corporate Cell Phones .

How to Put Restrictions on Usage of Corporate Cell Phones 

Mobile tracking android appAn employer has to learn to multi-task when it comes to running a business. You not only have to deal with making sure that your company is earning money, getting and keeping customers, providing great service, having a good reputation but that your employees are happy and doing what they are hired for. When problems arise regarding misuse of company properties, unforeseen expenses or information leakage, it makes for a bigger headache for you. When you provide a cell phone to your staff, you expect that it will be utilized only for business purposes since the business owns it and you are paying for the expense of using it. But that does not always happen as there are so many reasons and temptation to use it for something else. One example is when it gets used for personal calls to friends in other countries. That will generate a usage bill that has to be paid by the company.

What about if your staff is using the phone to communicate with another company and is sending out your company’s confidential information via email? If the employee is resigning, the information on the phone can be used for industrial espionage especially if they are being pirated by another company in the same industry. Your client list can be obtained and passed on to them and you are in danger of a lawsuit because of mishandling of customer information. For businesses that are involved in manufacturing or have designs that you don’t want to get to the public eye until you officially launch it, the risk is higher because your rival company will surely love to get hold of your ideas on a new product or services and use it for their own or modify it and launch it ahead of you. That will mean a tremendous loss for your business not to mention wasted time and effort for developing something that was lost to a rival company.

Even if your employees are only using their company cell phone for accessing social sites, sending text messages or playing games, it is still being done on company property and during office hours. This is a time when they should be working and not getting any distraction. A single text message to a friend may turn into a long conversation that will eat up hours of valuable time. If caught doing this, the employer or HR person has no option but to give a sanction to the employee which in turn will upset them and may lead to a separation either by termination or resignation. Both scenarios can easily be avoided if there is no temptation on the mobile device or if they know it is being monitored.

How do you stop misuse of company issued mobile phones?

When you provide your employees with a mobile phone, install monitoring software on it so you will have access to all the information and activities connected to its use. It is not altogether surprising that more and more employers are utilizing the use of spying software like mSpy in order to keep employees from abusing the privilege of having a company issued phone. After all, it is the company resources and expense that is on the line.

For the security of your business, spying applications for mobile phones like mSpy is very important. You can download and install it to the mobile device prior to giving it to your staff so you are assured that your company information is safe. Having mSpy on the cell phone will grant you access to it at all times no matter what your employees are doing on it. You can see the text messages, hear recordings of incoming and outgoing calls, read emails, view instant messages sent via Skype or WhatsApp, check their browsing history and control the applications being downloaded on the device. Plus, you get a bonus of knowing their exact location via the GPS tracker.

If and when it comes to a point when you need to provide proof that the employee is being remiss in their performance of the job that is assigned to them, mSpy will be your ally. You will be able to show that there are records of text messages, emails and calls that the employee has on the mobile phone which is not used for business purposes. It may not be a good ending for both of you and you may lose that employee but at least you are not going to be a victim or be accused of illegal termination. You can avoid the expense of a lawsuit since your staff knows they won’t have a leg to stand on because you are not only right but you also have the documents to support your position with the help of monitoring software like mSpy.

About Author
Katrin Deres is an enthusiastic blogger, writes on security information security awareness, mobile phone spy software and android spyware. If you want to know more, vsit mSpy twitter page -@mSpycom or follow on Google + ,Facebook
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Proofreading Ways for a More Confident Blogging

Proofreading tips and ways for Bloggers


Bloggers should be good not just in providing topics their readers would read and love. They should also be good in spelling, grammar, punctuation, organization and consistency when they write. Mistakes with those elements can indicate little effort and skill in writing blogs as well as poor and unreliable posts to the readers.

Some tips on how to proofread for a more confident blogging


#1 Don't rely on computer's spelling and grammar checker

First thing most bloggers and writers do is to check their works with their computer's spelling and grammar checker. Professional editors don't depend on it for they believe that it is not consistent and might skip minor even the major errors. Relying on spell checker can make the editing process easier but doesn't promise good result.

#2 Read your writing in another reader's perspective

Reading a writing objectively makes someone critically assess it. If you read your writing as though you didn't write it can help you pin point errors the moment you read it.

#3 Consider the audience

You write for your readers and you should proofread what you wrote for them too. One good thing about proofreading and editing is that authors get the chance to go back to filling the information they may have missed for their audience.

#4 Keep references nearby

Writing and editing references such as books, dictionaries and thesaurus need to be always accessible not only when you write and edit but also during free time. Remember that you are a writer/blogger that needs continuous learning and mastering the writing and editing rules.

#5 Have someone read your work

If you have a friend that is also into writing and blogging, ask him to read and give feedback regarding your work. It is better if he knows good from bad writings so you can have trusty suggestions you will apply to the post. Bloggers already practice this. This way, they just don't help each other. They also develop their proofing skills.

#6 Allot enough time in proofreading your post

Slow down. It is not advisable to hurry when reviewing your work. The result of the editing process will always depend on the effort you put in it. Spend an amount of time reading your work and checking for errors to ensure that you don't skip any flaw. If you do this, you will feel more confident in publishing your post.

The reason you are blogging is to share information. The more readers find your post clear and reliable, the more they will read your blog and the more confident and successful blogger you will become.

About Author
Jennifer Joplin is a part of the research and writing team at help.plagtracker. She loves to research and read articles from authority websites where she can develop her writing skill. 
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Eight Twitter Tools to Improve Your Business and Enhance Your Online Presence

8 Twitter tools that help grow business 


Twitter management tools come into play when you need to make your social media presence as effective and as manageable as possible.Twitter is a great platform for you to communicate with potential clients and help build a relationship. Use the listed tools to help improve on your twitter growth and your social media presence.

 Twitter Tools  to Improve Your Business

1. Buffer

This is a simple tool that schedules your tweets for posting at optimal times which are well spaced throughout the day. It does have a straight forward analytic tool that assists in determining the number of clicks received, retweets and the effectiveness of your tweets. One can get great analytics on your tweets, this helps in determining what your followers love or do not out of the content being shared as well as the most active session during your weekly tweets.

2. Bit.ly

It is a link shortening tool that allows you to access a dashboard where a track of data being published across all the social media platforms is kept. Bit.yl shows the number of clicks made and the geographic data of your audience. This tool aids in the measuring of the effectiveness of your social media presence. Get to customize and set up the URL you wish to use throughout your campaign period, this makes it easier and clearer for visitors to know where they are directed to. It allows you to know the platforms and browsers that individuals used to check out your content.

3. Twitter counter

It offers basic analytics and graphs for your twitter stats for the last three months by keeping a track record of recent followers and visitors to your site. It has a feature that sorts by hourly or monthly and can predict the number of followers you will get after a certain period of time. The tool has a number of buttons and widgets that individuals can add to their websites, social network profiles and blogs that shows the recent twitter visits and number of followers. Apart from that it has four thousand widgets that are generated on a daily basis on thousands of websites and has both a free and premium version package.

4. Tweroid

Get to determine the right time for sharing tweets so as to attract a huge audience. Tweriod analyses your brands followers’ activity and works out the time for tweeting when others are listening hence helps you to plan and schedule your content. The tool maximizes on your followers clicks and is free to use for basic analysis, it takes a couple of minutes to send you a full report to your email once an analysis has been made.

5. HootSuite

It is a popular tool amongst social media elites that allows you to launch and update tweets in multiple social accounts like twitter, LinkedIn, face book, Google+, MySpace and others social sites from one dashboard or website. It offers a free version that hosts up to five social profiles and a proversion for unlimited social profiles that has enhanced analytics. The tool has a feature that manages the content set-up to go out and what has been viewed, and has a RSS feed to help you automatically update your social accounts. It helps to keep your social networking organized and both versions have the ability to shrink links down, easily research profiles, analytics, publish contents for later and organize lists into groups.

6. SocialBro

SocialBro is a top most effective tool which monitors performance, analyses twitter followers and gives great insights about your marketing campaign. It has real time analysis that gives information about individual active users and those that have tweeted within the last ten minutes. This allows you to see your top 100 followers that helpto give you an optimum time to tweet during the week and day when your audience is listening. It manages your unfollowers data so as to keep the twitter followers/following ratio down. Get to see the language of your followers’ tweets, the time zone, region of tweets, number of followers, frequency of followers and number of tweets sent by your followers. This assists in the boosting of your twitter marketing by having an insight of what content is more relevant to your viewers. Get started on the tool by using the Google chrome browser by installing it as a browser tool from the chrome web store and later on create an account. Go ahead and link it onto your twitter profile account so as to allow it synchronize your current followers in order for you to view your results.

7. Commun.it

This is a relationship management and lead discovery that allows you track the growth of your twitter page. It has features that assists you with the management of your twitter account which is followers, groups, relationships, monitors engagement and discover new leads. Get to receive a selection of individuals deemed to be influential that you need to follow and a potential list that you should be un following. One can see their progression by using a communication engagement report that shows the number of tweets and retweets. The tool allows you todiscover new leads on twitter by the use of keywords that is relevant for your audience.

8. Followerwonk

This tool is a bio search feature that allows you to analyze, search, track and compare. It allows you to get an insight of who your followers are, place of location and their time of tweeting. The tool will help youcompare users inorder to know who you should be targeting and see your followers competition. This is a powerful resource that shows you influential followers that youneed followingyour brand. Analyzing your tweeter handle will give you the right time to tweet and retweet data which is based on your audience location and the time they tweet.One can look at the competitors’ followers using this tool and get to contact them or reach out to them through twitter or via a personal website.

These are the most important tools for your business. If you are looking for more tools, then I highly recommend you to visit below source. They are regularly updating their page with new Twitter tools which comes in market

About Author
Sarah of Webhostinggenius has sponsored many articles to new papers, media and other popular blogging sites. Follow her at @twitter@googleplus@facebook!!
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Social Media Role for Promoting business .

Social Media has played in important role for promoting business globally

What initially began as a meeting ground for old friends and family, has today taken shape of one of the most complex business organisms in the world. The social bug that has been bugging people for ages is now digital.Social media has mushroomed from being a simple tool for connection to much more complicated and well built platform for commercial communication. Whether it is marketing or branding, with social media you can do just about everything.

Why is social media so helpful?

Statistics indicate that approximately 94% of companies with a department for marketing have actively used social media for their promotion. This is primarily because of the wide ranging visibility and low costs involved.

Amongst marketing pioneers, one can say that about 60% are using social media marketing not just as a side promotion but as a mainstream work profile. People are specially being employed who have social media skills and can undertake social media activities with ease.

Social media is also the hungriest online facility these days. It takes up at least 10 hours a week of the majority of the population ranging between 20 to 29 years. People hang out on social media not only for fun, but with specific agendas, like shopping or even looking for a job.

Over half the companies that have used social media as a fixed marketing strategy for more than 2 years have reported a steady increase in their overall sales. This is because more and more people are able to view you as an entrepreneur and get reviews about you simultaneously.

It helps any customer to be able to go ahead with their purchase or even create an impression about the company in concern by analysing their pro activeness and concurrent reviews gotten by their fellows.

Which platforms are the reigning ones?

Considering the spillage of social media today, I guess any web developer plans on starting his own little network. However, there are three industry biggies which no one has so far been able to challenge.  It is evident that if you are regular in your promotional activities in these three social media fronts, there is no way you can lag behind. They are:

Google Plus

Although the search engine is the most trusted one, they have been able to make their mark on the social front as well. Google Plus offers a ‘promote’ feature that enables you to customise your promotional page as per your requirements.


The undisputed champion in the field of networking is Facebook. It has gained its popularity because it is so simple. It lets you portray yourself in the best possible way and allows others to show if they like you or not. You can put pictures, videos; create fan pages and much more with Facebook.


Another international social networking platform is twitter. It allows people to view short messages (140 characters). This enables entrepreneurs to use it as a tool to share latest news and other interesting topics. You can set trends with hash tags and carry out many interesting promotional activities.

About Author
Jill Elliott is a veteran blogger with a keen interest in information technology. She is currently associated with eSiteworld as an SEO expert handling business promotion through social marketing.
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How to Improve Your WordPress Site Loading time .

 How to Inprove Loading Speed of a Wordpress Site

When it comes to visiting a website, patience is definitely not users' number on priority. Very often they tend to get captivated with lightning speed websites since they save their precious time and don't push their nerves to the edge. If you don't manage to increase the loading speed of your website, then you shouldn't expect people to come back. This is one of the binding rules of website optimization. But how can you deal with this problem? How can you satisfy your visitors' needs, attract more customers and get on the top of Google's ratings? Here is a short list of some useful tips on how to do this.

Ways to Increase Wordpress Loading speed

1. Optimize your images

Image optimization is our first suggestion. Optimizing your images will help you fasten your website, making it much more attractive for web users. How to do that? First of all - get rid of the excess white space around your graphics. For the padding around your graphic, you can use CSS. Also, it is very important to choose the best format for each of your graphics and images. For the less colourful ones, you don't have to use the biggest file size. However, don't go too far. Some colourful and detailed graphics and pictures require a larger size. In short, always consider the size of you images very carefully. Another great idea is to use JPG. Many people are not aware of the fact that it has an option called 'Progressive' mode. Although it increases the overall size of the image, it reduces the resolution and creates multiple copies of it, making it appear much faster on the screen.

2. Use CSS wisely and compressed

First of all, let us get you familiar with the overall concept of this abbreviation. CSS or, as you probably know it, Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language. Basically, it is used for describing the look and formatting of a document, written in a markup language. Reducing the CSS file size is one of the most effective ways to increase the loading speed of your website.  CSS Sprites, for example, are considered as one of the best ways for reducing the number of image requests. CSS Sprites allow you to  combine multiple images into one single image. 

3. What about Javascripts

Don't put all of your javascripts at the head section. This way you will block everything else and your visitors will always get the feeling that your website is slow. Another great idea is to use the so called 'javascript compressor'. It is considered as one of the most effective ways to increase the loading speed of your website. 

4. Cache your pages

Our last suggestion is caching. Using it will help you optimize your website and reduce its loading speed. All you need to do is allow the browsers of your customers to have a basic framework of your website. Page caching will significantly decrease the pressure on your server. 
Hot Tip :  For WordPress (or other CMS applications ) you can also take advantage of one of those ready-to-go caching plugins. 

About Author
Morgan Johnes is a passionate blogger, writer and web designer. He currently works in the support team of bestcleanerslondon and he loves his job.
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How Social Media Can Influence Your Ranking.

 How Social Media Can Influence Your Ranking

Social Media

Social media can help you connect with your audience in a more organic and personal way than traditional advertising. It gets your customers to interact with you and get to know you while also building trust and loyalty! Not only that, but it also has an impact on the big search engines like Google. The more social media interactions you have, the easier your website is to find. This means that it’s important to make social networking part of your everyday marketing efforts in order to boost your SEO. Here are a few ways you can do it!

Ways to Improve Your Website Audience

Boost Your Twitter Followers

Google keeps an eye on how many people are following or talking about you on Twitter. This means that you will have a much higher SEO ranking if you have a higher level of influence on Twitter. Spend some time each day interacting with your followers. Follow new people and get involved in conversations with people in your industry. If you’re located in Pennsylvania, you could research Pennsylvania SEO to get some ideas about what other people are doing to boost their SEO.

Get Your Customers to Review You on Yelp

If your customers really love what you do, they’ll likely be excited to leave you a review on Yelp. The more positive reviews you get, the higher you will be ranked on search engines like Google. You can use social media to ask your customers to review you on Yelp. It’s likely that the ones who love your services will be more likely to leave a review.

Build a Google+ Profile 

If you don’t already have one, you should build a Google+ profile right away! The more interactions you have on Google+, the more likely your chances are of getting a higher ranking on Google. Not only do they look at how often you use your account, but they also rank you by how many people you are adding and what you are sharing. Google ranks not only by frequency of interaction but also by “quality.” They do this to make sure that activities are legitimate, and not spam. You should post frequently but only post content that is interesting and relevant to your brand or industry.

Get a Facebook Page

Everyone is on Facebook, but your company should have its very own page. This will boost your search rankings. Google pays attention to how many people share and like your page and what you post. The more fresh content you post, the higher your rankings will be. You don’t want to let these numbers slip down, as your SEO will slip as well!

“Check In” on Facebook and Foursquare

Location is an important part of Google’s search algorithms. Facebook and Foursquare both allow users to check in to locations. The more people check in to your physical address, the higher you will pop up in SEO rankings. Even if your users don’t actually go to your physical address, you can still link it to your profiles to boost your SEO.

Remember, SEO and social media are inextricably linked, so be sure that you are using social media to your advantage.  It will help you in getting the highest possible SEO ranking for your business!

About Author
Courtney Gordner  is a blogger and journalist with a passion for socail media and all things internet  Read more at her blog, www.talkviral.com  ,Twitter : https://twitter.com/CourtGordner
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Harmful Schemes That Can Threaten Your Computer and Mobile .

Harmful Schemes That Can Threaten Your Computer and Mobile

Mobile Security
Image Credit : how-to.t-mobile.com

Do you know there are  enormous of threats and viruses that can Harm you mobile and Computer

It doesn’t matter if you are a Windows or a Mac user, we all face the same risks when it comes to computer security. Without a good protection it’s just a matter of time when some dangerous virus or other malicious software will attack our computer and threaten to destroy all of our personal and business information. 

We are all aware of the fact that computers or mobile phones cannot endanger themselves, and all the risk comes from the actions a user takes. This is way most cyber criminals will try to make you do actions with your computer you probably didn’t plan to do in the first place. The most common way to do this is to make you open an attachment that came in an email. By doing this you will release a virus and let it infect your computer. 

What do computer viruses do?

There are a number of things a virus can do to your computer or mobile phone. It can affect your device to such extent that it will become completely unresponsive, and the only way to get rid of it is to reset your computer to factory settings. This will of course mean that you will lose all information stored on the hard disk. 

What do phishing emails do

Phishing scams are very popular for obtaining personal information from users. In order to get to your data, cyber criminals will need you to enter them yourself. To convince you to do that they can send you an email from some company you have an account with. Usually these emails ask you to confirm your username, passwords or some other information, and when you enter them you’re actually giving them to a criminal that send an email in the first place. If this email appeared to be from your credit card company you might give your banking details to a criminal and soon find out that you bank account has been cleared or that someone used your credit card for unauthorized purchases. It’s very important to always keep in mind that no company that already has your personal information will ask you for them again. 

With the advance in new technologies mobile phones are becoming more and more vulnerable to these attacks so protecting your phone is as important as protecting your computer. Since smartphones are much easier to forget, lose or get stolen, your personal information and banking data if unprotected could easily become used by someone else. If someone gets in hold of your phone he will have the access to information that can bring you serious consequences or enable him to access all your bank accounts

That’s way mobile tracking solutions like mSpy are a great way to protect your phone. Cell phone monitoring apps let you see all actions on a targeted phone and enables you to remotely access it. If you happen to lose your phone or if it’s stolen you can use such software to remotely lock it, send a message to a person that took it or even remotely delete all information stored on the phone. This app is also a great way to protect your children’s phones from virus attacks. Since they don’t take online security and responsibility as serious as adults do, you can use mobile tracking tool to monitor their internet activities and block web sites you think can damage their phone, delete dangerous emails and much more.

About Author
Amanda writes about mobile security solutions and works for mobile tracking technology advancement for mSpy. You can find more at https://twitter.com/mSpycom , Amanda also loves reviewing mobile apps for kids safety
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What A Web Hosting Should Be Able To Provide .

What A Web Hosting Should Be Able To Provide

If you're running a business in the 21st century, then odds are your company has a website and also you are paying for web hosting services. However, there is no guarantee that you're getting the best services for your money. The question is what should a good web hosting company be able to provide?

Features of  Good Web Hosting Companies


First and foremost, your web hosting company should be reliable and have a good reputation. In this day and age, checking a company's reputation isn't difficult which favors us, the customers, a lot. This is really important because you have to be sure that the company will keep their side of the deal and that you're not simply paying for services you're not fully receiving or are not absolutely satisfied with. This is maybe the most important factor which is why it's paramount that you do proper research before you choose.


Some companies like to overcharge. You should really avoid them if you don't want to pay more than you have to. There is a lot of competition in web hosting so it's not like you don't have any choice in the matter. Research well and make sure that you're getting the best bang for your buck. Otherwise you might end up throwing money at a company that isn't really doing anything to earn them. I think I need to clarify here that if a company offers better services, it's OK to pay more. But there are those offer the same services as everyone else, but for more money. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because it's more expensive it has to be better.

Up Time

You need for your site to be up all the time. Of course, down times are inevitable, whether because of unforeseen causes or simply routine maintenance, but you need to make sure that those down times are more of an exception than a rule. There are many web hosting companies that don't have a proper server maintenance so your site will be down quite a lot. Avoid them. This is really important because it can directly hurt your business.


Down times are unavoidable, yes, but when they occur, you want to be able to call tech support and have someone doing something about it. A good web hosting provider would have impeccable tech support 24/7 so even if something happens, the issue can be quickly resolved. On this note I would like to specify that even if you're not paying too much to your provider, this is still a service and if there is a problem with the services, you have the right to demand the problem be fixed. Don't be shy. If you do your research properly before you choose, everything should work fine for you and your site.

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