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How to Protect Google AdSense Account From Tos Violation ?

How To Protect Your Adsense account From Adsense Tos Violation

Google Adsence
We all know Adsense is one of the popular  advertisement network for the publisher , Almost all the Adsense account holder earn money as per there website traffic potential and the ctr rate and last but not the least one's skills .Although its easy to make money but its damn hard for the new website owner to get there Adsense account approved, Its a child play to earn money with Adsense if you own quality website with quality content , and it would be far easy to maintain you Google Adsense account  if you  follow all the Google Adsense Tos .

Tips to Save your  Adsense account from Adsense Tos Violation

After getting your Adsense account approved , First and foremost Priority of the Adcence account holder is to read all the terms and condition of the Adsense ( know as Adsense TOS ) . Hehe  Did i typed just  " Read "!  Just reading Adsense TOS does not help you from breaking your Adsense TOS violation , you need to Remember and practice all of the important Adsense TOS . So that you don't make any mistake which results in Adsense TOS Violation . We know reading all the Adsense Tos and understanding upto point  it is bit hard and time consuming . So We had Simplifies the Important Adsense Tos that mostly results in Adsense tos violation .

 1) Adsense Invalid click

What is Adsense Invalid click and how to avoid Adsense invalid click ?

  • What is Adsense Invalid click : Invalid click is the one of the primary reason for Google Adsense account closure, If you are new Adsense publisher you must know what a Invalid click means clicking your own ads no matter you clicked intentionally or accidentally .
  • How to get rid of  Invalid click in Google Adsense . To get rid of clicking on your own , Just disable Adsense ads codes whenever you want to Surf your own website for so called reason .

2)   AdSense Invalid Impression

  • What is AdSense Invalid Impression : Invalid Impression is one of the biggest Reason for Google Adsense account closure , Most of the new Google Adsense publisher wonders " Why there Google Adsense account is being disable ? When they even didn't click there own ads , Reason is simple , Every time publisher visit his/her website was counted as  impression , which proves to be  the the biggest responsible factor for Cpm ( cost per mile ) earning .
  • How to get rid of  Invalid Impression in Google Adsense   : To avoid Invalid Impression in Google Adsense get rid of surfing your own Google Adsense monetise website  , because surfing your own website would be recorded  as impression  for ads , Also avoid using Auto surf or manual surf website Because using those site for increasing traffic is  against Adsense Terms and Conditions . keep an eye on  your   website stats like traffic source through Google analyticall for invalid traffic through Auto-surf ,manual-surf , targeted website site .

3) Adsense Invalid Ads Placement .

  • What is Adsense Invalid  Ads Placement : Invalid ads Placement in Adsense is one of the  major reason for google Adsense  account disabling  , Many new publisher place there ads to misleading Ads location for the sake of making profit and increasing there revenue through Adsense this will  leads to Invalid ads Placement 
  •  How to get rid of  Invalid Ads Placement in Google Adsense : Do not place your Adsense ads to misleading  location in your website , Better to add  label to your Adsense ads as Advertisement or ads , Avoid Placing ads under misleading headlines or Links , Avoid placing ads in misleading links / text / animation / images etc . 

4) Google Adsense invalid Traffic sources  

  • What is Adsense invalid Traffic sources :In terms of Google Adsense  Invalid traffic source means Traffic from Auto surf site , manual surf site ,Targeted traffics , any kind of paid traffic to your website. 
  • How to avoid invalid traffic to your website : You can avoid Invalid traffic to your website or blog by using frame breaker codes , Avoid submitting your website to Ptc sites , however you can get rid of Auto surf site , manual surf site ,Targeted traffics Site, Ptc sites etc by Placing frame breaker codes. 


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