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How To Delete Cookies In Internet Explorer In Windows 8

How To Clear  Cookies In Internet Explorer In Windows 8

Internet Explorer
When ever you open website in Internet Explorer or any other Browser , Every internet browser Save website important information like clicked Website ,visited Website  as Cookies in your Browser , although these Cookies are safe From any kind of virus and Spyware attack , but as these Browser Cookies grows Older , these cookies became useless for browser as well as for computer , because old cookies is like junk data which is not of any use , just used to Waste a part of hard disk Space . Sometime these Cookies also reduce your internet Browsing Speed to certain level or sometime You will not able to log in to particular site  .To overcome Cookies problem in browser Its desired to remove cookies from you browser with time or When you faces Problem with login to any website  via browser . In this Article we will show you how to Clear Cookies in Internet Explorer in windows 8 .

Steps  To Remove Cookies In Internet Explorer In Windows 8

Step 1 : Go to task bar and click on internet Explorer icons to open internet Explorer

Step 2 : Wait For internet Explorer to loads up completely , Now Double click on Gear Button which appears at Extreme Top right of internet explorer  known Tool tools

Step 3 : When you click On Gear icon ( Tools ) , A small drop down window will apear ,Under that small Tools drop down window .Click on Internet Option to open Internet Option window

Step 4 : Under Internet Option Window , Click on General tab , then Go to Browsing History label , and click on Delete .

Step 5 : Delete Browsing History Window Will be open , Under Delete Browsing History Window , Unchecked all the Check box .

Step 6 : Now Only select Check box of Cookies and website data and click on Delete .

Step 7 : Click on Apply and OK and hence all the cookies and website data related to cookies will be deleted


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