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How to Improve Antivirus performance .

How to Improve Antivirus performance .

Nowadays , Antivirus Program is important and  necessary security software for your machine to protect your computer machine against harmful programs like Virus ,Spyware , worms and other harmful program that reduce your computer performance and steal private data from your computer . So , If you own computer , laptop  ,tablets or even a mobile phone , then you must get one Antivirus programs for your machine to keeps harmful programs away from your machines (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) . You must know that just installing any antivirus program whether its is costly or non costly Does not ensure that your computer is safe from hidden virus programs ,even sometime times branded high performance antivirus fails to detect virus in your machine (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) due to manual error while using our machine and Antivirus programs . So , in this article we will helps your to minimize some manual error due to which your costly  antivirus fails to detect virus and hidden harmful programs in your machines (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets )

Ways to boost your Antivirus Performance to detect virus fast

By keeping these few points in your mind while using your machine and antivirus , you will be able to improve your antivirus programs to its  99% efficiency and your machine will work smoothly .

Keep your Antivirus up-to date

Installing antivirus in your machine (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) is just a basic steps towards security , Installing costly antivirus in your device like Computer , laptops,Mobile ,Smartphone and tablets only ensure to protect your device from virus and harmful programs , whose virus definition is know to your antivirus. Even a costly Antivirus with hundred of feature is good for nothing if your antivirus virus definition is out of date where as Low cost antivirus whose virus definition is fully upto date works  10 times better then Costly antivirus whose virus definition is out of dated . If your antivirus virus definition  is out of dated then the latest threads and virus definition could not be detect by virus and treat those virus and harmful programs as harmless .That's why you should keep your antivirus programs upto date by Manually updating or using Auto update via Antivirus for updating latest virus definition logs from there Antivirus center . 

Scan your full computer at least once in month 

Sometimes , Antivirus can't detect virus and other harmful programs which were already installed in your computer after updating your antivirus to 100% , In that case you must scan your full computer for virus after updating your antivirus for hidden virus programs . Even your computer gets infected by virus during  under performance function of your antivirus programs  like using machine (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) with  Antivirus paused , Antivirus Disabled   etc provide a east gateway to access your machine . So make sure to Scan your full computer to kick those hidden virus programs our of your machine .

Avoid using internet without active antivirus .

Internet is the source of information and stuffs along with Virus and harmful programs . Only thing that protect your computer from virus and harmful programs from downloading to your machine (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) is a Antivirus . Its act as a barrier to harmful programs like virus , spyware , malware , worms and even Block hackers to access your machine (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) . So , Avoid using internet for surfing ,browsing , downloading and even connecting to internet without active antivirus ( working antivirus ) avoid connecting to internet with under performance antivirus (Paused Antivirus , disabled antivirus etc )  . 

Scan a Removable Disk for a Virus 

Removable Disk and removable storage devices like pen drive , flash drive , External hard disk , memory-cards , floppy disk , CD , DVD ,blue ray disk etc may contains virus and hidden Spyware and harmful programs that can harm your computer performance like Processing speed , free hard disk Space etc . So make sure to scan any type of removable disk , removable storage device on connecting to your machine (Computer , laptops , Mobile ,Smartphone , tablets ) . Avoid opening the Removable device or any type of removable storage disk or drive till your antivirus finish it scan without detecting any virus . If any virus is detected on scanning , Perform virus Disinfectant procedure as per your antivirus prompt window   and re scan for virus . open removable drive only when its is Free from virus .


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