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How to Crop Image In Ms Paint Window 8 (Tutorial ) .

How to Crop Picture ,image ,photos or wallpaper with Microsoft Paint in window 8

How to Crop Image In Ms Paint Window 8
Window 8 comes with inbuilt graphics painting program know as MS Paint ( Microsoft Paint ) . Although  Window 8 is the graphics painting program meant to create or Draw a design with the help of various tools like pencil , Brush ,Shapes and Colors . also we can use MS Paint as a Image Cropping tool , By using some of the tools and Options of the MS paint , a user can crop Desired part or section of image and re save as individual unit which can be used to Improvise any Design in Ms paint Program  .You don't have to invest money to buy cropping software to crop any image neither you need online cropping website to crop your favorite image without worrying about Privacy . By using  Microsoft Paint in window 8 we may crop Image according to our need , a bit of training can make you  master in Cropping image via Ms paint of window 8 . In this Article we will show you step to step guide to Crop Desired  part of any Image with ease.

Steps to Crop Picture ,image ,photos or wallpaper with Microsoft Paint in window 8

Step 1 : To open any picture ,image wallpaper in MS Paint. Go to menu bar of Ms paint and click File and then click on Open .

Step 2 :Browse and open a picture ,image , wallpaper or photos you want to crop .

Step 3 : Once you open image , picture ,wallpaper or photos in MS paint then Go to Menu bar and click on Home . 

Step 4 : Under Home , go to image Ground and Click on Select ( Appear as a dotted rectangle icon ) .

Step 5 : Choose a part you want to crop with the Help of Mouse and clicking once on desired Area and Drag to cover desired part in dotted rectangle .

Step 6 : Right click inside dotted rectangle and click on Crop .

Step 4 : Now go to menu bar , click on file and then save as to save your cropped part .


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