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Do Ptc Websites Really Pay Money ? Truth about Ptc website .

Do Ptc Websites Really Pay Money

Nowadays, Ptc website are Growing as  money making website in which register user  helps advertiser  to get traffic to there website on behalf of his time and work he gets paid .There are Millions of people joined Ptc site as part time online job but out of those people only few  lakhs of people gets paids and rest of the people are ether Scammed by the Ptc website or leave Ptc site becuse of low earning rate , However , You might be wondering  Do all Ptc website pays money ?  No , not all ptc website pay money  . 90% of the Ptc website are just a scam website which do not pay money even when user reaches the  minimum Payout threshold but it doesn't means that all the Ptc website on the web are fake , There are Few Trusted ptc website Like 10 %  which do pay money when user reaches to minimum payout threshold  . But its more important to understand whether using Ptc site really helpful or just a waste of time .

Why you should avoid Ptc website .

  • Some of the Ptc Website Scam people in Technical way like stop serving advertiser ads, Extreme low cost Ptc rate due to which a Registered user need one year to reach minimum Payout threshold of 1 to 2 $ .
  • Instead of earning money technically , A Ptc website registered user always in loss due to electric bills, Internets bills and low Ptc rate .
  • Most important thing that a Ptc registered user losses in Ptc website is Time .
  • Earning money with :Ptc site does not worth it , It offer too much less money 


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