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How to convert word to PDF in Ms office 2007

How to convert word File to pdf file in Microsoft office 2007

Converting a Word file to pdf using on-line website converter is way to easy and simple but not a secured method of converting , People always avoid using On-line website converter when its comes to privacy . However there are many freeware software available for converting  Word file to  PDF file  but Still people do avoid using these software to because some of those freeware Word to pdf converter come with Malware and virus .Even paying money to buy Word file to PDF convert is not worth it Because they didn't Support  all Microsoft versions .Do you know you can convert Microsoft word file  to pdf file without using any online converter and Converting software for free. Ok lets me show you the step involved in converting word file to PDf File

Step to Step guide to Convert MS word file to Pdf file without using any software and plugins

Step 1 : Go to folder Directory , where your Microsoft Word file ( which is to be converted to PDF file format ) is stored and Open by double clicking it . ( For Example See Figure 1.1 )

how to convert word to pdf
Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Organize your  Microsoft Office word Text , Images and link in your word file because we can't modified in PDF format so easily and when you done with organizing your word content ,click on Office Button ( located at top left of your Microsoft  Office Word 2007 Window ) , As shown in  Figure 1.2

microsoft office 2007 pdf conversion
  Figure 1.2

Step 3 :  Click on Save as ,  Select Other format as shown in Figure 1.3

how to Save microsoft office Word 2007 to other format
Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Now , you can rename your File name if you want , Renaming file is optional , You must save your Microsoft Office Word File as Single Webpage . ( For Example See Figure 1.4 )

how to save word to webpage in office 2007
Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Open Microsoft Office Word Web file ( which was created as Single web-page as a result of save as single webpage )  with Google chrome web browser  ( Refer Figure  Figure 1.5 ) 

how to convert word 2007 to pdf
Figure 1.5

Step 6 : Once your Microsoft word webpage file open and loads up in Google chrome web browser , then just right click anywhere on blank area ( Avoid click on image thumb ) of  Microsoft word webpage in Google chrome and click on Print    ( Refer  Figure 1.6 ) 

pdf converter microsoft word 2007
Figure 1.6

Step 7 : Under print window , Click on Change  . ( Refer  Figure 1.7 ) 

how to convert word to pdf in office 2007 without software
( Refer  Figure 1.7 ) 

Step 8 : Change destination to PDF  and click on Save as PDF, Click on Save ( Refer  Figure 1.8 ) 

how to convert word to pdf firmat  in office 2007 without software
Figure 1.8

Congrats you converted your Word file to PDF without using any converter  file in office 2007 for free without using any converting software . ( See Figure 1.9 ) 

convert word to pdf in office 2007 without software

Figure 1.9

How to convert Word 2007 to Pdf file without software


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