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How to Cure a Hangover and How to Avoid a Hangover ?

How to Cure and Prevent hangover .

What is Hangover?

A Hangover is the unpleasant experience like Headache , nausea , due to excessive intake of alcohol Or alcoholic beverage like Beer [Alcoholic Strength 4% to 6% alcohol by volume(ABV)] ,wines [Alcoholic Strength 9%–16% alcohol by volume(ABV)] etc , Most People suffer from hangover during morning hours While some People suffer after Sleep hangover depends on how individual's body reacts to Alcoholic product .Its not necessary that hangover occurs only in morning hours , hangover can occurs any time . For some people hangover occurs only within few hours with few drinks but for some people its doesn't because Hangover depends on the Drinker's body's health and phsic
How Hangover caused ?


In simple language, Hangover caused due to Excess of Drinking Alcoholic Drinks [More then 4 " On the rocks" Pegs for some people ] . Main reason for the cause of hangover is due to alcoholic drink . Alcoholic drink contain Ethanol which act as a dehydrating Agent , Ethanol took away all the water from body due to dehydration leaving behind Dehydrate Drinker due to which people suffer from headace , Stomache , Sometime cause acidity due to which Eye visibility reduce for small interval of time .

What are the Symptoms of Hangover

  • Headaches : Headache is the primary Symptom after heavy alcoholic drink .
  • Dry mouth : Causes due to Heavy dehydration in Drinker's body .
  • Vomit : Excessive of alcohol some time cause acidity , Unpleasant Stomache .
  • Stomache : Excessive of drinking upto stomach capability .
  • Less visibility through eyes temporary : Causes due to drinking alcohol with empty stomach .

How to Cure a Hangover ?

A Best way to Avoid hangover is to reduce the Consumption of alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks , More better way of reducing hangover is to avoid alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks .However you can also cure hangover fast by drinking lime Juse or oragnge use

You Need Sufficient Amount of Hours to cure your hangover .

1) Drink water: To reduce of risk of Dehydration , Before drinking Alcohol , Drink Ample Amount of Water [2-3 Glass full of water ] . Also drink Sufficient amount of water after finishing your Alcoholic drink . Why drinking water ? drinking water will reduce the chances of being dehydrated .

Drink water

2) Take a shower : Try to take Shower For few minutes .

Take a shower

3) Sleep well : You should sleep at least 6-7 hours . but make sure to take one glass of water with lemon before going for bed .

Sleep well

4) Eat Well :Try To eat Mineral rich food or fatty food in this way your Metabolism start to digest Food instead of Ethanol Chemical Decomposition in your Body.

How To Avoid Hangover

  • The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol induced hangover is to avoid drinking
  • Before Drinking try to take some health foods .
  • During drinking Alcohol , Drink Ample Amount of Water .
  • Do not Drink alcohol with empty stomach , try to take some snack or fatty food like burger etc .


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