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What is Google Image Search Engine ?

Google Upcoming New Image Search Design and Image search engine

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What's new in Google upcoming image search design ?

Google imageGoogle working on it Modern Image search engine with new image Search Design  to make image search more fast and secured . Ultimate goal to make new Image Search Design by Google is to ensure fast image searching ,  Google is working on its old image search engine to give existing old image search engine and Google image frame design a New look and fast Image Browsing via Google image search . There is only one option that Google find out to make Image search fast and secured is to remove website preview from Google image frame  due to which  image load  fast  , however this Google image project is currently under testing which was accidental or Experimental  got activate on 24/jan/2012 , 12:28 (  GMT 5:30 ) for few minutes . Google is working on its Modern Anti frame killer image search engine , This new Google new image Search design  (Google New  image search engine format ) is like gift to people who like searching  image using Google image  because  Google new image Design  allow people to Search fast and in secure way without loading up whole website as a website preview as it is in old or Existing Google image search design,  whereas it is like curse to webmaster ( Website / blog owner ) because they loses 20 % of traffic they are getting from Google image search . As estimated Wallpapers website owner  will losses all 65% of traffic they are getting from Google image search engine .

About Upcoming new Google new image search engine

New Google image search format does not contain website preview along with frame instead Modern Google image search engine will contain only frame with Small thumbnail with option like 1) : View website  2) View image 3) view Image details

  • View website :This option allow people to visit Website / blog / forum  from which thumbnail is generated .
  • View image :Actually google image search Extract main Url from the indexed website and make it available in Google image search frame .This option allow People to open image thumbnail Url  in its  full size . Allowing to download Image fast
  • View Image details : View image detail  gives information about Images along with related images or similar images in New image search Window

Advantage of Google new image search format .

  • Searching of image is fast in Google new image search  format Because it does not load website instead it loads only image .
  • You can download or open Image directly using Google image thumbnail frame  by clicking on " Open Image file " .
  • You can  load 500+ images at once , Image search will be more accurate as compared to  old verison on Image search engine .
  • You don't have to leave Google image search for opining or downloading any image . 

Disadvantage of Google new image search format .

  • One of the biggest disadvantage of new google's Image search format is that user can only directly download a image of highest dimension .
  • You will not able to see website Preview ( Transparent  website preview ) from which you are downloading , instead you will see a black frame with thumbnail  and few option .

Watch on youtube Google new image search format 



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