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Social Media Marketing – Skyrocket your Online Business Growth!

Social Media Marketing – Skyrocket your Online Business Growth!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the new marketing “buzz” that has already made its presence felt in the online marketplace. If you’re using this marketing technique then you’re no stranger to the powers that it renders to online marketers. Before taking a deep dive into understanding the role of social media marketing in online business, let’s first understand – the concept of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Needs Great Efforts

Newbie’s entering the stratosphere of social media marketing generally believe that merely posting a few blog entries, or acquiring a good number of “hits” and “likes” on the social networks can make them a brand in the social landscape, and thereby can help their business to thrive. However, in reality, social media marketing needs a lot more than the above discussed beliefs and rather needs careful planning and dedication. 

Online marketers having years of experience in the social marketplace is well-versed with the tactics that let them harness the power of social media marketing.

 Let’s have a quick look at some of the aspects that you need to keep in mind while planning your social media technique:

  • Listening to audience expectations.
  • Share your relevant business message.
  • Allow others to share your business message. 
  • Leverage social media tools such as online polls, social sign-in/sign-up, Facebook, twitter etc.

Role of Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) in Online Business 

Social Media Marketing

Social media aids marketers to proliferate their business by communicating with customers in a highly relaxed state. How? Let’s have a look at the ways how social media marketing can skyrocket your business growth.

Social Media – Bridging the Gap

Marketing via communication is a great strategy that helps in establishing strong relationship between clients and customers that is bound to strengthen in the long run. Social media has played a major role in bridging the gap between the business owners and their customers by allowing two-way conversation, helping them come face-to-face over the diverse social media channels or networks.  

Interactive Marketing

Marketers can link their social media networks to create an interactive marketing campaign. For an instance, you can link your Facebook page to your business website, personal blog page and so on that is running some sort of promotion. If your customers find your links interesting, they will most likely click on the links and will be directed to your social media account where they can get complete information about the promotion. Simply put, apart from adding videos or blog posts, you can also link your social accounts to promote your business. 

Increase Exposure

If you wish to be found among top ranking websites on the major search engines, all you need is to enhance your online presence on the web world. This is where social media fits your bill. Social media via powerful marketing channels provides users with sharing capabilities, personal interaction, and access to several other users working/interested in the same domain like you. Thereby, it bestows businesses the knack to publicize their products among people present on the social landscape. Thus, social media let you build new relationships outside your office premises with people spread across the world.

Develop Massive Dedicated Customer Base 

It has been observed that people enjoy and prefer being part of an interactive community. In simple words, forming an emotional alliance with your target audience through online community forums can prove to be a potent branding force for your business. And social media offers in building virtually boundless long-term relationship. Seeing social media from marketing perspective delivers businesses good chances to build a huge community of devoted and active customers. What’s more? Even some studies have shown that new-age consumers often make purchases from businesses having an active social network such as a Facebook page, compared to those who don’t. 
Social Media Marketing

Besides, with over 1 billion Facebook users around the world, there is a massive audience base available to search for your business related products and/or services, to view your posts. Just think of it! Catching the attention of a portion among these users, can let you make huge market share. 

Summing Up!

Social media marketing has today become a valuable asset for marketers that can lead them to success in their social endeavors, so if you haven’t involved social media in your marketing campaign you’re missing a lot of opportunities to expand your presence in the online space.  Aforementioned are few reasons that will help you understand the tremendous role of social media that it’s playing in the online business world today.

About Author
Lucie Kruger is a tech savvy writer who works for a leading Android Application Development Agency.You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Android App Developer .
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Major Link Building Strategies That Bloggers Must Follow

Major Link Building Strategies That Bloggers Must Follow

Link building is one of the main component of online marketing; it is the best way to show any website, web page or blog in front of right audience.

New blogger always face some difficulties, most of the newbie blogger fails as they cannot plan a strategy for their blog. If you are newbie in blogging confused about which link building strategy will be good in year 2014, then this post certainly will help you.

Year 2013 witnessed two major Google algorithm change viz several Google Penguin update and hummingbird algorithm change. Google is now being strict to the spamming techniques of link building; things have been now changed in link building. To success your website in year 2014 you need to follow the right things.

Nothing has been changed for Google; Building backlinks for your website/blog is still the no.1 method of getting top ranking in major search engines. The only thing which has been changed is the way of detecting spamming methods of link building strategy, all the algorithm update is just for providing users the best search experience.

5 Safe Ways that you must follow to Build Links

1. Relevancy as new Page Rank


We have heard many times that link building is dead viz not true, the right way is to build the links, with relevancy of your website and other on which you are taking a link back.
Matt Cutts made that clear:
“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover [how relevant or important somebody is], and maybe over time social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”
As the Google hummingbird algorithm releases now relevancy is the most important thing which you must include in your 2014 link building strategy.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest post

Does guest posting still one of the most important things of getting quality? My answer is always yes.
I was scrolling to my Facebook news feed suddenly a new grabs my attention "Google is denying guest bloggers.”. I thought for a while and start my research on this topic, after reading some good topics I have made a small conclusion on guest blogging:

(a) Publish your amazing relevant content to authorized site.

(b) Always check website page rank, alexa and Domain authority before publishing you Guest post.

(c) Promote your live guest post to relevant audience viz social media or content curation websites.

(d) Interact with your visitors.

The author bio section in the guest blog gives author opportunity to link back his/her blog.

3. Participate in Discussion Forums:

Group Discussion

Forums are good source of getting high quality backlinks; there are many high quality discussion forums on the internet. Always take part in latest discussion and as mentioned above relevancy is must to get high quality backlinks.

Most of the forum sites provide links in the signature as well as in the body of post, always be careful with building links from forums website.

4. Infographics

Infograhic is the best option to engage you visitors and attract decent amount of traffic on your blog. You must be wondering how infographic can provide you a quality backlinks.

Create amazing infographic with data source embedded your blog links, so that whenever someone else use that embed code on their website to share your infographic it’ll give you a link back.

5. High Quality Directory Submission

Directory submission

This is one of the oldest, evergreen and never ended SEO method of building quality backlinks. Submit your blog on high quality directory website with proper title and descriptions, to get approve in the directory website always choose the right category and then submit to it.

Link Building Strategies Conclusion

There is no shortcut of link building, you cannot play trick to fool Google. Link building procedure is hard and time consuming, but to achieve your goals you need to work hard. If you follow good link building strategy then you will get the best result.

About Author

Arbaaz Khan is a tech savvy writer, he is also the owner of Tech Plus Reviews. Writing is his stress-reliever and he strives to do his best in the said craft. Follow Arbaaz Khan is also on Google +  Facebook
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Ten Ways Law Firms Can Convert Visitors into new Clients

Ten Ways How Law Firms Can Convert Visitors into new Clients

All businesses need to have a website in order to attract new customers quickly and easily. The quality of the website and the content on it will have a large impact on whether these visitors will become clients. All law firms need a professional looking and sounding website in order to survive these days. Just take a look at the top ten ways law firms can convert the visitors to their website into clients.

   Ten Ways Law Firms can Convert Visitors into new Clients

1. Attracting more Visitors

You will want to attract as many visitors as possible to your site to try and increase the numbers of customers that you have. It's possible to build customer numbers in quite a few ways, but the best is by using SEO techniques. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique where you write content which contains certain keywords and upload them to your site and other article sharing sites. This will make your site look more important and the links to your site will also be favored by search engines like Google. 

Just attracting more visitors won't be enough though. You could attract millions of visitors, but if you have an awful website then this could make people click straight off and choose someone else.

2. Look Professional

As a law firm you are a professional company and so you should behave as one. If your website is made using a lot of clip-art, animated gifs and fairly amateur looking graphics then think again. This will make you look like a backstreet shady company, even if you're not. You need a professional looking site which will help you to compete with the big boys. Fortunately web design isn't that expensive these days. 

3. Have good Content

A website might look great, but it is still no good to visitors if it doesn't provide any content. Try to come up with questions that most people would have when contacting your company and write articles about them. Upload them on your site for people to read through. If a person has a particular question they may search for this and come across your site. By answering questions you can appear as more of an authority figure which will make your business much more trustworthy and people are more likely to become your clients.

4. Offer Advice

As a lawyer you are probably very busy and don't have much spare time to offer advice for free. It might seem counter productive but it can actually grow your site and attract lots of customers. Register on one of the many legal discussion forums on the Internet. If anyone posts a question which is in your area of expertise then post a reply. Your reward for this will be good karma, and also the ability to leave a link back to your site. Plus, what's more by actually being a helpful lawyer you are appearing as more human and so people will be more likely to become a client of yours.

5. Blog

Blogs are everywhere these days, but they aren't just for individuals. Businesses can actually build up a good following using a blog on their own site. Start coming up with weekly or monthly blog topics and writing articles on them. Post them to your site to try and attract more customers which could become clients.

6. PPC Advertising

If you have built a great site and want a quick and easy way to attract new customers then you might like to try PPC adverts. These are also known as Pay Per Click ads and can be useful. Basically, instead of paying every time an ad is displayed, you only pay when someone clicks on it. This should make them more likely that they will become a client because they are interested in your services. Jut make sure you set limits when using PPC ads otherwise you could end up spending a fortune. Popular PPC programs include Google Adwords.

7. Talk to your Past Clients

One of the best ways to get new clients is to ask for referrals. Hopefully you have lots of satisfied clients, why not try to contact these and ask them for a testimonial. You could also try offering them an incentive for them recommending you to their friends and family. This is quite an inexpensive way of getting new clients.

8. Social Networking

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be very useful for businesses. Try setting an account up on each of these and ask your past clients to follow you on both sites. This will increase your profile and also show off how many satisfied customers you have. Twitter is also quite a useful platform to quickly resolve any problems.

9. Checking your Site

You will need to spend some time checking that you are happy with your site. Check everything is correct, when you are happy it's worthwhile having someone else go over it for you too. This way you can get an idea of what your visitors will think of your site.

10. Looking at your Visitors

Set up Google Analytic's on your site as an easy way to look at how your visitors are finding your site. You will be able to see where they are coming from, what search terms they used, and also where in the world they are visiting from. This will give you valuable knowledge to help refine your marketing strategies.

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

About Author
Billy Camryn's profile photoBilly Camryn is an online consultant for DUI Attorneys Carson City. He likes blogging about Legal issues, Business law, SEO and Internet Marketing Tips.

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Why Cloud Computing ? Its Pros and Cons .

Why Cloud Computing is a Necessary

cloud computingThe way we use the technology has become History now. Every day we see something new being shown up in terms of technology for us to be beneficial. Every company and an Individual are using tens of thousands of Apps to carry their works in these days. 

Using Hardware and software in companies to carry forward their work on their own has become outdated. The most sophisticated technology called Cloud computing has taken the place of that and simplified the process of setting up the Hardware and software of companies. The cloud has transformed the way we run the companies and businesses these days. Imagine, the convenience of having everything like, Servers, Applications, Storage / Data, Virtual OS and Software Platform altogether at “one place”! Astonishing is it? Yes, that one sophisticated technology is called “Cloud Computing”.

Biggest companies also prefer to adapt the Cloud computing technology for all their essential works. There are companies like Salesfoce.com are keeping up with this technology of cloud computing to provide the cloud computing as a “Service” too many companies. It takes the responsibility to update technology and security to give an assurance to all the big companies to avail the service with complete security. There are Apps and Tools available on the Cloud to Test Phone Applications to Web Applications in a wider range. One such thing available one the Cloud is called PurpleStrike RT, this Real Time (RT) load tester is a turnkey performance testing service on the cloud with intuitive user interface. The advantage of this is you can automate real applications and run web applications from real browsers to generate real time load scenarios. 

cloud computing architecture

Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloud Computing

Pros of Cloud Computing

Most of the companies are going “cloud” as a reason that they don’t have to set up a separate software and hardware to run the Apps and Tools on their own. This in turn will reduce the cost of all the hardware, software and maintenance of it. Moreover, it has become easier for companies to scale up or scale down the usability of Apps in a flexible manner through cloud. The usage of Apps has become easier and flexible that, we only have to open up the browser and by means of “Internet”, the Apps will be easily accessed and used in an instant as per our convenience. 

Most of the companies have started using services like customer relationship management CRM through “Cloud Computing” which doesn’t just have an “easy access” but rather more secured and maintenance free option for companies in terms of “Expenditure of companies”. 

The technical aspects of Cloud Computing has opened up numerous ways to Tech Giants to explore their own products by means of putting altogether at “one place”. This simple form of the idea has been transformed into “The most adapted technology” among the Technical world nowadays.

Imagine The Flexibility of “accessing anything from anywhere”. The employees don’t necessarily be at the working place but rather they get access of every tools and software on the Cloud to work at. The Companies no longer have the necessity to employ the workers at office and consequently, the expenditure for Large Office setups and commutation facilities will be reduced enormously.

Cons of Cloud Computing

Like every other technology, The Advanced technology like Cloud computing will also have its cons. One of disadvantages of Cloud computing is the nature of dysfunction at times. As we all know that, it has all the great convenience and accessibility of things on the internet, hackers will always be on the look to harm the data present on the Cloud. Perhaps, it is presumption that needs to be taken care seriously so as to avoid such things.

Undoubtedly, it proves to be one of the Great strengths and benefit to the companies and individuals. It may also turn out to be Harm if not used properly and securely.

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

About Author
My name is Basheer Ahmed ; I am passionate about writing Tech Blogs and Articles. I am working for MSys Technologies as a Senior Content Writer. 
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Android Apps Development Tips and Tricks

The Android App Development Tips and Tricks

Android wallpaper
With the increasing usage of Smartphones, the research in the field of App Development has become More than essential. When it comes to App development, the most user friendly and sophisticated platform is an Android App development which in turn has become the most sought Platform.

Despite the fact, there are hundreds of thousands of apps being developed every day. There has always been a look for betterment in terms of support of the plugins and functionally or performance altogether. There are ways to improve the way we use the Apps and its performance. The first and foremost thing one should keep in mind when and if it comes to the functionality and technical supporting criteria is Testing the Apps thoroughly by means of the best App testing tools available in the market. Testing the Apps’ functionality, performance, speed and its user interface would definitely help us to give the Best App altogether on the market. So is the Popularity and the usage of it among the users.

There is one testing tool available in the market for testing the Android Apps specifically is Testdroid. This has not just proven its effectiveness and perfection of testing apps, but in turn it gives a result oriented healthy apps for Android devices. Not just this, there are many such sophisticated tools available in the market for this purpose. Namely, Google Mobilizer, MobiReady, Mobitaz and so on.

As a personal user of Android phones, I have come across many issues related to Apps such as its speed, performance, functionality and the design overall. Developers should always keep in mind that they should develop the apps from the users’ perspective. This way, the hitches of such will be reduced to a greater level. 

Android App Development Tricks

Android Apps Development
As long as the Tricks are concerned, one thing which most of the developers and users itself look for is a “jailbreak” for Smartphones. The term jailbreaking means breaking out the limitations of the phone into a next level. This is one of the major things which techies keen about. It is an advancement in terms of customizing your phone as it gives the opportunity to free it from the limitations imposed on it by the carrier. 

The Advantage of Jailbreaking a phone is, it lets you do everything from customizing the look of your phone to installing third-party applications and ringtones on it. As we all know that there are disadvantages along with every advantage. Once a Phone is done with the jailbreaking, it will be on its own. Perhaps, the customization of phone with third party applications may damage or can even disable the phone.

More importantly, the Data usage of an App plays a major role in terms of its performance and growth of the Users. Certain Apps will be with the maximum data usage, which in turn will make the user go for an alternative eventually. This is a Negative for any App as the developers should be keen on keeping a limited data usage to download their Apps. As a matter of fact, it has been witnessed that the lighter Apps would run faster and error free comparing to the heavier one. 

The bottom line, Apps that are always on the readiness to fulfill the needs of the users’ and match with their expectations will always stand as the Best and familiar one.

About Author
My name is Basheer Ahmed ; I am passionate about writing Tech Blogs and Articles. I am working for MSys Technologies as a Senior Content Writer. 
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Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting .

Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting

If you are running your small business successfully then you must know about the shared hosting. But I am still reviewing the comparison between shared hosting and VPS hosting. Not only choosing a right web hosting brand is required, but there are still some additional features required to choose a proper web hosting plan. 

Shared Hosting Vs VPS HostingSo, the types of hosting which are available are shared hosting (the lowest level), VPS hosting and Dedicated servers hosting. So, guys for a progressive success rate, you need to grow with time and so should be your business. 

So stepping up from the lower level to a higher level, should be a compulsive step. So, if your domain experiences a good quantitative and stable traffic and it is not increasing further, then it means that you need to upgrade to a further level i.e. from shared web hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Servers). 

Definitely, VPS hosting is better than shared hosting. So, I am putting some highlights on the two types of hosting and their features. So have a look. 

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting, as the name suggests, lets the users to share a common server and thus users get the services at cheaper price. It is thus beneficial for the newcomers who don’t have much investment to start with. 

Advantages of Shared Plans

  • Affordable - Off course, shared plans are more affordable. We can get a shared plan with a setup price of $2 - $4 per month. So, it is an affordable price. 
  • No Technical Knowledge Required - Since, the shared hosting lets the users to rely or depend on them completely, there is not much technical required to run blog. 
  • Huge Storage Space- Storage space of a website in shared plan can be extended by requested further more. 

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • You have limited number of tools.
  • The server crashes often and is slow in speed. 
  • The customer support at the lowest level is also not much effective. 

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are a kind of virtual servers which are not the full servers but a portion of server is dedicated to you only. So, for more flexibility and features, you always need more reliable solutions. Such a solution is VPS hosting

So, it is very important to upgrade to the VPS plan from the shared plan if you have a huge traffic. 

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • There will be huge bandwidth and huge disk usage space. 
  • You have higher flexibility and higher speed. 
  • You get experience of more secured hosting which is protected from viruses and malwares.
  • You have better customer support than shared plans. So, your problems will be listened with higher priority and will be solved earlier. 

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • You require a little technical knowledge for using VPS hosting. 
  • Some of the features cause error in the virtual environment of this hosting. 
  • Vps hosting is costlier then Shared web hosting
So, now I think you have got the comparison between shared hosting and VPS hosting.

About Author
Money Arora's profile photoManpreet Arora is Passionate blogger ( Btech in ECE branch from LLRIET, Moga (Punjab) . He like to Blogging for Helping people over the internet , You can call him Internet Entrepreneur .Read more about  him at Money Arora
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How Infographics Can Benefit Your Blog.

How Infographics Can Benefit Your Blog

InfographicsSuccessful blogs often emphasize concise, easy-to-read content that maintains a reader’s interest beyond the introductory sentence. Blog posts should not read like novels, or readers may lose interest quickly. It’s not so much the word count of posts that matters; the approach of the author can significantly influence bounce rates and reader engagements. Creating a new paragraph every few sentences and using interesting subheadings to break up content are some examples of stylistic approaches that work in catering to readability. In addition, Infographics offer a number of reader-friendly benefits, including those below:

Pros (Benefit  ) of Infographic blogging for your blog

Statistical Data Becomes More Concise

To prove a point or reassert a recent discovery, bloggers often call upon statistical data. Unfortunately, most readers are not scientists or lawyers, so they may not be accustomed to reading complex statistics in textual form. Instead, bloggers can use infographics to find a perfect medium between textual data and visual representation. Bloggers can use tools like Piktochart and Visual.ly to create infographics that are uniquely tailored to their blog. Since the tools are mostly easy to use, no artistic inclination is required.

Social Sharing Becomes More Abundant

One way blogs develop followers and increase their visibility on search engines is by having others link to their blog posts. By incorporating infographics into a blog post, bloggers increase the likelihood that their posts will be shared on social media. Most social media is reflective of quickly digestible content. Infographics align with that ideology, making it easy to see why an image preview showing infographicsis likely to pique the interest of a Facebook user. As an added benefit, using infographics as a viral tool is perceived more positively by Google’s search algorithms, as opposed to spam-oriented link building techniques.

Brand Awareness Is Increased

It can be a tough task to raise awareness for a brand with text alone. Pitching a brand to others using an exclusively textual approach can result in severe limitations, ranging from lacking one-on-one personality to easy-to-read data. Infographics eliminate both potential weaknesses by quickly informing others about the usefulness of a brand or product by showcasing what void it fills through data and research. Infographics make data stand out, as opposed to existing solely in the monochromatic world of textual data.

Increased Website Traffic

With increased brand awareness and social sharing comes increased traffic. Some sites see dramatically positive results by incorporating infographics into blog posts. For example, Social Media Today found that one of their infographics detailing a social media checklist resulted in increased traffic on their site by 400%, while leads were increased by almost 4500%. While these numbers may severely vary based on your site’s topic and the effectiveness of the included infographics, there is usually not a case of infographics having a detriment impact. In almost all cases, Infographics increase user engagement and overall visibility on search engines and social media.

User Demographics and Behaviors Are Expanded

Some readers prefer text, while others prefer images. Then there’s an assortment of readers that enjoy a mixture of both. By incorporating both infographics and relevant text into a blog post, bloggers are accommodating a wide range of reader types, who can then choose how they would like to approach the article. As a result, it’s best to limit text in infographics and instead focus on data and accompanying pictures. Any necessary text can be added in the blog post itself, which is useful for search engines to pick up keywords in addition to the potential viral phenomenon of the infographics.

Regardless of their blog’s topic, all bloggers can incorporate infographics to better express statistical data, expand demographics and improve brand awareness and social sharing. With several free tools like Piktochart and Visual.ly that allow anyone to create effective infographics, there is no reason to not try incorporating them into your blog posts when relevant.

About Author
Courtney Gordner's profile photoCourtney Gordner is a Blogger , She write about the stuff which are bieng searched all over the internet and would like to contribute and  help internet user by using her  knowledge and expertise  .Twitter , Flicker
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How To Make Money Online For Free.

How to make money online for free

How To Make Money Online For Free.Making money online proves to be a good part time job for computer users in which they can earn money in there spare time by using there computer .Earning money online is easy but its time consuming , there are so many option available by which you can earn money online depending your skills and commands over particular method of earning , We have seen so many people who manage to earn money and even got rich just by earning money online without investing a penny by blogging ,surveying , selling there Skills , affiliated marketing etc, selling space for advertisers like adsence etc . Before proceeding with our article on making money online , let us clear a Myth about making money online .First Myth about making money online : Get rich by earning money online , No you will not get rich by making money online , only few exceptional people does that , but they have spent time , work effort ,money to get richer by earning online money .

Points to keep in mind to earn money online

There are number of ways through which you can earn money online without investment , however making money is easy in Internet world but its to hard or even impossible to convert money to cash so don't you trust any one on Internet with blindfolded eye , yeah i am talking about scam site . In this article we will Show you the best method of making money online without investment .

Get rid of those eye catchy website who claims that there user is earning huge money . Most of website do create fake banner, testimonials and advertisement to attract people to join there Site to make money online ,So always Keep you eye wide open when you register any Ptc Sites , Survey site ,trading site , Advertising sites , publisher site before registration .

Ways to Make Money Online For Free.

How To Make Money Online For Free.

Making Money via You Tube

Do you like making video with your camera and like to upload and share them with people on youtube , You can even earn handsome amount of money by uploading video on youtube and monetizing your videos traffic with ads ,To earn money online with youtube ,only you need to have a video that was fully created by you and owned by you , a youtube account and most important is adsence account ( Note : youtube earning depends upon ads performance on your uploaded and monetize video, highly depends on your youtube views of monetize video )

Making Money via Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the popular and secure way of earning money actually its a a way of marketing Product in which a Person's gets commission for selling product via there own Tracking links to there product . in Affiliate marketing person get paid only if any one purchase product Via there affiliate links. Sounds easy to make money online ? No its not like this easy , you need huge audience who can see your product links and offers, You can use social networking site to promote your products links , you can even use forums to sell your affiliated products, Money through Affiliate marketing depends on Audience , Products. ( Tips : Do Some Investigation while joining any affiliate marketing programs , Money Earning though Affiliate marketing program depends on commission share , more commission share will bring more money to your account , more audience will bring more exposer to your product link . Now money via affiliate marketing programs is all about your marketing skills " how you sell products online " . )

Making Money via Paid Online Writing Jobs

Did you ever imagined why there are so much content available over internet , actually Some website blogging platform pay's there user to share there knowledge by writing article, This method of earning is know as Paid Writing , Paid Writing is growing up these day because it brings Traffic to there site ,which they a website owner utilize it for monetizing, Some website even purchase article on basic of Article's content quality and words length , earning money by paid writing is easy but its hard to find genuine Paid Online Writing website . ( Tips : Although there are 48% of Paid Online Writing job site are kind of scam who never paid and paid only once , So before registering any Paid Online Writing Jobs, make sure to read reviews about that website and try to investigate about there payment by searching over internet , See latest payments made by them )

Making Money via Blogging 

Earning money with Blog is becoming popular way of making money online . you don't to be a Pro Blogger to earn money , What you need to do is to select free blogging platform like Blogger , WordPress etc, create your own Blog for free , share your expertise ,Views and Writing skills to bring traffic or audience to your own blog , By blogging you can sell your own products to , Practice affiliated marketing, Monetize your blog traffic etc. . ( Tips : Always write genuine content ,do not copy other content . Copying other blog or website content like Article , Images may bring you in trouble as a copyright infringement ).

Making Money via Monetizing Your website Traffic

Monetizing your website content is the best and secured way of earning money online ,In this method of earning money you sell your website space to third party advertiser for ads to be displayed , in rewards you earn money from your website , however you earning depends on your website Ads Placement , traffic to your blog and earning rate like Cpc and Cpm of of ads . For example Google Adsence allow you to monetize your website traffic , but its not easy to get your Adsence account approved fast your website must Complies with Adsence Publisher guideline to get approved ( Note : Keep you eyes wide open while choosing any Publisher platform , because there are many scams site that does not pay a penny , or Bans you when you reach thresh hold , Also when monetizing content of your website or blog , you must have Genuine organic traffic , always investigate about Publisher network payment before joining to get rid of being Scammed by the website. )

Making Money by Working part time in Support and service

There are millions of website and forum ,Who keep looking for good part time volunteer for there website like moderator , Admins ,Support teams etc to make there website services better . Mostly website like hosting site recruit people for different post on part time basic and offer with some handsome amount of money for there effort . Problem with this method " Working part time in Support & service " is that you need to be fluent in English , Good knowledge about Internet and PC , Good typing speed , you must be able to tackle bad situation etc .However its not that difficult if you have all the Skills needed to work part time jobs in Support and services . (Note : Working part time in Support & service need Communication skills along with Regular time to spent on it , So make sure to choose best part time online jobs which pay best for your skill , If you have skill then you have hundred of partime online jobs waiting for you .Get rid of being scammed by online Partime job site by spending little time to Investigate about site payment made, Minimum Threshold , Reading review about it ) .

Selling your Products Online

If you Good with making products of your own and know some skill to convert money out of your product then this Method of earning money is best for you , No matter what a product is , it can be handmade toys ,Handmade painting , handmade products , Games , poems , Art products etc . we have seen many people who even earned huge money and chosen " Selling your Products " online as there Business . Many people earn money for there bread and butter by selling there own products online , you only need your own products and a advertiser that sell product like E-bay , Amazon etc . ( Note : Work on your product to make it look unique ,eye catchy and Cool , these Features decides its prize and selling rate . )

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HOSTING24 Coupon Code 2014 - Upto Discount 80%

Hosting24.com Coupons ,Promo Code and Discount code 2016 . 

Hosting 24.com coupons

These are the working Hosting24.com hosting coupon code according to  there hosting packages ,These hosting24coupon code contains about  40- 80 % of discounts . Click on the coupon code to add coupon directly , you may also Apply these code manually . Note : We didn't reviewed this web hosting site .

Hosting24 Promo Code 2016 - Webhosting

Hosting24 promo codes/Coupon code for Silver hosting plans

Coupon/Promo Code                Original Prize    Discount with coupon        Min. Duration       
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5.54$Silverper3months$7.24$5.246 months
4.84$Silverper12months$6.84$4.8412 months

Hosting24 promo codes/Coupon code for Gold hosting plans

Coupon/Promo Code             Original Prize        Discount with coupon    Min. Duration             
$8.84Goldpermonths$10.84$8.841 month
$8.54Goldrper3months$10.54$8.543 months
$8.24Goldrper6months$10.24$8.246 months
$7.84Goldrper12months$9.84$7.8412 months

Feature of Hosting24.com's Silver plan 

  • Free Premium / private domain name Registration with silver Hosting plan  .
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with any Silver hosting plan .
  • Unlimited disk space with any Silver Hosting plan .
  • It offer's 99.9% Uptime with free account setup . 
  • Create Automatic Weekly Backups of your website .
  • Support Softaculous installer to install forum ,wordpress blogs etc 
  • You may create Unlimited database with silver hosting plan .
  • It support technical Features like phpMyAdmin , Remote MySQL Connections ,PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 ,CGI Support , Ruby On Rails ,Image Magick,Curl
  • It support latest Cpannel ,Some of the latest cPanel features are ,HotLink Protection,AWStats,Cron Jobs,Instant Backups,Manage MIME Types,IP Deny Manager,Leech Protection,Pear Module Installer,Softaculous ,Subdomains,Parked Domains,Multiple FTP Accounts,Protected Directories,Web File Manager,URL Redirects,Custom Error Pages .

Feature of Hosting24.com's Gold plan

  • It contain all the feature of Silver plan .
  • Gold Plan of hosting 24 support Custom Nameservers , Dedicated IP Address ,Add-on Domains ,Anonymous FTP ,SSL/TLS Manager

Visit www.hosting24.com to learn about it features and hosting details

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Top Places To Visit In Britain .

Top Places to Visit in Britain

Dinosaur fossils britain When you think of Britain, you instantly think of royalty, literature, verdant valleys and of course hip cities. Britain is a traveler’s delight due to the multitude of options available to satisfy varied interests. While there are many tourist attractions, we have tried to present them in a concise manner to help you make informed choices when it comes to making your list of the top places you must visit in Britain.

We have tried to break it into categories covering most of the best places which capture the soul of this great country. 

Best Place To Visit in Great Britain

Royal roulette

Britain is a country known for its royal lineage having one of the oldest monarchies in the world today. Steeped in history, legends and tales you must visit the following places to get a feel of British heritage.

  •  Buckingham Palace: This place instantly makes you think of British royalty. This is the official residence of the Queen of England. One must watch the Changing the Guard ceremony.
  • Windsor Castle-Windsor Castle is one of the largest castles in the world. 
  • Westminster Abbey-A monument that has been a witness to over 1000 years of history, it is the place where all Coronations have taken place since 1066. It has also seen 16 royal weddings.
  • Edinburgh Castle-Its located on top of an extinct volcano at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and is now home to the Scottish Crown Jewels and the National War Museum of Scotland.
  • Tower of London-An iconic structure, it is one of the world’s most famous fortresses, it has been many things. From a zoo to a palace and even a prison. It’s a World Heritage site with the Crown jewels on display.

Church Street

Britain is home to many famous cathedrals and churches, which are architectural marvels.  Some of the ones which must be visited include:

  • St Paul’s Cathedral - One of the most recognizable buildings of London, this place has history written all over it. It has survived two fires wherein it almost burned down, to be the beautiful piece of architectural perfection which it is today.
  • Canterbury Cathedral - Was made famous in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and the stained glass windows are beautiful to behold.
  • Durham Cathedral -Two Harry Potter movies were was shot here and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

In love with classic literature

Britain has produced some of the most famous and successful poets, writers and playwrights who are revered all over the globe for their seminal work. The following will let you experience a bit of their magic in today’s times.

  • Seeking Shakespeare -One of the most famous literary personalities emerging from Britain, William Shakespeare, a playwright par excellence was born in Avon.  You can visit his birthplace, view some of his plays and go on a curated Strafford Upon Avon tour to go back in time and see his life up close and personal.
  • Finding Charles Dickens - The Charles Dickens Museum is the London home of the renowned writer. It houses some of his personal effects. It was here that he wrote the poignant Oliver Twist.
  • Join Jane Austen -She is one of the most famous women writers in the world whose books have been translated and made into movies. Experience the lifestyle she wrote about in Bath.
  • Want William Wordsworth - One of the most famous nature poets, Wordsworth has an unforgettable legacy. The Wordsworth museum displays his things and organizes poetry reading events.

City Circuit

Britain boasts of many world-class cities that make for great shopping, leisure and luxury destinations. Well-equipped they are hip and trendy, filled with historical significance.

  • London -One of the most talked about and visited destination, this city has it all. From royal residence, to historical places to iconic shopping  places like Harrods, Oxford Street to the famous double- Decker buses and of course the iconic Trafalgar Square-it has it all. It’s looked upon as one the top ten cities in the world and home to many ethnic communities giving it a diverse food culture. 
  • Manchester- Home to the one of the most prestigious football leagues ever-the Manchester United, this city is one of the most hip ones. It is known to have great pubs, cultural events, sports activities and a cool lifestyle. 
  • Liverpool -Home to the iconic Beatles, this city has created buzz amongst today’s generation. You will find that its restaurants, bars and theatres rival London’s culture scene.
  • Glasgow-Scottish city famous for its art, design and culture.
  • Edinburgh -The Scottish capital, it is famous for its history, arts and culture.

Heritage walk

Home to some of the oldest buildings and institutions, you must not leave Britain without visiting the following:
  • Classic university town - Classic university town ,this city is synonymous with excellence. It has a vibrant arts and culture activities taking place.
  • Bath -It’s a  World Heritage Site. Built by the Romans, it is a Georgian spa city. Go back in time instantly.
  • Stonehenge- An interesting structure, this ancient Wonder of the World draws many people from across the globe. Stonehenge has been the subject of speculation and fascination since at least the early medieval period. 
While the above destinations are not an exhaustive list, they are the some of the most significant places to visit in Britain.

About Author

Brenda Wiggs has been working as a real estate blogger for a long time now and does online reputation management for Casamundo UK. With her knack for real estate deals and content creation abilities, she manages to come under one of the most influential people in her niche.
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How to Pick Best Tree For Your yard .

Picking the Best Trees for Your Yard

Tree wallpaper
Imagine having a well manicured lawn or a backyard with an array of pretty trees. A picture perfect setting isn’t’ it? Planning to pick a tree for your yard is a daunting task as trees become landmarks in years to come. Planting a tree is one of the most compassionate acts to protect and nurture our beautiful Mother Earth, so you must pat yourself on the back. So you have made up your mind and do not know how to go about it.

Many factors need to be kept in mind while picking a tree for your yard as the criteria differs from place to place. Some tips remain constant while you are picking up the perfect tree to adorn your backyard for years to come. We have identified some easy to follow tips which will help in making your selection process easier.

Ready reckoner to picking the perfect tree for you.

1. Know your objective

Do you know why you wish for a tree? Is it for shade, privacy, accentuate your yard, fulfilling a childhood dream or to do your bit for Mother Nature. All these reasons need to be clearly identified before taking the final decision on the kid of tree you want. Once you are clear about the objective, you can initiate the process easily.

2. Research popular trees in your area

Speak within your neighbouring households to understand their journey in picking up trees. Also analyze the soil, the trees in your area, the climatic conditions of your place, availability of water and the care needed to help it grow. By doing this, you will have few clear options in front of you making the selection process less confusing and cumbersome. Also learn from experience with various trees planted by your neighbours.

3. Visualise the tree

When you visualize the tree in your yard, do you think of one with blossoms, or an evergreen one or maybe an imposing one which will make every passerby take notice? All these factors will help narrow down your choices. If you want flowers, then the colour of blossoms is important, if evergreen, the size is important.

4. Is it easily available?

An important point to consider as the tree needs to be easily available in your area. One can do research in listings to find the list of trees that are easy to source from around where you stay.

5. Cost factor

The cost of procuring it, planting it and the maintenance it needs should be easy to calculate. If the initial cost is fine, but the amount of water, fertilizers and other factors required to nurture it is high, then one needs to be aware of the same. There should be a balance of both, the initial investment and maintenance costs.

6. Involvement factor

You need to be realistic about the time you can devote to your tree. If you travel or cannot afford a gardener, you need to factor all these points in before zeroing in on the tree. Trees need care for the right development. You need to study their growth patterns, their needs and what is best suited to them. Much like he time and involvement that babies require. Make sure you do show that kind of involvement, If you cannot, you’re bound to fail.

7. The quality of specimen

The kind of specimen of tree you pick is very important as this choice can impact your entire garden. Consult a specialist while selecting the tree as a bad specimen will hamper the growth and the foliage around too.

By planting a tree in your yard you are directly contributing to conservation of our natural diversity, so go ahead and get the perfect longtime companion now.

About Author
Emmy Clark likes to blog about ways to keep up garden and lawns. Her Pinterest board on the types of fake grass for sports and home decor has received great response. She also loves to explore different digital ventures.
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Godaddy Promo code 2016-Cheap Web hosting with free domain name

Godaddy Coupon/Promo Code 2016

Godaddy Promo codeGodaddy.com is best known domain registrar so far and stand on top in our top 10 Cheap webhosting service provider  . It provides best web hosting Service like Shared Web hosting, Vps web hosting and Dedicated web hosting for building small as well as big business website in the world . They are also offering E commerce site hosting for cheap rate.No Doubt there are many others webhosting service provider which gives huge competion in web hosting world but still it is standing like rocks in web hosting and domain Registrar market, cheap webhosting, Variety of saving coupon codes, reliable plan and most importantly good customer support is the main reason why Godaddy customer size is growing day by day If you are looking forward to buy web hosting space from the godaddy then you will happy to know that they provide huge discount on godaddy web hosting plans and domain purchase even you may save upto 50% to 70% on web hosting plans by applying valid godaddy coupon code. Whether you are about to became new customer of go daddy or old customer of godaddy , By applying suitable valid godady promo code you can get discount and some free stuff depending upon coupon . Here we have created the list of all the working godaddy coupon code 2016 . You can apply the godaddy promo code by clicking the on " Apply this Deal" .

                                                           Good News! Godaddy.com, The world's largest domain name registrar company has recently lunched a lot of new promo code and coupon codes for new as well as for old Customers, If you are Joining godaddy as new customer, Then get ready to save huge discount on Godaddy product.Whether you are buying single domain name or bulk domain name, basic shared web hosting plan to costly vps web hosting space, we have all the latest promo code and working coupon codes for every Godaddy product. Before going through our list of coupon code here are some tips to maximize your saving.

How to Apply coupon codes

All the coupon codes listed in this blog can be applied with just one click, All you need to do is to go through all the latest Godaddy promo code deal, choose the best deal you want to apply and click on the apply coupon button.Best thing about our coupon codes is that it can be applied directly to your Godaddy shopping cart. just click on Apply coupon code and coupon code will be directly applied to your Godaddy shopping cart

Godaddy Domain Name coupons code

Godaddy is world's best domain name registrar and there is no doubt in saying why it rules top domain name registrar list.It not only provide cheapest domain name registration but also let you save more money when you buy your first domain name. Here is the collection of best domain name registration coupon code.Now the question is among these below given godaddy domain name registration promo code which one is best suit for you? The answer lies in your needs. If you are thinking to buy only one domain name then i would suggest you to apply promo code 30% off to save more money on Shopping cart .

THE domain at THE price! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!
THE domain at THE price! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!
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Godaddy Shared web Hosting Coupon Code

Searching for cheap hosting space to host your website, why not try company which stands shoulder to shoulder in terms of web host .Here are some of the highest saving Godaddy shared webhosting promo codes

Tired of Waiting for your Website to Load? $1/ mo Hosting + Free domain!
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Tired of Waiting for your Website to Load? $1/ mo Hosting + Free domain!
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Godaddy Wordpress hosting promo code

Looking for best saving WordPress Godaddy Hosting promo code .Here are the best godaddy WordPress promo code
$1/mo Wordpress Hosting from GoDaddy!
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Godaddy VPs promo Code

Looking for Virtual private server  promo code to save huge money , here are the all the working Godaddy promo code for Vps hosting .

Virtual Private Servers from GoDaddy! Get 1 month FREE
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