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                           In this modern era almost every person who uses internet also uses Google account. Google provides varieties of services in a single account such as Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Play store, Hangouts, Goggle+ etc. You can use all their services by simply creating a Google account. 

                        On creating a Google account you will provided with the unique “email id” Such as “shoutingblogger@gmail.com”.Therefore using this email id and password that you have chosen at the time of creation of your account to enter in your account. Ones you signed in you can use all of the services mentioned above and many more which are provided by the Google. 

                         Now the Big question arises that is your Google account is safe or easily assessable by others by some sort of hacking etc. Beside you provide a password or a security questions to prevent your account to be hacked but some the password and security questions are easily guessable. There providing password only is not enough to secure your account. 

                      In this article we will focus on three important points which will allow you to make your Google account safer and easy to handle.

Here are some tips which will improve your Goggle account security. 

Improve Google account security

1. Accounts Recovery options 

                          Accounts Recovery Option enables you to recover your account if you have forgotten your password. For this you need to link your separate email as Recovery email and a phone number as Recovery phone. So in case u might forgot your password then you can easily reset your password either using one of these Recovery options. 

 2. Password And Sign-in Method 

      2.1. Password 
                      We all provide password to secure our account but most of us do not change it at all. This might be harmful for your account therefore you must change your account password ones in every 2 or 3 months. By doing this it will keep your Google account safe but only password can’t provide enough safety for your Google account. Therefore Google itself provide you with Another method for sign-in i.e. 2-Step Verification which provide much more security with the combination of your password. 
     2.2. 2-Step Verification 
                       2-Step verification is the second layer protection which sends a code in your registered mobile phone so on entering that code u can sign-in. this prevents against if someone has stolen your password bust he will not able to sign-in because he doesn’t have the code. This is very important method to secure your account. 

3. Notifications and Device Activities 

                   Always keep your notifications on for your account on your mail or on mobile phone. This will let you come to know against security risk and account activities such as when you have changed your accounts setting or if someone is trying to open your account. Monitoring Device activities helps you to review which device has accessed your account. 

                  At last on keeping these three Procedures in check you can make your Google account more secured than ever.

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Shoutingblogger's profile photoAshutosh shakya is a emerging author who works for shoutingblogger.com as a content writer. He likes to write about various technologies and try to aware peoples from various tech updates happening around the world
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Smartphones technology

As day passes by the technologies that are used in smart phones upgrades at a rapid pace that’s the reason we see a new Smartphone every now and then with newer technologies installed in it. In this Article we try to cover these new technologies that are often used in today’s Smartphone. The list goes on and on but we see the upmost latest technologies existing today.

1. 2.5 D/3 D Glass

Now days almost every Smartphone comes with 2.5 D glass on it. The thing that differs 2.5 D glass from a normal glass is that while a normal glass is totally flat from both sides and the edges are sharp on the other hand 2.5 D glass have slight curve on the all sides at the top surface while bottom surface remains flat. 

By doing this it makes easy for user to swap around the screen or to scroll. It gives a smooth feedback in respect to the normal glass.

Now comes another category of the glass that is 3D Glass. This glass is now used by only few brands on their flagship devices like Samsung uses it on Samsung galaxy s7 edge few more. The thing that differs this glass from all other glasses that 3 D glass has a curve on its both edges. As a result it looks premium and feels fantastic in use.

2. USB Type C Connector

This connector is just a replacement of Type A and Type B connectors. In future this Type C connecter will be used in future most commonly so if your Smartphone has Type C connecter then its future proof.

The key Advantage of USB Type C connecter that it’s a Reversible therefore you can plug your charger cable or data transfer cable in either way. 

This Type C connecter is now often replacing 3.5 mm Headphone Jack. In future you might not get a 3.5 mm headphone jack in your Smartphone. Replacing headphone jack with a usb type C connector enables a manufacture to to shortens the overall thickness of the Smartphone and also enables users to use all connection (i.e ; connecting earphones, charging, Data transfer ) through one port that is Type C.

3. Dash Charging/Quick Charging

First of all Dash charging is different from Quick Charging. As we all know that every Smartphone has lithium ion battery which needs to be charged with steady flow of power otherwise the battery may get damaged. Also it takes a long Time to charge your Smartphone depending how big your battery is.

Dash charge is different in only way the power is delivered from charger to phone same goes with the Quick charge. But there is a difference in both of them. Quick charge is the technology by Qualcomm which uses high volgage but Dash charging uses high current this is the the difference that makes Dash charge way ahead to quick charge. Through Dash charge smathphone can fully charge in around 70 minutes. While Quick Charge takes little more time to charge the smartphone fully.

4. Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is a product manufactured by Corning which meant to provide toughness, scratch resistance and damage resistance to your Smartphone displays but today you may even found Gorilla glass at backside of your Smartphone.

As Generation passes by evolution of Gorilla glass grows. The latest offering from Corning is Gorilla glass 5 and according to Corning the Gorilla glass 5 has raised the bar in protecting your Smartphone against drops. Your Smartphone now can survive 1.6 meter drops onto rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. 

As for now the Gorilla glass 5 is restricted to the premium higher end Smartphone Now only Samsung new arrival “NOTE 7” has Gorilla glass 5 protection. But soon we expect to a lots of device with Gorilla glass 5 on it in upcoming future.

5. 14nm FinFet Technology

14 nm technology based processors are now most adaptive technology for Smartphone manufacturers as 14 nm processors provides good dimensional scale as compared o 22 nm processors. The key aspects of 14 nm processors are first they provide leading performance as compared to other processors. Secondly thesr processors are more power efficient than any other 22nm processors as a result user get more battery life for their smart phones.

About Author
Shoutingblogger's profile photoAshutosh shakya is a emerging author who works for shoutingblogger.com as a content writer. He likes to write about various technologies and try to aware peoples from various tech updates happening around the world
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5 Lessons From the Real World That Will Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Lessons From the Real World That Will Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Lessons From the Real World That Will Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

Starting up as an entrepreneur is a big responsibility that obliges you to give your best shot in this role.Making grave mistakes at early stage of your startup can have negative effects on its success and it can also affect your ability to build a big business out of it.

In the perfect world, you have the freedom to make your dream business a tangible reality. But we do not live in a perfect world.In the real world, you have to earn the success of your business. Most of the time, the success comes at the expense of big mistakes as a result of insecurities, mistrusts or lack of judgment.

To avoid these mistakes, you need to diligently obey the following 5 lessons of running a startup:

1. Learn From Your Failures

Thomas Edison once famously said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”As true as it sounds, failures are meant to hint our flaws. In other words, failures are the lessons that make us perfect as a person. 

There are two ways of doing things. We are either successful at doing a job or find better ways to make it successful. So when we talk about failure, it is about improvising your job and making it better in the later attempts.

Similarly, when you embark on the entrepreneurial journey, you will likely to fail several times. For example, you might fail in efficiently using your finances, resulting in increased overheads or you might fail at managing your team,affecting your ability to deliver timely results. 

As long as you are learning something out of these experiences, these failures should not stop you from achieving your goals.

2. Success is a Journey Not a Destination

It took Bill Gates 13 years to make Windows the leading operating system in the software market. Steve Jobs had to wait for 10 years until he was able to taste the success of Apple. Remember that success is never about the destination but the journey that leads you to your goal.

It is the journey that teaches you the dark secrets of success in a business. So you should rather focus on the journey and gain from the experiences as learnt from real-life examples of the above-mentioned bigwigs of technology industry.

3. Be Different From Your Competitors

When you are no different in a crowd, it is easier to get unnoticed. Truly successful startupsachieved success onlyafter they were able to differentiate themselves from the competition. They were able to offerinnovative solutions to the people that revolutionize the way people use a product.

People like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are known for the ingenuity they infused in their products to simplify the lives of the people. Today, they are considered the pioneers in their respective industry.

Similarly, you need to infuse something outstanding in your products that could offer some real value in lives of people.

4. Stay Persistent

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who never stop trying no matter how many times they have failed before. The true joy of success only comes when you are able to do something extraordinary out of ordinary.

Wright Brothers are a good example of how determination and continuous efforts lead your way to success. Their iconic invention of the airplane is a result of an unprecedented perseverance andhard work.

It was after many fractures and stitches in their body were the Wright brother able to make their dream of flying a reality. Today, the aviation industry is a global business thatconnects people across miles of distance. 

Of course, it takes time and efforts to create something as big as these guys did. But when you look back to see the magnitude of your success, you would be happy to say, “It’s worth it”.

5. Do Not Let Your Insecurities Overpower Your Relationships

In my short span of life, I have seen so many businesses fall apart. Most of them were billion-dollar businesses, such as Onassis, Baring and Bancroft. These businesses failedfor so many reasons. But the insecurities were one of the major reasons behind their failures. 

When earning more money become the only agenda in your business, you are left with insecurities, doubts and vanity. These negative approaches often become hurdles in your equation with your team members which in turn affect your ability to inspire your team.

To make your startup a success, it is important to trust the people around you and make them protective shield of your business. You need to accommodate them at every step of your startup and make them feel a part of your business. Once you successfully do it, the elements of misunderstandings and conflicts die a natural death.

Learning the above-mentioned 5 lessons would help you overcome the potential glitches of running a startup and take it to the next level. Best of luck!

Author Bio:
Frank Wood is working as a project manager in a construction firm. He has vast experience of managing different projects. Apart from work, he also assists students and gives assignment help in order to provide all sorts of assistance at the time of writing Assignment. In order to connect with him, follow via Google+ | Twitter | Facebook.

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8 Future Trends For Infographic Every Online Marketer Must Know!

8 Future Trends For Infographic Every Online Marketer Must Know!

8 Future Trends For Infographic Every Online Marketer Must Know!

The use of infographic is the recent phenomenon in content marketing trends. It involves sharing information through visual data in the form of charts and graphics. Since its inception in content marketing, it continues to grow in popularity and an increasing number of marketers use it in the content to educate the end-users.

What makes an infographic immensely popular is the use of visual contents which makes it significantly easier for the users to scan information. Unlike textual information, it provides the users with a graphic data that they can easily scan, resulting in a better response.

According to Market Domination Media, our brain processes visual information 60k times faster than text. Similarly, 40% of the users are likely to respond in an effective way to an infographic as compared to text. The website further reveals that an infographic has a 30x more likelihood of reading than a plain text.

Considering the huge popularity of infographic, we will now take a look at what future holds for this form of content marketing and how it will change in the coming time:

1. Motion Infographics Will Continue to Grow

With the changing time, infographic has turned into a dynamic form of content marketing, commonly known as motion infographic. A typical motion infographic uses a mix of narration, data and illustration to inform the viewers about a particular topic or brand.

As it uses sensory information, such as images, sounds and videos, in a series, it evokes in viewers the desire to learn about the topic till the infographic ends. Considering the continuing popularity of motion graphics, it goes without saying that it will continue to grow in popularity in the future.

2. The Trend of Interactive Infographics Will Rise

As their name suggests, interactive infographic uses navigational elements to streamline the flow of information. It uses navigational controls, such as scrolling through information and rolling over a text, to let the users know more about a topic.

Due to a smooth transition of information, it makes it possible for the users to drill down about a topic, making it an effective form of visual marketing. For its ease of information access, the use of this form of infographic is expected to grow in number in the coming future

3. Real-Time Consumption of Infographic Will Increase

As social media gets more and more ubiquitous, the use of infographic will continue to increase in the coming future and more people will be sharing infographic as a primary source of data visualization.

This will benefit the users in two ways. First, they will be able to get interesting information in the form of visuals. Secondly, the can get the up-to-date information regarding their particular area of field. Such a trend will turn out to be a real benefit for marketers who need current information on their industry.

4. Static Infographic Will Be Ubiquitous

As static infographic is getting traction in the online marketing, it will continue to prevail in content marketing. Since a static infographic is easy to share and takes lesser time to download, it is likely to dominate the world of online camaraderie who needs access to information on daily basis.

5. Infographic Will Find Way in Storytelling

Infographic is considered a better storytelling tool than any other marketing technique. Since it can build narrative of your brand and infuse a connection to the users, it is a better alternative for a textual landing page.

As more marketers are using visual content as a way of sharing their brand story, this trend will likely to increase in the years to come. In the long run, it will result in better engagement and higher conversions of visitors which are two strongest motivators to attract more businesses to reinforce their message using an infographic.

6. The Modular Design of the Infographic Will Attract More Readers

For its modular design, it becomes much easier for the users to skim important data and information from an infographic as compared to a large and complex information hierarchy. No wonder so many web developers are turning to this form of visual marketing in their landing pages to let in more customers and increase engagement rates and it will continue to enjoy their attention in every passing year.

7. Infographic Will Become a Thing of Daily Readers

As we live in an information age, the users are getting smarter and better at doing things. Thanks to the infographic and illustrations, it has become easier for a layman to know the steps to perform any task.

No matter if it is about cooking food, troubleshoot a system or making a video, an infographic provides the easiest ways you can do the daily chores, making it a favorite thing for daily readers.

As we proceed towards the future, more users will be using visual information to get help for daily tasks. This crossover in learning will become even bigger in the future and infographic will make a big part of this process.

8. The Use of 3D-Styled Graphics and Photos Will be In Fad

The last few years saw an increase in use of photos and 3D-styled graphic styled design in infographic. This trend in the infographic has made it a lot easier for the viewers to scan the important information.

Unlike flat icons, they generate a better response from the users. With their growing trend in visual content, they will likely to be used more in the infographic in the coming years.

Last Words…

Infographic is a happening thing in content marketing. The last few years saw a dramatic rise in its use for educating the target audience and promotinga brand. As we proceed towards a generation of users who are more inclined towards visual content, we can easily predict that infographic will continue to be a leading source of content consumption for the online users and this is what this article aims to inform the readers.

We hope the above-mentioned trends familiarize you with the potential of this powerful visual content and provide you with better ways of educating and marketing to your niche audience in the future.

Author Bio
Anna Marshis an online marketer who is well-versed in content marketing and she follows the latest trends this domain. She is also a professional blogger at UK Essay Help Deal and she loves to share the latest trends, tips and techniques about content marketing.
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How to Convert pdf file to Word Document Without Software

How to convert PDF file to Word format Without using any Software in safe and secured manner


Converting a pdf File to word file can be easily done with  the help of  free pdf converting software and with online documents converting website, However the quality produce by free pdf to word conversion software and website are not at all good. Majority of the free converting website and software produce bad formatting word files due to which we need to waste our time in correcting errors and formatting which is a tedious and hectic job.This things happen with almost all free pdf to word converting site and software. However you can get high quality pdf to word file with the help of paid pdf converter software for example Adobe Document Cloud/Adobe Acrobat Pro DC which will cost you upto $20/month, best thing about this software is, you can edit, save and store online, in one word it is complete PDF solution made by professional for the professional.

                                            So, do you have to buy those costly software for converting pdf file to word file? It depends upon one's need like in my case I prefer converting pdf to word with the help of this littile trick, although we require internet connection because we have to use Google apps for converting word to pdf or pdf to word. why google not other converting online site. Beacause personally I feel safe using google apps for converting pdf to word files and it produce high quality converted files as compare to all other free as well as paid pdf files. However it takes little bit more time as compared to paid document software and online website. So, why pay when you can do it for free. Here is the trick you all can try to convert pdf file to any words format.

Step By step Guide to convert Pdf to Miscrosoft Word file

In our previous article we have taught you how to convert word to pdf file without using any software, If you didn’t read that article then take few minute in reading that  was really a cool trick.
Now, Let’s talk about this new trick to convert pdf file to word format. Soon we will be coming with youtube tutorial on same. So, Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
To apply this trick you need a working internet connection and google account.If you already have google account then it's good however if you don't have one then create one.
 We will be using Google drive app to convert any size pdf file to word file. If you have finished creating google account then start following these step to converting your pdf file to words in safe and secure manner.

" NOTE: Always make sure to create backup of main file before making any changes to it. This will helps in recovering the content in case of any kind of unwanted changes "

Step 1: Sign-in to google.

Open www.google.com in your web browser, go to top right corner and click sign-in. now

  • Enter the Email id (Gmail id ) inside the text box “Enter your email” and then click on Next.
  • and then enter the Password associated with you Gmail id inside the text box “Password” .

Step 2: Open Google Drive.

Go to top right corner, Beside Profile pic, you will see square shape icons arrange in 3X3 matrix (Known as Google apps ), click on it.

Now look for the drive icon or name and click on it. You can also directly access drive by visiting https://www.google.com/drive while logged in to your Gmail account.

Step 3: Upload Pdf File you want to convert to word.

Under My-Drive, click on new and choose File Upload by left clicking on it. Now browse the pdf file you want to convert to a Microsoft word document. Click on the pdf file and then click ok.

Depending upon the size of your pdf file It will take around 1 to 15+ minutes for the pdf file to upload on your drive account.

Step 4: Open with Google doc.

To convert the pdf file to a word file, right click on uploaded pdf file and choose open with Google doc. Since we have converted word to pdf format therefore some of the formatting will not be seen in word.

Step 5: Do required formatting and Download as word file

Give word document a well formatted look and save it. To Download word file, Click on file, go to “Download as” Microsoft word (.docs)

We hope this article helped you.If you liked this article then make sure to share this website with your friends.
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