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How To Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline remover - Frequently asked Questions and there Answers

Almost 80% of Facebook user doesn't like Facebook timeline for there Facebook Profile and want to get rid of Facebook timeline anyhow , Technically Its is impossible to remove Facebook timeline from Facebook . Since few month's back Facebook Have Updates its design and Disable old Facebook profile feature and set Facebook timeline as default for all users .There is no way to remove  Facebook timeline via Facebook settings . Its all upto Facebook team to enable Facebook old profile setting In Future ,don't know about Facebook future plans about Facebook timeline .

How to remove Facebook timeline

How ever there are Few Apps ,Software and Browsers Apps Facebook on the internet that claims that they  can help you to remove Facebook timeline and 10 % of the Apps Does that  but make sure to apps you were going to use is safe to use. Before installing  any Apps and stuff related to timeline remove you might have Some question related to Facebook Timeline Remover in your mind . So , let me clear  most asked question related to Facebook timeline remover .

Do Facebook Timeline Remover Apps Really remove Facebook timeline ?

Technically its impossible to remove Facebook timeline ,Since Facebook has set Facebook timeline as default for all Facebook user .

What Facebook timeline Remover apps do ?

Actually Facebook apps Related to timeline remover apps does create a illusion via your browsers and pretends that you were using old Facebook profile without timeline .Facebook Timeline remover is like Personalize theme which only change its appears and look for particular Browser . However Facebook Profile Appears with timeline for other user when they see your profile .

Is it Safe to use timeline Remover ?

Almost 90% of Facebook timeline remover Apps are Fake and scams and even Some of the facebook apps are infected by malicious program , virus ,Spyware etc . So always keep your eye's wide open when dealing with facebook timeline remover apps and stuff .

How Do i trust any facebook timeline Remover apps ?

Create your second temp Account , install facebook timeline remover and judge facebook timeline remover apps for atleast one month for suspious activity . Use facebook timeline Remover apps only When you are 100% sure


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