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How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers .

How to Protect facebook account from getting hacked

Protect Facebook account

Facebook SecurityGet rid of clicking short urls when using Facebook .

Do you  know,  Short links is the one of the most used url by hackers to hide there phishing urls . These short url converts large url into short urls which may contain phishing links ,So always be defensive against short url whenever you see / receive through Facebook chat , timeline,Shared by friends etc . I am not saying that all the short url are phishing url but these short url could be used by hackers . Even don't click on short url links shared by  your best friends ,your family etc for security reasons . 

If you are more curious about short links shared by your friends and you have strong desire to see what your friends shared with you via short urls , Then try investigating about that short url before clicking on it. These are some points that can help you in investigating short url .

  1. Confirm  your friends / family member about sharing short url via Facebook by asking him offline . Why ? Its not necessary that your friend or family member is the one who is Sharing short url with you . there are Chance where your friends /family account was used by his/her friends or even by hackers .
  2. Use Short url to convert it to long url, to see what short url is all about .

Facebook SecurityDo not share your Facebook password with anyone.

Around 48% user share there Facebook login credential ( Fb Emails and Password )with there Friends / family members etc .Do you know ,this is the one of the biggest issues all over the Facebook due to which many Facebook users beings backstabed by friends by mistake or knowingly due to various reason . By providing  login credential to your your friends allows him to access your Facebook account ,he can easily change your Facebook passwords ,primary emails ,phone no etcs by which you can reclaim your Facebook accounts . Facebook can't do anything once your login password like primary emails ,main email , phone numbers has changed .

Facebook SecurityFacebook fake Phishing email messages .

Facebook user are most likely to  fall prey to phishing emails messages . Why ? because Some users are not aware of phishing emails messages or some time knows as Scam emails . In simple Words , Facebook Phishing email messages are fake email message you received from hackers . Its seems that the email you received  by Facebook.com but actually its not ,The link would be containing hidden links .

How to spot message received from Facebook is scam or phishing email messages .

  • Its too simple ,Open email id you want to check , just click on reply message button  , and you will be able to see the real senders email id (how to find out scam emails )

Facebook SecurityEnable safe Facebook browsing .

Update your Antivirus , you can also enable your safe browsing using your Facebook security setting . you can manually enable Facebook safe browsing by using Facebook as https://www.facebook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com . This will make your browsing facebook safe and secured . How ? " https:// " does not allow dangerous scripts from running on your computer and provide safe browsing .

How to make Facebook browsing more safe

  • Use safe browsing features offered by some browsers . 
  • Always keep your antivirus updated .

Facebook SecurityDisable automatic Facebook password save in browser .

Always disable Automatic Facebook login prompt or save password prompt by browser , in case you forgot to do so then , clear your browsing data , history , saved password,cookies in browser .

How to secure your Facebook account while using public Computer

  • Make sure to clear your Browsing history ,Saved passwords ,Cookies, Browsing data when using cafe computer and public computers etc . 
  • Make sure to log out completely before leaving your computer , once you log out of Facebook , reopen Facebook.com to confirm whether you logout Facebook successfully or not .

Facebook SecurityDo not Accept unknown friend request

Nowadays , Facebook is the one of the coolest source of building friendships without bothering about line of controls above all country boundaries we can send friends request to people of other country .This is the one of the reason why Facebook became famous just in few year , but Now Facebook is not only popular as peoples social networking site but also popular among hackers(technical and non technical hackers) who randomly send Friends request for the sake of gaining personal information etc.

Facebook SecuritySecure your Facebook Account to reclaim your Facebook accounts

Make sure to add your phone number and verify using Facebook . this will help you to retrieve your Facebook account via your phone verification method however you should also Download copy of your Facebook data as backup in regular interval of time and avoid lossing of your facebook data , in case your facebook account got hacked and deleted then this facebook backup will help you to revive your facebook account like facebook friends ,page,groups ,likes etc ,Enable secure browsing via Facebook., enable login notification .

Facebook SecurityReview Apps before authorizing .

Do you know apps in Facebook are not owned by Facebook they are owned by the third party . So make sure to review any thirds party (not owned by Facebook) apps they may be used for hacking purposes , one more thing while authorising apps make sure they don't have write ability . Recently some famous apps on Facebook was used for hacking to .


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