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How To Make Money With Google AdSense‎.

How To Make Money With Adsence .

Make Money With Adsence .

There are only seven ways to earn money with Google Adsence , with just seven ways of monetizing your content with Google Adsence may Boost your earning with double speed . Although it damn easy to monetize a website content with Google adsence but the most problematic part in Adsence is to get your Google adsence application gets approved . Its not that hard to get adsence application approved if your website content qualifies minimum Google Adsence application approval Requirement .

Ways to Earn money with Google Adsence 

 If you don't have your Adsence account then Create new one and make sure to annlysis website for Google Adsence application approval  Requirement , and there terms and conditions .Once your  website gets Google adsence Approved then out of 7 you will be qualified for monetizing content in 4 ways and you will able to earn money with adsence .

1) Monetizing Website content .

By monetizing Website content you may earn from 0$ to four digit figure earning depending upon  Ads unit , Ads Placement , Ads Cpc rate , By Optimizing your Adsence for your blog or website , you would be able to Increase your adsense income with 2x speed .Adsence for content is a game or traffic and Cpc , So Improve your website Google rank and Optemise your adsence for blog or website .  To monetize website Content , you must own either website , Blog with 3rd party html support , so that You can add Adsence content to start earning money . Avoid going against Google Adsence terms and condition , do not monetize a website or blog which does not full fill all requirements of Adsence

2) Monetizing  video content .

Google adsence offer there verified publisher to monetize there own uploaded video ( Non youtube videos ) in there website . There is bit complication in getting Adsence  video content approved even you have Adsence account , You need to apply for Adsence for video content to get adsence for content linked with your Adsence Account  Once you get your Adsence  for video content get approved  then only you may able to generate Codes and revenue .To apply for Monetizing  video content : First thing is to apply for Google adsence account  and then login to Adsence account and click on My ads tabs and then click on More product , Click on Apply for Adsence for Videos .

3) Monetizing  Youtube videos ( Youtube partner ) .

Youtube is the best way for sharing your videos , video tutorials , Video Shots and your video recording with the World  . You don't have to pay money to upload videos in YouTube , Instead you can earn huge money by monetizing your YouTube videos with Adsence , To monetize your YouTube video with Adsence you need a Google adsence approved account also  you need to be Youtube partner . Once you get your google adsence account aproved then your Youtube will be approved as youtube partener .Just getting Google Adsence and youtube partner program Approved Doesn't mean that your money will be transferred to your YouTube adsence account ,To Transfer your YouTube earning to your adsence account to your youtube account  your youtube Account  must be linked with your adsence Account .If your youtube account was not linked with youtube account then your adsence earning will not be transfered to your adsence account resulting in loss of revenue . Sop make sure to link your youtube account with adsencc

5  Monetizing Games with Adsence ads .

Monetizing Flash Games Improves adsence revenue with 2X Speed ,earning money by monetizing games is to easy but it also need a Approved Google Adsence account alos just websote with games must full fill the basic Adsence for games requirements . This way of monetizing genrates handsome amount of Ctr rate Thats why it Really boost Adsence earning .Problem with  Monetizing Adsence for Game is that a user must have sufficient traffic and game content to monetize there flash games with Adsence. To apply for Monetizing  " Adsence for Games " : First thing is to apply for Google Adsence account  and then login to Adsence account and click on My ads tabs and then click on More product , Click on Apply Adsence for Game .

6 )  Monetizing Mobile Content with Adsence .

If a website is  Mobile Friendly then its easy for the google Adsence to monetize there mobile content . That means more Adsence traffic to your website hence Adsence for Mobile content will improve google Adsence earning rate . So monetizing Mobile content with Adsence ads will give your website professional Look as well as Revenue ..To apply for Monetizing " Adsence for Custom Search Engine "First thing is to apply for Google Adsence account  and then login to Adsence account and click on My ads tabs and then click on More product , Click on Apply Adsence for Custom Search Engine .

7)   Monetizing  Custom search engines with Adsence  .

Most of the people don't know that they can even create there own Google custom search engine and even can monetize there Custom Google search engines to earn additional Adsence revenue along with ease for the audience to Browse your website   .To apply for Monetizing Adsence for Mobile Content  First thing is to apply for Google Adsence account  and then login to Adsence account and click on My ads tabs and then click on More product , Click on Apply Adsence for Mobile Content .


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