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How to increase your internet speed fast in Window XP and Window 2003

How to increase your Internet speed  By 20% in Window Xp

Its not possible to increase Internet speed more then Internet speed Provided by Internet service Provider with any kind of software or by optimizing Tcp/ip connection ( Optimizing Tcp/ip improves Browsing speed as well as Ping and connection ) I meant You will not get 512 Kbps downloading speed with 256 Kbps Internet connection . However , You can Improve your existing  Internet speed  like downloading , Uploading and Browsing speed to maximum capacity you are getting from your Internet service Provider by optimizing your .

How to free up my dump Internet Speed

Internet speed is very important for Downloading ,uploading and browsing  .Do you know ? By default computer Reserves 20% of Internet speed for windows updates Due to which   20% Internet speed we are getting get wasted as default reserved bandwidth for window updates .By Setting reserved bandwidth for window updates to 0% can drastically improves your computer speed by 20% .So In this tutorial we are going to Show you , How you can Gain 20% of Internet speed in window xp by Setting  20% Reserved bandwidth to 0%. This trick is genuine and working in window xp and window servers 2003 family  . If you are thinking to increase your Internet speed more then your Internet Speed providing then sorry to say  " Stop wasting your Time "  , You can't increase Internet speed by 100% or 200 %, 300% or 500% by any kind of software ,Those software only tweak your tcp/ip setting to improve your Browsing speed and downloading speed up-to 60% of Internet connection speed Provided by yours Service provider .

Steps to increase  Internet speed By 20% in window Xp and windows server 2003 family 

Step 1 : Click on Start , Run and type Gpedit.Msc in Run window . ( Refer Figure 1.1 )

Click on Start
Open run Window

                   Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Under Group policy window , click on Computer Configuration then click on Administration templates . ( Refer Figure 1.2 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : Under  Administration templates window , click on Network and choose Qos Packet Scheduler and click on it .( Refer Figure 1.3 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Under  Qos Packet Scheduler window , Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth . ( Refer Figure 1.4 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Under Reservable Bandwidth Properties window , Click on enable and set Bandwidth limit (%) to  " 0 " .Click on Apply and ok . ( Refer Figure 1.5 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.5

Step 6 : Restart your computer ( Refer Figure 1.6 )

Restart computer

Figure 1.6

How to increase your Internet speed Trick for Window Xp / window server 2003 family 


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