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How to Protect Online Bank Account from hackers

How to Protect Your Online Bank Accounts from hackers

Protect online bank account Almost every people in the world have online bank account and prefer to use online money transaction for buying , Paying bills ans lots of stuffs  , Obviously sending money via online bank account is Fast, secured and most important  , It is less time consuming . Although Online Banking is safe and secured but it does have some issues when it comes " How a online banking user use it " . One Small mistake can lead  hacker a easy gateway to your bank , there are some key points that helps you practice safe online banking

Ways to protect Online banking account from hackers

Install Antivirus and scan regularly for virus 

Install Antivirus in your pc and secure your Computer from virus and malwares, and make sure to update your antivirus time to time . Regularly check your your computer for Virus and malware . Keep

Avoid log in to bank account from public computer or cafe.

Public computer and cafes are used by many peoples in a day that's why Cafe and public computer are always a easy target of hackers , 90% of public and cafe computer are Unsafe for use ,even you can call them Hub of  of virus , malware ,Spyware and key loggers which do comes through internet and Flash drive used by Users. So Avoid log in to you bank account and transaction from public computers .

Avoid Suspicious Browser plugin and Apps

Almost all browser support Plugin and apps to make your browsing easy an fast , Some Plugin and apps do contains virus , Malware and spyware . If possible avoid using Non trusted apps without digital signature in your browser .

Login to Main bank Site by typing in browser .

Always log in to your main bank website by tying bank website address , instead of log in from non bank site or links given in non bank website . ( Example : www.yourbankname.com )

Clear Browsing data and reduce the risk of accidental saved password 

Sometime , Accidentally username and Passwords got saved in browser due to manual error which Could be used to access directly to your account , Even clear you email login details from your browser, because in case your email contains secured bank login data or associated with your bank account then it can be used to access your bank details by hackers , So make sure to clear Browsing data ,Password , forms when you  close Browser or leave computer . 

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links

Do not click any links asking for any type of bank log in  information in emails , Do not Respond to email that  claims that your email id was won money For so and so reason . The link you received via email may contains phishing link , which is used by hacker to gather victims bank login details  , or small transactions and your email id details . Do not fall prey to Scam email  that offers your huge money or prizes .

Change online bank log in details time to time 

Make sure to change your online bank log in details  and transaction password within 3 months , also make sure activate Mobile Phone SMS alert for your bank account activity  details . Also keep a track of your bank log in activity .

A small awerness can protect your bank account from hacker !!


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