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Blogger.com Vs Wordpress.com

Which blog site is better wordpress or blogspot

blogger vs wordpress

Blogger.com Vs WordPress.com Comparison .

1) Money making 

Blogger.com :You can make money with your blog hosted by blogger.com for free by  monetizing your blog with Ads / affiliated marketing  etc . you don't need to pay sent for hosting ,bandwidth ,Domain name transfer etc

WordPress.com : You need to pay money to monetize your blog hosted by Wordpress.com .only way to montize your wordpress.com blog is through Upgrading which will  charges you  fixed amout per month.

2) Customizing Templates 

Blogger.com : You can Customize your blog's templates as well upload new templates for free

WordPress.com : You can Customize Stylesheet only if you paid upgrade .

3) Importing Blog 

Blogger.com :You can only import your Blogger.com's  blog only .

WordPress.com :You can only import your blogger , yahoo ,tumbler ,Typed, Splinder, LiveJournal's blog to Wordpress.com's blog with easy .

4) Images Management 

Blogger.com : You can upload up-to 1 GB of pics/images /Wallpapers for free .You can increase your Picassa Image storage space by signing up Google+  You need to login to Picasa's Account for Browsing /controlling your uploaded pics/images/wallpapers etc .

WordPress.com :You you store 2.8 Gb of  Images on your Wordpress.com blog for free .You can also buy additional Storage space as a paid upgrade .

5) Uploading 

Blogger.com : You can upload video to your blog using YouTube via Blogger Dashboard .You can upload images / wallpapers / pics / photos less then 5 Mb directly to your blog using Blogger Dashboard (Picassa) . you  cannot upload any other files to your blogger blog such as .ppt , .exe, .rar, .zip, .txt etc.

WordPress.com :You can upload .ppt , .exe, .rar, .zip, .txt .xml etc  Images  files to your Wordpress.com blog as paid upgrade however some file can be uploaded in free blog to .

Pros and cons of Blogger.com Vs WordPress.com

Pros and cons of Blogger.com

Pros of Blogger.com/Blogspot.com 

  • Easy customize your blog theme ,Template Design and layout design  Etc where  you can add custom widgets ,Custom ads (Monetization) .
  • You can track your blog visitor stats using like traffic source , Daily Page impression, monthly Page impression,  stats via blogger Dashboard.
  • You can upload unlimited Images and videos If you have Google+ account ,Non Google+ users can have 1 GB free Image storage space .
  • You can Create upto 100 blog also you can invite 100 author for your blog  who can post in your blog as a team members .
  • You don't have to pay money for hosting because blogger.com offer free hosting with unlimited bandwidth .Its Free
  •  Better Search engine visibility ,easy interface to manage your blog , easy posting interface for Blogging
  • Easy backup and restoring of blog using backup and Restore Blog option for later use .
  • You can Create your own private blog for free .
  • WordPress.com support 50 languages .
  • You don't need to pay penny for Domain transfer .

Cons of Blogger.com/ Blogspot.com 

  • After 50 post ,you need to enter Captcha Puzzle to prove that your are not a Bot/Robot ,Some times your blog is marked as spam for posting more the 50 post a day ,This problem of Captcha Check is mainly faced  by Blogger who have more then 80 author in there blog .
  • You can't upload your page/XML etc in blogger, however you can add some dedicated pages and links to blogger 
  • You can invite only 100 blog author to your blog .
  • Others blog's Xml files are not supported in blogger then Blogger blog itself  .In Simple Words you can;t import blogs other then blogger blog only .

Pros and cons of Wordpress.com

Pros of Wordpress.com

  • Wordpress.com allows  to create free blog with 3 GB of free Storage space .
  • Easy Built in visitor Stats , Which allow you track your visitors activity like Views today ,Views this month, Top pages and Top post viewed etc .
  • You can buy space and features in Wordpress.com .
  • You can invited as many WordPress account holder in your WordPress Private an non private blog .
  • WordPress.com support 120 languages .
  • Auto backlinking when you made comment on any other Wordpress blog .
  • You can import your full blogger blog to Wordpress.com

Cons of Wordpress.com

  • In Free WordPress blog you will not able to customize you template .You need to spend money to customize templates . Due to which you cannot show your adsence .
  • JavaScript are not supported in WordPress blog .So you Can't install third party Java scripts etc to your WordPress blog 
  • You need to pay money for domain transfer as well as pay money for monetizing your  blog .
  • Custom html is not supported in WordPress.com blogging platform . 


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