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How to Protect Smartphone From Viruses and hackers

How to Protect Smart phone form Virus and hackers 

Protect Smartphone From Viruses and hackers

Ways to Protect Smartphone From Viruses and hackers

Install and update Antivirus - Secure your mobile/smart phone from virus

Installing Antivirus could Help you to fight Against harmfull programs Like virus , malware , spy ware , worms , Trojan virus etc .These harmfull programs not only reduce Your mobile/smart phone efficiency, speed and performance but also some time steal personal data stored in your mobile/smart phone .So make sure to install latest Antivirus and keep your antivirus upto date by updating its definition .

Turn off Bluetooth device When not in use - Secure your mobile/smart phone from virus and hackers .

Bluetooth device is used for transferring data without wireless connection but do you know ? , Improper use of Bluetooth Like keeping your mobile Bluetooth on when Not in use can Help hackers to steal your personal data .

Turn off Mobile/smartphone Wi-Fi when not in use - Secure your mobile/smart phone from virus and hackers .

Wi-Fi is like easy gate way for hackers to access your device without knowledge of yours , through which they can steal or modify data stored in your mobile/smart phone . make sure to set password to your mobile/smart phone and avoid connection with Untrusted public Wi-Fi Network for Internet Use .

Scan Memory device before using in mobile/smart phone - Reduce the risk of virus .

Memory device like Memory card may be easily be infected by virus when connected to infected computers, So make sure to scan Memory card before Inserting in your mobile/smart phone . Avoid using Infected Memory card in your mobile device or smartphone .

Delete paired device from your mobile/smart phone - Avoid unauthorized access.

Whenever we Send or receive date using Bluetooth , our device sometime saved Bluetooth Connection setting for fast accessing Connected Blue tooth due to manual error , Due to which If any one who already paired with your mobile/smart phone can access ,send and receive data without knowledge of yours , These saved Bluetooth connection are know as Paired device . So make sure to delete all paired device and Restrict there Future access without Bluetooth prompt .

Avoid Installing Cracked Apps/games and Apps/games without signature in your mobile/smart phone - Measure to Avoid Installing infected apps .

Many paid apps and games are available for free without digital signature , these Apps may harm your mobile/smart phone nd may contain some virus which will lower your mobile/smart phone performance even can Stole your Personal data . Avoid installing Cracked apps because these apps for sure contains virus and harmfull programs .

Avoid Mobile/smart phone Connection with public Wi-Fi .

Connecting mobile/smart phone with Pubic Wi-Fi for Internet connection may be dangerous sometime ,Most of the public computer are daily used by lots of user so Pubic computer are the first choice of the hacker for the sake of hacking lots of users information form one place . So If possible do not use Wi-Fi which is not secured with password .


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