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How To Delete Your Facebook Account .

How to Delete Facebook Account 

How to delete Facebook Account
Deleting Facebook account is way to simple , But still 64% of Facebook user are not aware about deleting option in Facebook , Its all about Facebook website what make user ignorant about deleting Facebook account , Facebook don't want to loses there valuable users so they have not placed Facebook deleting option within Facebook User account setting , Apart from this , you can get Facebook account delete link under help option. Technically , Facebook website was designed to keep user busy within there website , that's why they have easy signup form . These are the marketing Strategy to keep people busy on there site . Let me clear about deactivating and deleting Facebook accounts. Deactivating Facebook accounts mean your account will be hidden, in which all of your uploaded pics ,comments ,likes,pages,groups will be deleted not deleted whereas Deleting Facebook accounts means your account will be deleted ,all of your uploaded pics ,comments ,likes,pages,groups will be deleted . 

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Step to Step Guide on How to delete Facebook Account forever

We made this small tutorial to help those Facebook account holder who want to delete there Facebook account forever . This tutorial will show you How to remove Facebook account forever with step to step screenshot guides .Lets get started with steps involve in Facebook Account Deletion.

Step 1 : Go to wWw.Facebook.com , Sign-in to your Facebook account by entering your Facebook email id and passwords ( Security note: Never provide your Facebook passwords to others   ) . ( Refer Figure Fb Delete 1a ) .

delete facebook account

Fb Delete 1a

Step 2.1 : Before deleting your Facebook account . Make sure to download your Facebook account data like contacts , Photos etc . To download your Facebook account data , Click on Drop down arrow , at top Right Of your Facebook home page or profile page, near home option, Click on Account settings under Drop down List ( Refer Fb Delete 1b 

delete facebook account permanently now

Fb Delete 1b

Step 2.2 : Now click on General ( At top left ) , Scroll down and click on download a copy to Download your  Facebook data like Facebook Uploaded photos etc . ( Refer Fb Delete 1c 

delete facebook account link

Fb Delete 1b

Step 3 : (Downloading Facebook data is optional )When you done with downloading your  Facebook data, Enter this " https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account " without " " on your browser or click below link https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account . and Click on Delete My account ( Refer Fb Delete 1c )

 delete facebook account completely

Fb Delete 1c

Step 4 : When you click on Delete My account , New window will appear for confirmation Final Step is to enter your Facebook password  and puzzle ,Click OK and you are done with deleting your Facebook account . ( Refer Fb Delete 1d )

delete facebook account permanently

Fb Delete 1d

How to delete facebook account immediately ?

No, it is not possible to delete facebook account Immediately .However your Facebook account can be retrieved back before 15 days . So if you want to remove your Facebook account Permanently then do not log in to your Facebook Account within those 15 days Retrieval Periods .After 15 days your full Facebook account will be completely deleted ,including yours uploaded photos ,likes , comments will be deleted from Facebook website .

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