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How to Get Rid of lag on Pc Games ( without upgrading )

How to make pc games less laggy

Game lag fix
Now day's Game developer are developing high end PC game's to improve Overall gaming experience like Improving there game graphics to reality , Sound quality that create real world sound quality etc , but to play these High end game you need a high end gaming computer . However sometimes you experience game lag while playing game althoughyour PC satisfy Minimum system requirement for particular game , Why ? there are several reason that make a high-end PC lag , In this article we will help you to overcome game lag 

( If you game full fill minimum system requirement of game ) .

Some tips to Fix pc game lag

Clean Computer Ram Slots from dust ,It can reduce pc game lag to certain ammount

Your Game processing speed depends largely on your Ram , Upgrading your Ram could reduce your game lag drastically , but people do face game lag although they have large ram storage capacity . There is only one reason that is Dust ( As time passes these small dust particle started  to deposit in Ram slot ,leaving behind a thin insulating coating of dust deposit over ram   )  .  Your Ram Stick and Ram slot might be filled up with small dust particle Almost invisible with naked eye and this Small dust particle act as a barrier between your Ram Stick and Motherboard metallic connection  leaving behind Under performance ram .So , Next time If you spot unresponsive programs or unresponsive computer black screen  during booting up of computer , then its just Ram malfunction due to dust . Immediately turn off your pc and  unplug your for main computer power-supply  , use blower to remove dust from Motherboard and remove your Ram stick . Clean your ram  Slot and ram metallic contacts with air blower or Dry brush .Grab a Small dry cloth of cotton an clean Ram stick's metallic contact once . Re plug all the hardware back to there original position and restart your computer .

Clean Computer Video Card Slot from dust , its help to fix video card lag

In case your PC have external video card  installed  then you must regular check and clean your video card to get rid of  dust deposit on video card Slots , Actually these Dust particle can drastically reduce your  video card performance , These dust particles deposit near Video Card metallic region and video card slots making a thin barrier between video card and Motherboard connect leaving behind under performance video card ,So you must clean your video card at-least once in Four months .

Upgrading Video Drivers - Help to fix Graphic lag

Upgrading video card can boost your gaming experience . But if you already have a large video memory and facing gaming lag like old PC  then you need to upgrade your video card  driver to latest version and also check whether you have sufficient free ram memory for processing or not , According to our study , PC  gaming Performance can drastically improves if the  Ratio between Ram and video memory is minimum of 2: 1 ( Video card of 2 GB should have at-least 4 GB of ram  ) . Install Video card driver as suggested by the vendor and also  make sure to upgrade your video card driver for lag free gaming experience . 

Installing latest Direct X - Helps to fix Graphic Lag

Direct X Play important Role in improving gaming performance . since it is the type of Application programming interface which makes an interface between Software components and responsible for fast communication between software, that's why you need a Direct X for best communication between game and software components . So make sure you have latest Direct X installed in your PC this could reduce your game lag and Improves your gaming experience like Graphics , Audio  etc .

Play in to  lower game settings-Helps to fix o Lag

If you experiences game lag too much  then you must try to lower your  game graphics like Textures , Dimensions , Dynamic Lights etc as well as audio settings , this method works for 90% Games , however you game experience may change a lot by lowering your game setting  like lower Graphics Quality , lower audio Quality , At least you will be able to lay lag free game .


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