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How to Create invisible folder in Window Xp

How to make invisible folder in xp

How to create an invisible folder in windowsCreating an Invisible folder or file in window xp is too easy by simple using windows Folder option to make folder invisible and using special keys combination of computer keyboard for hiding Folder name, In this Article we are not using window's hide option to make a folder invisible , Actually " folder is visible but invisible " . Folder is visible for Operating system but it is invisible for Windows user . This method is best for hiding and making file invisible because by doing so , no one can find out your File except you, because by using this method we are making folder name invisible too , due to which window search keeps on failing , however there is a drawback in making folder invisible , Arranging icons by name , size or type reveals a blank space or mass selecting folder Directory also Reveals invisible folder , Don't worry there is also a fix for this method , just hide your folder to get rid showing invisible folder blank space .

How to make invisible Folder in Window Xp with Step to step guide with screenshots

Step 1 : Create a folder (New folder) in your desired directory or choose your desired folder from folder Directories to make it invisible .You can also use this trick to make file Invisible (all steps are same for making File invisible). ( Refer Figure 1.a )

how to make folder in xp

Figure 1.a

Step 2 : Lets hide folder name by using Special keyboard keys combination :  ( Watch on youtube how to create folder without name : http://youtu.be/OplzsO0KpVI ) 

  • Right click on a desired folder (Or new Folder ) and click on Rename ( Refer Figure 1.b )
how to rename folder in xp

Figure 1.b

  •   During Renaming of  folder , Press and hold Alt key and enter 0160 as folder name (  Make sure to press and hold Alt key while typing 0160 ) .  ( Refer Figure 1.c )
How to make folder without name

Figure 1.c

Step 3 : Now its time to give a folder a final touch for making it completely invisible,Lets now make folder icon invisible .  ( Watch on youtube how to create folder invisible  : http://youtu.be/3Lga2Nme_jg ) 

  • Right click on Folder , Go to Properties and click on it  . ( Refer Figure 1.d  )

how to see Property of folder in window xp

Figure 1.d

  • Click on Customize tab from the Properties window , under folder icon , click on Change icon .       ( Refer Figure 1.e )
how to customize folder in window xp

Figure 1.e
  • Now , From the list of icons , Select only invisible icon  and click on ok . ( Refer Figure 1.f  )
Invisble icon

Figure 1.f

Watch on Youtube How do you create a invisible folder 


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