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Why its necessary to Clear Browser Data ?

Why its important to Clear History , Browsing data  ?

Why its important to Clear History , Browsing data

How to protect your computer

By clearing your browser data you not only free up your hard disk space but also you  can protect your computer from hackers , unauthorized access etc .

Do you know every time when you surf any website or open any website , your browser downloads Website to your hard disk first , before making  that website available for Viewing on your browser , That means , Every day when you surf internet through browser , your hard disk is stored with your browser's junk data , Eating your your hard disk Space in form of Browsing data like cookies ,history etc  however you don't have to worry about browsing data , sometime its necessary to remove Browsing data from browser as these file for some website keep on updating resulting dump data for your browser .

What are the browsing Data 

Browsing Data is responsible for Fast website Viewing in your browser , Browsing data consist of temporary internet files which is responsible  for fast Website Surfing  ,Cookies are the saved information for the quick website access such as log in information  , history contains the list of visited website you had visted , form data are the saved data for fast filling up forms etc  and passwords  etc .

Few important reason  for " Why Should i delete my Web Browsing data or web history  "

  • You can gain hard-disk space by removing junk data from your browser like  temporary internet files .
  • By clearing your browsing data all of your accidental stored  password were removed .
  • You must clear your browsing data to get rid of malware ,spyware , harmful scripts , virus  etc ,which were downloaded in form of internet temporary files during surfing any harmful website . 
  • while using public  computer , you must clear browsing data to get rid  unauthorized access through stored passwords ,forms etc .
  • By removing junk data from your browser , you not only gain hard-disk space but also Secured web surfing along with fast Browsing experience .
  • You can protect your computer for hackers by clearing your  browsing data , a hacker can access any  computer via  harmful scripts downloaded by Victim pc  by accident  during visiting harmfull website

What does clear browsing data mean

  • Clearing browsing data include deleting of temporary stored internet files which are of no use after few days .
  • Stored passwords Which are stored when you select save my password during log in any website ,email id ,forum etc .
  • Stored Cookies  Such as file stored on browsers as cookies by website to save  preference made by internet users
  • Stored forms saved like Contact form ,sign up form , login forms etc, history of your visited website etc 


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