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What is Google Adsense -Pros and Cons of Adsense

What is Google Adsense . Pros and Cons of  Google AdSense

What is Google Adsense

What is google Adsense ?

Adsense is also know by name Google adsense . It is the Application run and owned by google to serve Advertisement Units for publishers, By Signing up google adsence , You can access your publisher account publisher can monetize there website or blog content by selling ads space to google ,When you signup Google adsence , Adsence assign you unique publisher id , From which publisher gets a ads code for your website to start earning money .

Pros Google Adsense - Advantage of joining Google Adsense

  • Google AdSense approval key requirements : To be approved as Google AdSense publisher, Publisher must have live website / Blog , unique content , At-least 100+ unique visitor per day , a website/blog  fulfilling Google AdSense terms and services etc.Google Adsence application approval is  is to easy for unique content holder with low traffic of 100+ unique visitors . It doesn't  matter whether a website or blog owner have Top level domain (TDL)or  Sub level domain (SDL)  .
Google Adsense website / blog minimum traffic Requirements for  approval  : 100  unique visitor +
 | Google Adsense website / blog minimum traffic Age for approval : 6 month old ( for most of countries )
  • Google AdSense Monetization Ads format : Google adsence publisher have various way to monetize content not only limited to website or blog like Online Game monetization , Search monetization,Feed monetization, videos monetization and mobile website ,mobile monetization and still there are more .
  • Google AdSense paying ? : Yes !  Google adsense really pays off for your Adsense revenue , provided you did'nt violated google adsense terms and rules for showing ads or monetizing content
  • Google AdSense Language Suprorted : Google Adsence is the only publisher network which support non English website and blog for monetize there content , At present google Adsence supports publishers in 30+ langauges .In simple words you can show ads on website or blog content written in Non English   .( See the list of google adsence supported  language ) .
  • Google Adsense earning rate : A Google Adsense publisher can earn from 0$ to 10000$ per day through Google Adsense depending upon lots of factors like ads placement , Adsense click through rate , Google Adsense pay per click rates , Google Adsense pay per View rates , Website traffic etc .However there is not a fixed earning through Google Adsense  per day , but you start earning through ads as soon as you place ads on website with traffic Depending upon Cpc and Cpm ads . Due to Huge list of Advertiser's in google adwords , you don't have to wait for manual website/blog  Ads space sales , Your ads space will be automatically start showing ads as soon as you put ad code on Blog
  • Google Adsense ads format : Google Adsense support text ads ,Link ads , display ads ,video ads for Monetizing website blog / mobile website . you have wide range of ads unit to chosse from in different format like text ads ,Rich media ads, display ads ,videos ads etc
  •  Google AdSense Publishers Revenue Share : Google Adsense publishers gets highest revenue share as compare to all other Publishers . After long  suspense on Google Adsence revenue share for publisher , Recently Google officially announced Revenue share for publisher via official Adsense.blogspot.com and support.google.com .
| Adsense Revenue share for Content : Google Adsense publishers Revenue share in 68 % for adsence for content Monetization .
| Adsense Revenue share for Search : Google Adsense publishers Revenue share in 51 % for adsence for Search Monetization  .

  • Google AdSense Payments methods : Google Adsense payment method depends on which country from a publisher belongs , General payments option available for publisher are Checks Google adsence Payment Method  for most of the Country including India , Western Union Quick Cash ,Electronic Funds Transfer, Rapida :Google adsence Payment Method for Russia .

Con's of Google Adsense : Disadvantage of joining Google Adsense

  •  Con's related to Adsense application approval : Your website  will not be approved for google adsence if your website /blog have any single Article  with copied content for other website no mater that content is owned by you or written by you on other website as Author .
  •  Con's related to New website for approvals : According to new Google adsence terms ,Publisher of new blog or website must be at-least 6 month old to get Google adsence application approved , i don't consider this as con's 
  •  Read and understand adsense terms are time consuming: I consider this as con's of Google adsence because  New publisher have to spend hours to read and understand Google adsence terms and conditions . In my view Google adsense terms should be Presented in more of user friendly way 
  • Google AdSense Payment Threshold : Google AdSense payment threshold is about 100$ which sound too high for Small publisher .


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