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How To Change Facebook Username 2014

How to change Facebook username (Facebook public profile)

How to change Facebook username
When a new user signup Facebook , By default , He/she was assigned with the random unique username according to there first and last name . Some users get cool or acceptable Facebook public profile username and some gets unacceptable Facebook public profile username . Most of the Facebook new user as well as some of the old Facebook account holder are not aware about Facebook feature like changing there Facebook public username . Are you kidding ??  Definitely not , you can change your Facebook public username whenever you want provided you need to verify your mobile in Facebook through sms or phone calls . however phone activation for Facebook is beings disabled for few country so , you can verify your mobile number using sms via phone .In this tutorial we assume that you already verified your phone in Facebook because we have skipped the phone number verification steps .

Some Questions related to Facebook username

How many time can i change username ?

  • You can change your Facebook public profile username as many time you want ! but make sure not to change your Facebook username to often ,your Facebook accout  against as per terms of facebook

What is the use of  Facebook username  

  • Your friends relative and people can easily search your Facebook public profile without log in to Facebook  using your Facebook unique username .Only what you need to do is to provide your Facebook username for your beloved one .

What made peoples to change there Facebook username

  • People gets random Facebook username during signup due to which some of the people gets wired   Facebook username name which are unacceptable for some peoples that's why they need to change there facebook username

Why to change Facebook username. 

  • By using  Facebook username , you can easily find Facebook account holder on Facebook without knowing about  email id , details  etc .

How many times can I change my Facebook username

You can't change your Facebook username more then two time . For some user it can be only one time  , But make sure not to change Facebook username with eyes close because according to facebook tos , you can't change facebook username more then 2 time. If you do so , then you need to face Facebook security check .  You can bypass Facebook security check by verifying your mobile number .

Before getting started with steps to change Facebook username , let me clears difference between Facebook username for addressing Facebook user profile (Facebook username URL) where as  Facebook page username is used for addressing Facebook page address (Facebook page username URL) both Facebook username sounds similar but both are Different . So here i am taking about changing Facebook username for People's profile rather then Facebook page username . We have already written article to change  Facebook Page name (Facebook page username )  >> How to change Facebook page username

Example of Facebook username for People's profile
Example of Facebook username for facebook page username

Requirements to change Facebook username 

There is only one requirement to enable Facebook username / change your Facebook username , You need to verify your phone number (a phone number which was not used in Facebook for verification  before ) .

Lets Gets started with the steps involve in changing Facebook public username

Step 1 : Sign-in to your Facebook account (facebook Security tip : Do not provide your password to any one (Read more  How to secure your Facebook account  )

      To see your current Facebook username . Click on your profile pic  (as show in Figure 1.a) .


          Figure 1.a

Step 2 : Click on Drop down arrow , At Top right , just near your home button .(Refer Figure 1.b)

Figure 1.b

Step 3 : Click on Account setting as shown in Figure 1.c .

 Figure 1.c

Step 4 : Click on edit option under username label as shown in Figure 1.d

Figure 1.d

Step 4 : Now if you have not verified your phone number then you have to verify your mobile no via sms . To verify your mobile number in Facebook click on verify mobile no , Select your country , enter your mobile number and click on send , you will receive your Verification code via sms in your mobile , enter those code carefully , Click verify  (Note :Some time you receive Facebook verification code sms after fifteen minute due to server load )

Step5 : Finally , Enter your new Facebook username  , click on check availability to find out whether your new username is available or not , once you satisfied with your username , enter your old Facebook password and click on Save change (Refer Figure 1.e)

Figure 1.e

Congratulation ! you have just know successfully changed your Facebook username . 

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