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How To Clear File Explorer History in Window 8 - Window 8 Tutorial

How to Delete  file explorer history window 8

By default window 8 track all the Logs of recently opened Folder and files in window explorer as Recent. Basically Window 8 File explorer keep a record of folders in which you have made changes like open a file Created new  file  , Edited or Created file in folder , To Understand easily let me show you an easy Example Suppose you Just open a folder in local disk E and you have not Made any kind of changes like edit file , Created file etc under that folder then this folder will not be logged under Window explorer history , However if you created file or made any kind of changes to folder then That folder will be logged in window explorer history Known as Recent in Window 8 .

Sometime we don't want to expose our privacy to other user of the computer especially while using any public computers but due to File Explorer History sometime our Privacy is exposed like Close book with book mark  File explore in Window 8 do create History and this file Explorer create  history in form of logs which you can see by right clicking on the File Explorer from the task bar .That's why our Privacy Like recent opened folder or Folder in which we made Changes is easily exposed as recent opened folder under Recent ( Window explorer history) in window 8 .  As privacy is concerned  ,We can also Clear  file explorer history  in window 8 With easy also we can Disable File Explorer history anytime we want , But its Recommended not to disable File Explorer history in window 8 for so called reason ,instead its better to Clear file explorer history when ever you don't want other's to peek your file explorer history 

Steps to Remove File explorer history window 8

Step 1 : Right Click on the Taskbar , and Click on Properties .

Step 2 : When you click On Properties . Taskbar Properties window will apears with Three tabs as 1) Taskbar 2) Jump list 3) Toolbars .

Step 3 : Out of these Three tabs  1) Taskbar 2) Jump list 3) Toolbars . Click on Jump list  .

Step 4 :Under Taskbar Properties window , Under Tab   Jump list , Go to Privacy label and uncheck Store Recent Open Programs and Store and display recently opened Items in jump lists .

Step 5 : Click On Apply and ok  , this will Clear all the Recent Documents List In Window file explorer .Note : this Will also disable  file explorer  history in window 8 .

Step 6 : Re enable file explorer history in window 8 So that Its Starts making Logs of windows file explore Logs , To Re enable  file explorer history in window 8 , Repeat step 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 and in step 5 Under Taskbar Properties window , Under Tab   Jump list , Go to Privacy label and Recheck Store Recent Open Programs and Store and Display recently opened Items in jump lists  and Click Apply and ok

Watch on youtube how to delete File Explorer history on windows 8


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