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How To Create Paypal Donation Button Code for Website .

How To Get Paypal Donate Button

To get donation via Paypal your must have your own Paypal Account , It doesn't matter what type of account your have , It may be Personal Account or it could be the Business account , You can get Donation in both account , But you must have  Paypal account with verified email id , which may be used as a Account for accepting donation , make sure to verify it properly before adding Paypal donation button to your website or blog . Also make sure to test your Paypal Button by sending small payment of 0.10 $ or higher to ensure that your email id is verified and donation will be received to right user . If you don't have paypal account then you must have one to get online working Paypal donation button with verified email id .  Once your have verified your pay pal account , then Copy the below given code to your website or blog Html .

Get Pay Pal Donation Download Button Code

Replace " Your Paypal email Id " with your pay pal email id Inside Codes for example if your  pay pal email id is test@test.com then Under <input name="business" type="hidden" value="Your Paypal email Id " /> , Replace Your Paypal email Id with Your Paypal email Id so that Code becomes <input name="business" type="hidden" value=" test@test.com " />

You can Also Add Custom text On Pay pal donation window By Changing My Text 1 and My Text 2 .

Preview of Paypal Donation Buttons 


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