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How to Protect Social network Account From Hacker .

How to protect social network account       

protect social network account
Social networking site like  Popularity among People are growing like Rockets speed , Also involvement of hacker in Social networking  site also grown up because social networking site is a hub  people and peoples information , Social networking site is like weak door for those people who shows some laziness regarding   Social networking website usages and  their profile  security , Giving hackers open invitation to steal there account information .A little awareness and security tips about  social networking account can helps you to keep hacker away . In this Article we will help you to defend your Social networking account against hacker by blocking his/her access key to your account .

Best Ways to Improve Your Social Networking Safety

Use Complex Passwords then simple passwords .

Passwords are the first and last wall that keeps hacker away to log in your account . Without log in credentials its very hard for a hacker to access your account and change your Social networking Account recovery option , login credentials etc , the method to recover your social networking account  etc . A small Length passwords or even common passwords can be easy hacked .In case your account gets hacked then Hacker may use its for his own purposes although  you can recover your hacked account  back via Account Recovery options and verification process of social networking but what about the damage is done to your social networking accounts . that's why you must keep Strong password for your social networking site and Keep him away to access your account . ( Create Strong and Secured Password )

Avoid Login to social networking site by clicking suspicious links .

Some of the hacker uses Phishing url to access login passwords and information . Phishing url are generally embedded on website , forum ,blogs etc which contains Redirecting script which actually stores information which you type by going through Phishing url . That's why you should always log in to your social networking account by typing full Social networking website in your browser instead of visiting login section through any blog , website and forums etc .

Change your social networking account password regularly .

Although you have a complex password for your social networking account but some time even these complex password is of no use , when some one see you typing your passwords , Sounds funny ? Kind  of   ! Some stats shows that Some people even didn't notice that there account got hacked and hacker use that hacked account without knowledge of yours  . That's  why it is  recommend to change  your  social network account password on regular time interval .

Clear browsing data when you  leave pc .

We all do use social networking site from different public computer as well as non public Pc , these Public Computer are  easy targets of hacker because from public computer a hacker can easily gather information of victims account  through accidental Saved  passwords in browser , To avoid accidental saved password you must clear you browsing data of browser you used in public as wells as non public computer and make sure you revisit you logged in site  to ensure that  your password and email id is not saved at all and not appearing on opening social networking login page . ( Clear browsing data in Chrome )

Avoid Sharing your password with your Friends .

Most of the teenager do share there Social networking sites account with each other for fun sake , But sometime this fun cost you by losing your Social networking account , not because your friends  would hack your social networking account or changed its passwords , Way of using other's people account is different for different people , he/she might accidental disclose your account with other friends etc. one more reason  to avoid sharing Social networking site password is simple ,Suppose your account got hacked by some hacker then you would be blaming your friends for cause due to which your friendship will be in danger .


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