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How to Delete System Restore Points in windows xp

How to delete old Restore Points in Window Xp 

Delete Restore point
Window generates System restore point to allows window user to recover there Damaged window by applying last good know system restore points . Although these restore points are very important for window health and also helps to recover accidental deleted Small files from drives  but as  installed window operating systems ages grows  More and more System restore point  will be generated , Since  Restore points number increase with time and Changes made to system that's why these System restore point  covers large disk space and  which results in  large dump Hard disk space , which no longer available generating big restore points , these System restore point do not use usable hard disk space to keep there restore points instead they uses Reserved hard disk space for System restore point . depending your reserved space for restore points , not only hard disk space is wasted but also these restore points gets damages sometime due to which you would be no longer recover your window to working restore points . So it's necessary to delete System restore point in regular interval of time .

Steps to remove all old restore points in windows xp

( Make sure you log in to window as Administration )

Step 1 : Open my coumputer

Go to My Computer ,Then Double Click on it to open My Computer  , It Contains all the Drives and Hardware related to storage . 

Step 2 :Select all hard disk drive

Now Under My computer , You will see  hard disk partition as drives like Local Disk (C:) ,Local Disk (D:) ,Local Disk (E:) etc . Select all Hard disk " Drive's"  with Mouse .

Step 3 :  Right click to open drive properties

Right Click on selected drive and click on Properties  to open common Drive Properties . 

Step 4 : Search Disk Clean up option

In Drives Properties window you will see the all selected drives with option to Disk clean up ( Deleting old restore points ) click on Disk clean up  .

Step 5 : Click Disk Clean up

When you click on Disk clean up , A new Small window will start to calculate amount of  harddisk space  you can free up without any harm . 

Step 6 : Search Disk clean up under System restore and click

Once its Does all calculating , a new small window will be open as Disk Clean up For ( C:) .  A window Disk Clean up For ( C:) contains two tabs : 1)  Disk Cleanup  2 ) More option .Click on More Option , under label System restore click on Clean up .

Step 7 : Click Yes

To ensure that you clicked right option to clean system restore point . Small window prompt will be generated by window asking you "Are you sure you want to delete all but the most restore point " . Click on Yes . If your  Reserved space for restore points will full then its might takes time , during that time do not open or close any program and close all program .

Watch on youtube " How do you  delete old Restore Points in Window Xp "


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