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How to Remove Images From Google Search ( Non-website owner )

How to remove image from Google search Results

how to remove image from google
Google do not own all the images that was shown in Google image search , Then why your images or photos are shown in Google image Search ? Actually , Images shown in Google image search is fully controlled by Particular website owner in which your Image or photos appears ,  Google Just index images and Web-content to provide better search engine experience depending on the Individual website's Robot's and Google webmaster tool Setting .As a non website user , you can request image, wallpaper removal that your own from particular site by contacting him through his/her website " Contact us " form . you may also ask a website owner to remove Image url from there Google webmaster tool so that cache of Image in form of thumbnail is also removed. 

To remove Images ,photos ,wallpapers from Google image

  • You must own Copyright of Images , photos ,wallpapers that appear over Google image search .
  • Images must be yours and owned by you with digital proof

There are many ways to remove unwanted  images of yours , wallpapers owned by you , Photos owned by you from  Google image search .

Removing Images from hosted website.

Removing Images from hosted website is the easiest way , You can only remove images from Google image search , by removing images from source that is where your Image is appeared .To find out exact location of your images .

  • Click on Thumbnail to see where actually your image is stored .
  • Click on " Visit Page " to find out exact address of website where your image is actually linked or uploaded .
  • Contact website Owner by filling " Contact us " form or by " emailing website owner "  .If you didn't find any "Contact us " form or " Email id " of website owner then try contacting him by Messaging on social networking site .
  • In case website owner is not responding to your Appeal for removing copyright  images or wallpaper of yours then ,You can contact Google help center or Google Product form .

Remove Images from Social networking site. 

If you image uploaded in Social networking site is appearing in Google image search result and you don't want to see in Google image then there is only one way out , you must remove your images from social networking site , In case you didn't uploaded your Photos and images , Someone else uploaded your images and photos in social networking site then you must Contact The Social networking user for removal . In case your photos and images are not revomed by user from social netwroking sites , then you may contact social networking Site thorugh contact us form or via help option

File an Application in Google to Remove Image  from Google search for copyright infringement

This method for removing images from Google is the last Way out ( a bit risky  ) , this method include's legal involvement ,so you must read and gather more information Before using this method .In this Method  you need to fill a form  " Removing Content From Google " to ask other party to remove Copyright images you own ( with Proof ) from there website . Before filling up this form keep in mind that you really own Copyright of image ,wallpaper and photos , also make sure to contact your lawyer before filling " Removing Content From Google " form .


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