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Is Dark chocolate good for health - Benefits of Dark chocolate

Why chocolate is good for health


Want to see a real smile on your loved one face or kid or wanna make angry people smile , then just offer him Chocolate .You will see magic of chocolate that would bring a real happiness and joy in there eye . Even a Small bar of chocolates makes your kids happy and joyful Off course because of it Sweet taste but Do you know these chocolates Efficiently improves body health . All what matter is a good quality of Chocolate and its content , so make sure you buy good quality chocolate . You might be wondering which chocolate is good for your kid and your beloved one . Actually according to recent studies it has found that chocolate which is rich in coco ( Dark chocolate ) is good for health , but consuming too often can have negative effect on health . According to a survey made by us , we found Almost 80% of people do like to eat small chocolate bar a day after their meal in desert . Consuming Chocolate in limited amount helps your body and mind but consuming too much of chocolate after a Meal on daily basic could Have bad effect on your body health .

Is chocolate is good for health or not ?

Although chocolate makes our mouths watering but people avoid eating chocolate ,due to certain misconception about chocolate about health .Yes ! Chocolate which is rich in coco is good for health when it is consumed in small quantity while its is  bad for health when it is consume in excess amount . now there a question arises which chocolate is good for health and which one is bad . Almost all chocolate made up of coco are good for health but most Preferably a Dark chocolate is way too good for health . Its all about Quality and quantity of chocolate you eat in a day , Eating too much of chocolate is bad for health that can lead your body towards a fat , unhealthy body while eating dark chocolate boost your health .So , avoid eating too much of chocolate .

Health benefits of eating chocolate .

 Dark Chocolate is Good for Heart .

A studies shows that dark chocolate can help in lowering Body LdL cholesterol which is marked as bad cholesterol for body health and helps in Lowering Blood pressure . By consuming a small dark chocolate bar everyday you can keep you heart health and  also helps in reducing risk of strokes. Eating Bar doesn't meant consuming chocolate as a food , by doing so, It will create negative effect on your health , So Do not eat too much of chocolate every day . Small bar of Dark chocolate everyday makes your heart healthy and fit ,Almost all dark chocolate are good for heart but a chocolate which is rich in coco considered as best for health .Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and can help your heart ,cardiovascular system  to function well.

Dark Chocolate is Good for Brain .

Consuming a Small bar of Dark Chocolate keeps your brain healthy and help in boasting memory .Proper brain functioning helps in proper body metabolism and improves your work efficiency  .There are many medical Theories shows that a dark chocolate helps in lowering bad body cholesterol and improves blood flow in blood Vessel which have positive impact on blood circulation and improves cognitive functions and memory Efficiency .

 Dark Chocolate Stabilize  Blood Sugar.

Rich coco Dark Chocolate can help you to lower Blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance along with your blood sugar ,Consuming a small bar a day help your body  to maintain insulin level that reduces body sugar to certain amount . However all types of  chocolates are not good for blood Sugar .So make sure you do  take doctor advice before start consuming any type of chocolate in you were suffering from diabetes .

Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress .

Chocolate is like stress buster which help you to reduce stress and help in bring your minds to cool and happy state . So Next time when you were sad or any beloved one is sad  then you must offer him one Big chocolate bar .

Bad Effect of eating Chocolate on health 

Chocolate are always good when they are consumed in small amount . However consuming anything in Excess are always harmful ,So obviously eating too much of chocolate have bad effect on body health .Some of the problem which are being commonly notice due to excess of eating are :

Eating too much chocolate Cause weight gain.

Avoid eating too much of chocolate whether its is healthy chocolate bar or its ordinary chocolate , Consuming chocolate in large quantity as a supplement to daily food can be dangerous for body , its can lead your body fatty and unhealthy and even sometime .

Eating too much Chocolate Cause Headache .

According to Medical Theory and studies ,Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine and caffeine , which cause headache , whenever you consume excess of chocolate or can eating too much chocolate with empty Stomach could cause migraines . You can also avoid headache caused by chocolate by consuming chocolate in small amount and by avoiding consuming  empty stomach .


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