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How to Upload template in Blogger .

How to upload template in blogger

upload template in blogger
Blogger is one of the free blogging platform that let there blog owner to have full control over their blog template, you can customize your blogger template or upload brand new blogger template with just one click all your need to do is to find blogger supported blog template in .xml format and upload on your blog .In this article we will show you step by step guide on how to upload blogger template. Be aware of the fact that uploading new blogger template will remove or damage the existing widgets used in blog.

Step by step guide on how to upload template in blogger blog

Before getting started with step by step guide to to upload template in blogger blog, make sure to backup your blogger template so that in case something goes wrong you may recover your original blogger template.

Step 1 : Access Blogger Dashboard

Log in to your Blogger dashboard at www.blogger.com by entering your gmail account credential . As shown in  figure 1.1

Figure 1.1

Step 2 :Select Blog

Select your blog in which you want to upload custom template .( There are two way by which you can access your blogger templates window . 1)Enter your blog whose Templates is to be managed ( By clicking on your blog name ) , Click on Templates located at just right of your Blog (Refer Figure T.1 ) 2) Via Drop down Icon of blog (Refer Figure T.2 ) .

Figure T.1

 Figure T.2

Step 3 : Click Drop Down button

Click on drop down button of your blog , A blog in which you want to upload Template . ( Refer Figure 1.2 to find our drop down button location) , Click On Template .

Figure 1.2

Step 4 : Click Backup/Restore Button 

Click On Backup/Restore Button , Backup/Restore Button is located at top right of your blog Template setting page (Refer Figure 1.3 to see where is Backup/Restore Button )

Figure 1.3

Step 5 : Download your blogger blog template backup

When you click On Backup/Restore Button , you will see new window with option to download existing /Current template and uploading new template . Before proceeding with uploading your custom template , make sure to Download your old template as a backup by simple clicking on Downlaod Full template . When you done with downloading ,Click on choose file ( Refer Figure 1.4 )

Figure 1.4

Step 6 : Browse blogger template (.xml format) you want to see in your blog

Browse your custom blogger template you want to upload and click open as shown in Figure 1.5 ( Note : Make sure you have blogger template in Xml formats ) .

Figure 1.5

Step 7: Upload Blogger template

Once you see your template name just at right of Choose file option then , Click on upload and wait till full template is going to uploaded . usually blogger template are of small size around 50 KB to 500 KB . So uploading will take around 1 to 10 second . (Refer Figure 1.6 ) . Once your template is uploaded then Click on Close Button .

Figure 1.6

Step 8 : View your blogger blog 

Click on View blog or enter your blog address on your web browser to see how your custom template look like . In case your widgets are are not properly organised in new template then you can manage your widgets using layout option . You can access Layout option through Drop Down button Via Blogger dashboards 's blog list (see Figure T.2) or Enter your blog whose layout is to be managed ( By clicking on your blog name ) , Click on Layout located at just right of your Blog page (Refer Figure T.1 ) (Figure T.1). You can manage your Template layout by simple adding widget or Dragging and dropping Widgets . (See how your layout window look like Figure 1.7 )

Figure 1.7

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