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How to make money online with Blog without investment

How to make money online with Blog without investment

Make Money Blogging
You don't have to be a professional blogger to earn money online with blogging, lots of people all over the world are earning money online without investing any single penny from there pocket except internet bills and electricity bills . They are actually earning money after spending lots of time in getting traffic to there blog and writing unique content . Blogger who spent lots of time in blogging and sharing there knowledge with people are really earning money as Side income. Some old blogger's are  making handsome Two to Five digit earning by just blogging and sharing there expertise with internet world via blog . 

[ Note: earning money with blog depends on your blog traffic ,content and way to monetize . Keep one thing in one mind everything in making money with blog is time consuming depending your skill. ]

Steps to Make money with Blog without investment

Find out your strength 

First and foremost thing in blogging is to find out your strength, knowledge and skills , Realize your particular subject expertise and Share your expertise to help , guide other via your blog . For example like if you are expert gamer and you like gaming , then you must develop Gaming blog . If you are well skilled in making food then build a recipe blog or food blog or even If you got keen eyes then Create a review blog , lots of people keeps on searching for reviews that might help them to buy best products .Its all about your Expertise in particular subject. and start writing on your blog . Important rule in blogging is to be loyal to your audience, do not Just Write content for traffic , try to create Helpful and meaning full content .

Make a blog

You don't need to invest a penny from your pocket to Create a blog . There are plenty of free blogging platform which allow there user to host there blog for Free and provides unlimited bandwidth , Some of the popular Free blogging platform allow there users to design there blog , More then a ordinary blog to professional blog by offering various feature that boost users blogging experience like uploading custom templates , gadgets , Java scrips . ( While choosing a blog Domain , Make sure to Add Keyword that gives overview about your blog ) .

Improve your blog Traffic 

Earning money through a blog depends upon only one major factor that is your blog's daily unique visitors ,Best source to to improve your blog traffic is through search engine . So , add your Blog address i.e. domain name to popular search engine for indexing and crawling . Submit your website to popular High page rank website to improve your blogs domain name trusted level in search engine . Share your new content Url to popular social networking site , Since social networking site are best source to get traffic .Get Direct traffic in the form of followers traffic by asking your friends to follow your blog .

Add content to Your blog

Most important thing about a blog is to get a organic traffic (Traffic from search engine ) . To get traffic to your blog add some unique Content to your blog in regular interval of time , Make sure to write a content in demand by searching on Google or using Google keywords suggestion tools .Avoid Writing False article which are just good for nothing as per audience/visitor point of view, Always write meaningful content and unique for your blog audience .Writing and writing a genuine content weakly will boost your blog traffic and search engine Visibility , you will be able to manage genuine audience according to your writing skills .Always write a content which would be suitable for all age group .

Monetize your blog by showing Ads

Best method to earn money is to monetize your blog traffic by showing ads on your blog , there are two ways by which you can earn money by showing ads 1) Through direct advertiser 2) Through publisher Network ( Like adsence ) . Getting a Direct advertiser for blog is a bit tough when it comes to blog traffic and blog content , however applying fro publisher account is easy , there are thousands of publisher network that allows Blog owner to monetize there blog content to make Money .

Monetize your blog By Affiliated marketing 

You can also earn money by monetizing your blog with affiliated links , However making money with Affiliated marketing require marketing skills with huge traffic , If you believe that your really have good marketing skill then only things you have to do is to signup Affiliated marketing program ( like commission junction , amazon etc ) ,Writing Product Reviews along with your affiliated product links and Monetize your blog space by showing a featured affiliated marketing links. earning through affiliated marketing depends upon Sales made , Product Commissions etc.


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