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How To Close Background running Apps In Windows 8

How to Close Background Running Apps in Windows 8

Close Apps in Window 8Window 8 comes with inbuilt Apps like Game's apps ,Weather apps , Calender Apps ,Store Apps ,Map Apps etc even you can Download Free as well as Paid Apps for window 8 using Windows Store Apps . All the window 8 Apps are almost cool but do you know whenever you open any apps in Window 8 it continue to Open and Share useful memory till you Properly close Apps. Closing Apps in window 8 is like headache because of Start screen design . Actually Start screen have an option to close all the open Apps but due to Start screen design and background Theme  ,Apps Management buttons appear as hazy and hard to Detect it . 

When Apps Management buttons appear at Start Screen 

Apps Management buttons contains the list of open apps that's why Apps Management buttons will appear only when any Apps is Running in background . In case You don't spot Apps Management buttons in the start screen that means No Apps is running in background .

Steps To Close Open Apps Safely  in Windows 8

Step 1 : Right click on Taskbar and click on Show The Desktop

Step 2 : To open Start Screen , Point your mouse pointer at Extreme Top Left corner  or Extreme Bottom Left corner Of the desktop .

Note : Click on Start Screen , if you can't find Apps Management buttons (A small Vertical strip at Left Side of start screen ) , then you don't have any apps running in background .

Step 3 : Click on Start Screen , Move your mouse pointer along the edges (Left ) of the Start-screen to Apps Management buttons , It does Opens the list of open Apps  .

Step 4 : Now right Click on Apps you want to Close and click on Close .

How to Close Open Apps Force fully  in Windows 8

Closing Apps force fully will not Ruin you apps , Its just Alternative way to close any open program or Any open apps from Single location . By Closing Apps force fully all of your unsaved work will be lost without any Window prompt .

Step 1 : Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE

Step 2 : Click on Task manager and then Click on Process tab .

Step 3 : Under Apps Label , Click on Open Apps and Then click on End Task ( at extreme right Corner of the task manager window )

Watch on YouTube How to close all Apps in Window 8 safely 


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