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How to Change YouTube username 2014

How to Change youtube username to google plus

A you-tube user or You-tube video up loader  can present himself with his own YouTube username or by Google+ social profile name .According to Google You-tube Policy and terms you cannot change your you-tube username twice ,and there is no other way to change username twice without deleting your existing account which is the only way to change username , But by doing so all of your  You-tube  comments , You-tube Likes , You-tube Subscription , You-tube subscribers etc will be deleted , Instead of deleting your you-tube account for the sake of changing name of you-tube channel ,why not switch your you-tube username to Google + ? By doing so , you can not only change your you-tube Channel name but you will also link your you-tube channel with Google + social profile for better You-tube Audience  .

Steps to change Youtube username to Google+

Step 1 : Sign-in  to your You-tube account . ( Figure 1.1 )

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Click on drop-down button , Drop down button is located near your you-tube profile picture as shown in Figure 1.2

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : When you click on Drop-down button , A small window will appear ,select Settings by clicking on it . ( Refer  Figure 1.3 ) .

Switch from a YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Under Overview tab , click on Advanced , Located near your You-tube profile picture , Below your You-tube Username ( Refer  Figure 1.4 ) .

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.4

Step 4 : Once you click on Advanced link from Overview tab ( Step 3) , You would be directed to new window , know as Advanced , Here you can switch from You-tube username to Google plus profile By clicking on Link my YouTube channel with Google + ( Refer Figure 1.5 )

Switch  YouTube username to a Google plus profile

 Figure 1.5

Step 5 : When you click on Link my YouTube channel with Google , You will see small window for previewing and managing  how your name will appear in youtube, If you don't want to use Full name then click on I don't  want to use my full name . When you done and satisfied with you-tube google + profile  name then Click on Preview . ( Refer  Figure 1.6 ) .

Switch from YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.6

Step 6 : Click on Update my name , To change your you-tube username to Google + profile . ( Refer  Figure 1.7 )

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.7

Step 7 : Once your you-tube username changed successfully then you will see a window as shown in Figure 1.8  .Congrats ! you have just now changed you-tube username to Google + profile 

Switch YouTube username to a Google+ profile

Figure 1.8

Watch On you tube To Change YouTube Username to Google + profile 


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