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Add Facebook Like Button in Blogger blog

Adding Facebook Like Button in Blogger blog

facebook like button code for blogger
Today Social networking site are the easiest way to get  Traffic to your blog , provided your website or blog must have genuine and quality content . So why not boost your website or blog traffic by adding social networking Share button to your blog or website . You must have be wondering which Social networking  site is best for your blog or website for traffic . Obviously Facebook  ,why ? Because Facebook is the topmost social networking site of the Decade and having highest number of user .In this tutorial we will show to add Facebook like Button for your Blogger blog

How to get Audience From Facebook for free

If you website or blog have Quality and genuine content and want traffic to your Blog or website then you must have Facebook like button in your blog or website , will boost your website / blog traffic and audience  for sure , Only you have to do is to place Facebook like code in blog or website .

How Facebook like button boost Traffic and link go viral .

Whenever any Facebook user like website or page or article , your website/blog/page/article  link is shown to all of his/her friends in there homepage  , Some times your website/blog Content even go viral via Facebook , depending your content Quality .You can make your content go viral only by writing useful ,Quality , genuine Content

How to add Facebook like button in Blogger blog 

Step 1 : Login to blogger.com , Go to your Blogger dashboard , Click on template , Edit Html , Click on Expand Widget Templates  and  Place Facebook JavaScript SDK Code give below on  Blogger template  , Just after opening of your <Body> Tag or Just Before closing  of your <Body> Tag ,, you can also ass Code between <Body> tag .this Code plays important role Without this Facebook JavaScript SDK Code your Facebook code will not work properly for Multi-page ,By placing this Facebook JavaScript SDk code in < Body > tag , Every post of your blogger blog will work fine with proper counting

Step 2 : Now Place any one code out of Code 1 or Code 2 or Code 3 or Code 4 or Code 5 or Code 6  in blogger , where you want to render Facebook like Button . You can add this Code to blogger using Add widgets  , also you can Facebook like button below post title .

Code 1  : Facebook Standard button along with send button |   Preview :

standard facebook like button with send code for blogger


Code 2  : Facebook Simple like and Send button |  Preview :

 facebook like button with send  code for blogger


Code 3  : Facebook Like box counter and send button |  Preview :

facebook like box with send button code for blogger

Code 4  : Facebook Standard Like button with counter |  Preview :

standard facebook like button code without send button for blogger

Code 5  : Facebook simple Like button with counter |  Preview :

Simple facebook like button code without send for blogger

Code 6  : Facebook simple Like box button with counter |  Preview :

 facebook Box like button code without send button for blogger

Watch Step by Step tutorial on adding facebook button to blogger


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