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How to Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .

How to delete recent history in Microsoft word 2007

Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .
Microsoft word 2007 keep a record  of recent opened , created and modified document in form of Recent Document list as a History , this Recent documents allow Microsoft word 2007 user to quick access Recently Opened / Popular Documents to save time . Sometime this Recent documents list in Microsoft word 2007 as a history proves to be  headache when it comes to privacy  . As Privacy is concerned these Document list are to be deleted while using any public computer because Sometime by manual error your documents gets saved in Microsoft word 2007 which could be accessed via Recent document list in word 2007 by unauthorized  personal  . So , You must clear Recent documents list in Microsoft word 2007  to protect your accidental saved works while working on Public computer and when Privacy is concerned .

Step to Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 

Step 1 : First open your Microsoft word 2007  by clicking on Start from toolbar ,  Programs then Go to Microsoft office ,and click on Microsoft word 2007 .Or you can open any Microsoft word 2007 documents . ( Refer Figure 1.1 )

Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Click on Office button ( at extreme top right in Microsoft word 2007 Document window  .

Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .

Figure 1.2
Step 3 : Click on Word Options button  which appears at bottoms right under Office button MenuRefer Figure 1.2 )

Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Under Word Option window ,Click on Advanced  . Refer Figure 1.4 )

Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .

Figure 1.4

Step 5 :Under  Advanced label in Word Option  window ,  Scroll down Page to Display label , Under Display label , Set  Show this Number of recent documents to " 0 " and click on ok .

Delete History in Microsoft word 2007 .

 Figure 1.5 

Note : Congrats your Recent documents list is cleared , but make Sure to Set back Show this Number of recent documents to non zero digit other wise your recent Documents List history will be disabled . Refer Figure 1.5 )

Watch youtube tutorial to Clear History in Microsoft word 2007


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